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Director Robert Rodriguez edited the movie in his "garage." His garage is really a state of the art editing studio that is in his home, but he calls it his garage.
The Thumb-Thumbs are based on a drawing that Robert Rodriguez did as a child.
The Organization of Super Spies (O.S.S.) has the same initials as the Office of Strategic Services, the WWII-era precursor to the C.I.A.
The characters in the film, Gregorio, Carmen and Juni are named after family members of Robert Rodriguez.
The last Rodriguez movie shot on film. Post-production was done at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch where he introduced Rodriguez to High-Definition digital filmmaking.
Angie Harmon was considered for the role of Ingrid, but her commitments on Law & Order (1990) prevented her from participating.
The name of the Teri Hatcher character, Miss Gradenko, is a reference to a song by The Police on their 1983 "Synchronicity" album.
The boy in the logo for Troublemaker Studios (director Robert Rodriguez' production company) is named Pepino.
In this film Carla Gugino is depicted as already being a grown adult before having children. In reality, she is only 17 years older than Alexa PenaVega, who plays Carmen, her character's oldest child.
The San Diablo aerial view is actually an aerial view of Santiago de Chile.
Gregorio Cortez was the name of a famous Texan thief in the early 1900s.
San Diablo is a Spanish oxymoron meaning Holy Devil or Sainted Devil.


George Clooney:  as OSS Chief Devlin. Clooney recounts that Robert Rodriguez spoke to him on the phone and asked if he was interested in appearing in the movie for one scene, to which Clooney agreed. Rodriguez arrived as his own one man crew at Clooney's house, and shot the scene while Clooney was still wearing his pajama pants, which is why his scene is only shot from the waist up.

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Robert Rodriguez:  [Actors]  Danny Trejo's characters in Rodriguez films are usually named after a type of knife. Here he plays Isador "Machete" Cortez.

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