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Chicago Sun-Times
Not a great movie, but as a classic heist movie, it's solid professionalism.
Boston Globe
Nobody's going to think of The Score as trail-blazing, but there's nothing small-time about its dramatic and acting payoff.
It's a summit meeting between three brilliant leading men from three generations with three striking on-screen personas.
Entertainment Weekly
A sturdily diverting old fashioned heist thriller that looks like a masterpiece of sheer competence next to the slovenly action fantasy F/X grab bags that have been passing for summer entertainment.
Rolling Stone
There's more suspense in watching Brando, who has trouble with physical exertion, get on and off a bar stool than the robbery itself. Still, Brando -- his eyes alive with mischief --is the life of the movie.
San Francisco Chronicle
This is a solid suspense thriller that's fun. These stars have put it together in a spirit of playfulness -- as in playacting.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A jazzy, immensely absorbing thriller.
New York Daily News
As a film, The Score may not add up to much, but take it apart and it's something to see.
Miami Herald
If The Score isn't quite in the same league as the classic "Rififi" or even "Thief," its single-mindedness still makes for a refreshing change from the preposterous bloat of most contemporary action movies.
There are explosions, double-crosses and chase sequences, but it just doesn't add up to edge-of-your-seat tension.
Wall Street Journal
Lacks a crucial element of the heist subgenre: ingenuity.

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