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The best heist flick since "The Usual Suspects," a perfect 10 of a movie.
Chicago Tribune
It's a summit meeting between three brilliant leading men from three generations with three striking on-screen personas.
A sturdily diverting old fashioned heist thriller that looks like a masterpiece of sheer competence next to the slovenly action fantasy F/X grab bags that have been passing for summer entertainment.
L.A. Weekly
You begin to wonder whether a story is ever going to show up. When it does, it's worth the wait for a long and well-turned set piece coordinating the heist, and two lovely flips in the plot.
Los Angeles Times
A top-drawer heist movie that ratchets up the tension inch by careful inch, The Score will remind you of classic caper films of the past, and that is a good thing.
Miami Herald
If The Score isn't quite in the same league as the classic "Rififi" or even "Thief," its single-mindedness still makes for a refreshing change from the preposterous bloat of most contemporary action movies.
New Times (L.A.)
Brando wanders through the movie as if he's tolerating an annoying guest, sweetly charming one minute, detached and obnoxious the next.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
I'm not sure I have it in me to rant yet again about what a deprivation it is for our finest actor to deny us his genius in this way.
Baltimore Sun
What's fatal to the film is that De Niro's character, though compelling, is so temperate and wise he gives no indication of why he was drawn to a life of crime.
I don't know how much The Score cost, but it's pretty close to worthless.

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