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Can You Say "Mighty Ducks Ripoff"?

Author: mushrom from Alabama
13 October 2001

Other then having already seen the exact same story in the past in a movie called "The Mighty Ducks", this was an OK movie.

This time, the action is on a soccer field, not a hockey rink. But it is pretty much the same. A loser with a hidden past takes on some misfit kids in a soccer team that never wins. He turns out to be a former pro player who lost it all during a gambling scandal.

While it is nice to see Steve acting again, his character is almost the same as in any of his other movies. And the fact that the plot is so obvious does not make this a very enjoyable movie.

Unless you are a Guttenberg fan, go ahead and skip this movie. I hope that Steve can get back to some real roles, like he had in Splash or Short Circut.

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Kind of Bright and Fun

Author: Sue Basko ( from all day erry day
14 March 2003

I just saw this movie on TV. It seemed like a movie that kids would like. Steve Guttenberg plays this goofy guy who comes to an orphanage for abused/neglected boys, as the handyman. He tries too hard to be amusing, and the kids find him annoying and irritating, which he is. He turns out to be a good soccer coach for them. While it is a movie for kids, there are some scenes that should not have been included, namely a scene in a funeral home, that is not funny or neccessary, but instead is creepy and disturbing. Sometimes, or often, I wonder where the brains are of the writer/ director/ producer, and which one of them is responsible for the poor taste in many otherwise okay films. Steve Guttenberg is really a good actor, and he is fun to watch in this role as a jerk who is trying too hard. The kids in the movie seem real.

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3.5? No way! I thought this movie was fantastic!

Author: the_moody_youngest from Canada
28 August 2006

This movie was good. It had lots of laughs, some good soccer fun, the slightest bit of drama, not too much, but just enough to make an average good film. It wasn't perfect, but I loved it! The best part about it was, it was a lot of fun! You went through different types of humor, from sarcastic to one humorous part about a really nasty fart.

Steve Guttenburg did a good job turning from a party animal to a handy-man/soccer coach. My sister rented this and i was like, no this movie is gonna be crap! But when I watched it, i laughed really hard, and just smiled a couple of times. This movie was average and totally worth watching. Its funny and has great soccer in it!

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Please make the pain stop...

Author: Jayson Johnson ( from Ottawa, Ontario
5 March 2001

This movie was a waste of the celluloid it was printed on. It is a disastrous scene, much like a particularly gruesome train wreck.

Watching this is like trying to explain the meaning of life. The main plot point is that the character played by Steve Guttenberg is a party animal who's not supposed to gamble, because that would violate his parole. The kids he befriends refuse to play with him as coach for a while, because he gambles. BUT... a few minutes later, after they've won the championship, a large sum of money saves their shelter. And where did they get the money? GAMBLING!!! Add this to the creepy scenes at the funeral home (why exactly are there BEDROOMS in a funeral home?) and the useless peripheral character

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Formula movie, but somewhat fun

Author: vchimpanzee
4 November 2012

Mr. Butler is a former pro soccer player whose partying ways landed him in trouble with the law. He must serve as a handyman at a dilapidated boys' home during his probation, and if gets fired or quits he goes to prison.

The boys who live at the home don't like Mr. Butler at first, but that changes eventually. Mr. Butler tries really hard to do a good job. Unfortunately, the house is falling apart and needs a lot of work.

Cookie is the nutty cook who loves to gamble on horses. Mr. Butler, despite having bet on soccer (one of the reasons for his legal troubles), gives him betting advice.

Karen, who runs the place, wants the boys to do something meaningful so she persuades them to start a soccer team. They do, reluctantly, and the team gets called Home Team. Home Team is terrible, and so far no one realizes exactly why Mr. Butler was a celebrity. He doesn't seem interested in coaching. At first. But when he gets his hands on a soccer ball ...

There are obstacles to overcome. That first team the Home Team played will play them again--doesn't this always happen in these movies? But will Home Team win this time?

Steve Guttenberg's antics didn't work for me at first--or for the boys--but they grew on me later.

When Mr. Butler asks Karen about her accent, she claims to be from France. I didn't notice an accent, and half the time I don't think there was one. Sophie Lorain, of course, is from Quebec.

The actors playing the kids re good enough. I don't recall anyone standing out.

It's pretty standard material for this type movie. Occasionally the boys talk about the bad experiences in their lives, which raises the quality somewhat.

Michel Perron looks and talks like Eric Stonestreet of "Modern Family", but it's not him. I was going to say Stonestreet really showed range as an actor.

The one standout performer is Carl Alacchi as the funeral director. He eventually agrees to sponsor Home Team. He is really quirky.

This is an okay movie. It is formula, of course, and not a particularly good example.

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3 am Sunday morning movie--perfect spot for it

Author: scottmalecki from United States
23 September 2012

It really was horrible. Thank god I couldn't sleep and it was on. It is actually amazing that they have the kid's place to live saved by a generic fat character that placed a bet "IN VEGAS" on a kids soccer team. I was waiting for the movie to go on with Steven Guttenberg's character (Gambling addict) saying that he would raise money the correct way. I'm no bible thumper, but this was amazing. Nice "lesson taught". ?????? Movie sucked by the way. Characters were ordinary, and generic, and the acting was horrible. They, managed to make Steve Guttenberg into a great actor. The kids were all generic with the short kid, the fat kid, and mean coach of the other team who was hell bent on ruining the HOME TEAM's hopes and dreams. I don't know. It was certainly a Mighty Ducks ripoff, but I am also shocked that MIGHTY DUCKS was able to spawn sequels.

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The passion of soccer in one film

Author: JV_Meanstreak
16 March 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some SPOILERS...Guttenberg produces as oscar worthy performence in this modern sports classic. Forget Memento, forget Usual suspects don't even contemplate the 6th sense Home team has probably the most shocking twis in a movie home team beat the bad guys...Guttenberg's complex satirie shining through has he wins the hearts and minds of his team...the rags to riches storyline as a team of no-hopers obatian the skills of the Brazilian nation team purely by running round traffic cones, however this doesn't distract you from the more complex disturbing sub-plots. Why this film had been discarded in a skip on the outskirts of Wolverhampton is beyond me...

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Mighty Ducks? No, Mightily Sucks.

Author: beezdotcom from USA
9 April 2005

I can't believe I'm wasting my time with a comment - but this movie is weirdly bad. If 20 different directors were brought in to film different parts of the movie without having any idea of the storyline being filmed by the other directors, this is pretty much the result I would expect.

I also think some of the scenes were spliced out of order - things don't always seem to progress in order. The movie acts like we're already supposed to know about half the characters.

And Steve Guttenberg tries to do manic, a-la-Robin Williams comedy in this movie. Ewww. And the whole premise of putting an ex-con in charge of a bunch of kids just doesn't seem realistic in this day and age.

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Another remarkable piece of cinematography from none other than Steve Guttenberg.

Author: ( from Toronto, Ontario
13 February 2000

Classic Guttenberg... over the years, Steve has dazzled us time and time again. In this 1999, tear-jerking saga of a compulsive gambler turned lovable peewee boys soccer coach, he proves that it's not only knee-slapping Police Academyesque antics, but Oscar worthy screen composure that captures the respect and hearts of audiences worldwide.

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