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MPAA Rated PG for action sequences

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • A girl spits special gum on a "thumb" and causes it to convulse as if electrocuted, and drop to the floor; a "thumb" is electrocuted and killed.
  • A girl kicks a boy off monkey bars; he falls and hits his face on the floor but is fine.
  • A robot boy twists a girl's arm; then the girl punches the presumably metallic robot and her hand hurts. She then head-butts it, but just falls to the ground and her head now hurts.
  • A man throws another man through a window, a man punches a window out and a man punches another in the face.
  • Several "thumbs" attack a man, busting a wall down and capturing him.
  • A boy pulls a man's leg and knocks him to the ground and a girl flips a man.
  • Two kids are caught in a high speed boat-like vehicle that's out of control; a boy almost falls into the sea, but a girl pulls him back.
  • A boat runs into another boat, ripping it in half.
  • Two people are kidnapped and tied to chairs in two separate scenes (first with rope and then with colorful chains).
  • A boy hits both a girl and a man in the head with a lunchbox.
  • Kids throw toys at adults.
  • A man grabs a girl's leg, and a woman is hit and knocked down by a small rocket; her hair catches fire (we see the flames on her head and later she's mostly bald).
  • A robot girl lifts a boy over her head and spins him round and round. She then throws him down a corridor. He tries to tackle her but she shrugs him off with superhuman force, sending him sliding backwards.
  • A robot boy tackles a girl, and a robot girl punches a pillar and damages it. A boy tries to do the same and he just causes himself pain (no injury).
  • A robot girl lifts a boy by the neck and regards him sneeringly..


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

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