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Season 2

5 Sep. 1953
Hello, Jupiter
Ernest P. Duckweather, a general store clerk and part-time inventor, creates a two-way television set that can communicate with beings on the planet Jupiter.
26 Sep. 1953
Duckweather tries to invent a lotion that will help bald men grow hair.
10 Oct. 1953
Reject's Confusion
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17 Oct. 1953
How to Become a Movie Star
Ernest and Mr. Frisby try to become movie stars.
25 Oct. 1953
Duckweather and the Professor
Ernest and Kathy love to listen to Professor Spiegelmacher's radio program, 'Feeling Good Without Loot'. Frisby believes the professor's philosophy is lunacy, but manages to get himself trapped into booking the professor as an emergency replacement for an Mrs. Clanish's lecture series - a task that he delegates to the reluctant Ernest. With the help of Johnny Jupiter, Ernest meets the Professor, who agrees to speak. When the professor arrives at the auditorium, Ernest and Kathy learn that their hero cares far more about money than he lets on.
31 Oct. 1953
Amateur Magician
Ernest discovers his boss, Mr. Frisby has entered him in a amateur magician's contest.
7 Nov. 1953
Historic Reenactment
Ernest, Kathy and everyone else in Clayville dress up for a Revolutionary War reenactment.
14 Nov. 1953
Ernest becomes a detective by passing a correspondence course. Now he's determined to combat crime.
21 Nov. 1953
Ernest seeks help from Johnny when he is challenged to a sword fight after accidentally insulting a visiting nobleman.
28 Nov. 1953
Cure for a Cold
Ernest thinks he has invented a cure for the common cold. Too late, he discovers it only works on the residents of Jupiter.
4 Dec. 1953
The Surprise Birthday Party
While Kathy plan a surprise birthday party for her father, Mr. Frisby tries to teach Ernest the proper way to 'hard sell' a customer, a technique that meets with disaster - so much so that Ernest gets fired from his job. With the help of his friends on Jupiter, Ernest develops a sales approach that appeals to his customers' soft spot and manages to sell merchandise that had sat on Mr. Frisby's shelves for years. Frisby hires him back with a bonus and Ernest promptly spends it on a birthday present for Mr. Frisby.
12 Dec. 1953
Phony Swami
Reject the Robot helps Ernest expose a fake swami.
20 Dec. 1953
Sit Down Strike
Ernest's friends on Earth come face-to-face with Reject the Jovian Robot - only they don't realize what they're seeing.
27 Dec. 1953
The Kid
Mr. Frisby, Ernest's boss, hopes to win a local cleanliness contest. To enhance his chances, he connives to have Ernest babysit the judge's mischievous nephew - with disastrous results.
2 Jan. 1954
The Flower Story
While conducting an unfortunate experiment, Ernest blows up the plants that his boss planned to enter in the local flower show.
9 Jan. 1954
Ernest gets in hot water when Reject the Robot returns an overdue library book that the inventor took out two years earlier.
16 Jan. 1954
The Hat
Mr. Frisby asks Ernest to buy him a new hat so he can impress his wealthy aunt who is coming to visit.
23 Jan. 1954
The Raise
Ernest asks Mr. Frisby for a raise in salary.
30 Jan. 1954
The Widow
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6 Feb. 1954
The Genius
When Ernest takes a break from working on a difficult correspondence school exam, Reject the Robot takes pity on him and fixes all his incorrect answers. When Duckweather receives the results of the exam, his boss, Mr. Frisby thinks he has a genius working for him.
13 Feb. 1954
The Love Story
Mr. Frisby decides that Ernest is an unworthy suitor for his daughter and tries to break up their romantic relationship.
20 Feb. 1954
The Rival
A rival tries to get Ernest's job and his girlfriend.
27 Feb. 1954
Physical Education
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6 Mar. 1954
The Baby Contest
Ernest is maneuvered into judging Clayville's annual beautiful baby contest.
27 Mar. 1954
The Invisible Dog
Ernest and Reject the Robot try to help a young boy whose mother insists on selling the family dog.
4 Apr. 1954
Ernest tries to help Johnny grow grass on Jupiter.
10 Apr. 1954
The Geiger Counter
A geiger counter in the general store reacts violently when it detects the invisible Reject the Robot and Mr. Frisby is convinced his building is on top of a valuable uranium deposit.
17 Apr. 1953
Duckweather: TV Repairman
At Kathy's urging, Ernest sets out on his own and after consulting with Johnny Jupiter, decides to open a TV repair shop. His first customer is the owner of the local newspaper and Ernest soon has the set repaired thanks to Robbie the Rejects assistance. Unfortunately, Johnny notices that Robbie has tuned it to receive a television program from Jupiter that evening and Ernest must fix the set before the appointed hour.
24 Apr. 1954
The Penny Arcade
Ernest decides to show the Jovians what he does with his spare time and invites Reject the Robot to go with him to a penny arcade. When Reject falls head-over-heels in love, Ernest can't convince him that the object of his desire is a mannequin.
1 May 1954
Reject's Birthday Party
Ernest tries to organize a birthday party for Reject the Robot.
22 May 1954
Reject's Defect
Ernest must deal with Reject the Robot's evil twin brother who has also traveled to Earth.
29 May 1954
The Barbershop
Ernest tries to prevent the local barbershop from being remodeled.

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