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  • Former Homicide Shift Commander Al Giardello is now the leading candidate for Mayor of Baltimore. As he walks toward the platform to do a political speech, he is shot. Former and current Homicide Detectives try to find out who shot their former boss. All of the actors that were regulars or recurring characters in the series are in the movie.

  • Stuart Gharty is now the lieutenant in charge of the squad, Mike Giardello has become a uniformed cop working on his detective's badge, and Mike's father Al Giardello is now a leading candidate for mayor of Baltimore. When Al is shot while giving a speech, all of his former colleagues band together to catch the killer. Meanwhile, Gharty has to adjust to his new leadership position in the squad, and some of the detectives have revelations of their own.

  • Al Giardello is fatally shot, and the detectives of the Baltimore Homicide Unit return to work to solve the case, including Howard, Munch, Bayliss, Meldrick, Bolander and Kellerman.


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  • Set just after the series concludes, the detectives from all seven season of "Homicide" return to solve the shooting of one of their own.

    Former Shift Commander Al "Gee" Giardello (Yaphet Kotto) is running for Mayor of Baltimore on a controversial platform that has earned him more than a few enemies. Just as he is about to deliver a political speech, Gee is shot multiple times and is rushed to the hosptial. His former colleagues, including Det. Stanley 'The Big Man' Bolander, ret.; Det. John Munch (NYPD); Det. Frank Pembleton, ret.; Det. Tim Bayliss; Mike Kellerman, P.I.; Det. Meldrick Lewis, Det. Paul Fasone; Det. Laura Ballard; Det. Terri Stivers, Det. Rene Sheppard and son Officer Mike Giardello reunite to investigate the incident. Also on hand are the recently promoted Lt. Stewart Gharty, the former and current Chief Medical Examiners, Dr. Julianna Cox and Dr. George Grisome, former Capt./Lt./Det. Megan Russert from France; film director JH Brodie, A.S.A. Ed Danvers, Col. George Barnfather, Capt. Roger Gaffneyand the fourth Mrs. John Munch, Billy Lou. Special appearances by former colleagues Det. Beau Felton, Det. Steve Crosetti and Kurt L Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore.

    "Homicide: The Movie" is the perfect cap to the "Homicide" series, reuniting its legendary cast and wrapping up the loose ends that left viewers wanting more at the series' finale. Embellished from © NBC/A&E Home Video DVD Bonus Disc

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