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Good, but not as good as the reunion, which was also good, but not as good as the show.
Adirondack21 May 2000
I would like to know the reason for calling this movie "Hazard in Hollywood". They didn't spend much time there at all. Daisy does a few stunts for one movie and the Duke boys chase the bad guys through the Hollywood sets. I'm not a guy who's a big fan of goatees, as it seems many are nowadays, so it was a bummer to see Luke with one. Enos wasn't as funny here or in the reunion as he was in the show. Neither was Cletus. Too bad. Rosco was still kind of funny. It was a great movie, though, but it should probably only be seen by real Dukes of Hazard fans. I think next time, they should have to deal with Hughie Hoggs villainy again or have another run-in with Sheriff Little. Maybe they'll even bring Coy and Vance back. Whatever happens, may the General Lee ride forever!
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Very Enjoyable! There's no spoilers unless you haven't watched the movie!
edhjrdljdmld21 October 2006
My first opinion of the Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood when I read the reviews and before I saw the thing actually for myself was the show would basically suck. This wasn't the case for me.

Of both Reunion movies, Hazzard in Hollywood is the one I enjoyed the most. It had a lot of things that I saw the Reunion! movie lacked. First of all, the Reunion movie did have a lot of car scenes, but they were all achieve footage. If they can't make the scenes match, why bother? Sure, they did have archive footage in the original series, but it at least matched! Second of all, the reunion movie was about the race, but then they tied in Enos and Daisy's wedding. We actually think they're gonna pull it off this time, but no such luck. It's Daisy this time that gets cold feet. I don't know about y'all, but I don't see Daisy as one to get jittery. Then we find out in the beginning of the movie that Daisy had a bad marriage and when the fellow shows up, I'm expecting a fight breaking out between Bo, Luke and L.D., but all Bo says is "You've done enough." Not what I expected, to say the least.

Hazzard in Hollywood had Bo lusting, which is a basic in the series; Luke was a tiny bit out of character, but he's getting older and doesn't like the big stunts he use to do when he was younger (which is understandable, because he was doing this in the 6th and 7th season); Daisy was more outgoing in Hazzard In Hollywood, which is kind of like Daisy's character; Rosco's funny, Cletus is silly, Enos has this new twist on him that I liked. I can see all the city girls calling him a "Stud Muffin" because it's something they're not use to. He's a different culture to the one they're use to. Boss and Uncle Jesse are Marjory missed and you can tell it. But to complain that Jesse wasn't as missed as Boss Hogg is absurd. You could tell they were thinking about him. He is mentioned throughout the show. One thing I dislike about both of the movies is the house. The first one it's a 2-story house and the second one it isn't even seen. I like the second one better of the two because if you can't get it right, don't do it at all.

All out of all, I like the second movie better. It has more of the elements that I missed. The show is a more of a place to go if you want to get 100% Dukes, but if you want to see the cast get together and it's not a documentary, watch Hazzard in Hollywood.

One more thing and I think I'm done. Luke's goatee could be formed out of his maturity. Uncle Jesse always had a beard and mustache, maybe Luke thought he should have one. He is the head of the household now. I'm not a fan of goatees, don't get me wrong, but maybe there's an unmentioned motive behind the goatee. There's a lot of unmentioned motives in the series.
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The meaning of the Dukes: lost!
aristofanis2 January 2003
I grew up with this show and the images of that car jumping, the country scenes, the ethics and simplicity of the series, captured my imagination back when I was a child. The creators of reunions today should take into account that we loved this show and don't want to see it crumble. Above all (fist fights-and jumps) this show was about two good old boys against the corrupt system. So if one want to modernize the plot, he/she should construct a story where the Dukes and the legendary General Lee surpass oppressive forces of today, leaving that humane feeling to the audience they always did. The Dukes didn't chase as much as they were chased! That is a basic principle forgotten. Loading it with new characters and unrelated stories, makes real Duke fans uninterested. This movie was also a lost opportunity for Hollywood to make some self-sarcasm of itself, since it is a powerful "system" and the Dukes could have taken some yeeehaaas against it.
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not worth watching
a__j__p9 March 2001
i saw the 2 reunion movies one after the other. The first one was very well done: the general jumped and the cast were looking in good health. In this movie, Luke has a goatee and the general only jumps once. To make it worse the dukes sing, rosco is loving his dog and there is no Uncle Jesse. The way that they didnt even mention his passing till the end of the movie was awful- no one even talked about him!!!!

If you want to see the dukes in their prime watch the series. If you want to see them back together again see the first reunion movie. You will be sad if you watch the second one as such a great show has been killed.

But it could have been worse- coy and vance duke show up too!!!
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Great Movie
KandyKis0281 January 2006
I hope they put Hazzard in Hollywood movie on DVD soon . I have the Dukes of Hazzard collection on DVD as well and I am looking for the reunion show on DVD .Ilike this better than the new movie they made with Jessica Simpson . I like her music and think she's great but I think they could have done a better job with it. They made the Dukes look like airheads. And I think they could have gotten a better actor to play uncle Jessie. If they would stick with the original way of doing the show I believe it would have been great. But they changed it to much. The original show was funny and still had heart even if boss and the Dukes didn't see eye to eye they still respected each other. They movie with Jessica Simpson just did't have that It made the Dukes and every one look like a big joke.
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No longer funny
TC-428 May 2000
I was looking forward to this TV reunion as I watched the original show every week and enjoyed the sillyness of it. But this show wasn't silly, it was just plain stupid and boring. There was no more chemistry between the 2 male stars and the Daisy Duke shorts were never seen, and the Sheriff looked like he was losing his marbles. Too bad uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg are gone because they were key elements. If this show was shown 20 years ago it never would have made it into a series. Any rerun episode of the original show would be better than this.
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A Disappointment
scott-sandy25 April 2007
As a Dukes of Hazzard die-hard, I must confess my disappointment in both original cast reunions. John Schnider still cannot act unfortunately. I grew up a much bigger fan of Tom Wopat who actually had a better body and was a much better actor. However, he appears bored in this reunion (probably because he was currently dong Broadway). Luke had a goatee because he needed it for a production he was doing on Broadway (he flew back and forth to do the reunion). The plot in this movie was very thin and I hated seeing Rosco friends with the boys. Without Uncle Jesse and Boss there was no need for this film. Daisy Duke seemed way out of place in this film. You would expect better.
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A Good 'Ol Dukes Movie
bbogdan-416 July 2006
A usual Duke's movie, my how everyone has aged! Bo (Schneider) Looks the same as he always has.

Luke (Wopat) man! Has he aged! Did not recognize Daisy (Bach) I like that it was dedicated to Denver Pyle. He was a good character actor !

The acting was for the most part on par with other Duke films, though I appreciate the difference that a full movie gets into the characters a little more than we see in the series.

The plot was good and had good twists and turns.

Daisy's foray into stunt acting was a bit hard to take, but the again, she's a good 'ol girl!

Note that IMDb lists Tom Poston as Ezra Bushwacker when it is actually Nicolas Coaster who played him.
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The only thing keeping this movie from getting a "1" rating was that I enjoyed the original series!
moviedude116 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
******MAY CONTAIN A SLIGHT SPOILER! MAY CONTAIN A SLIGHT SPOILER!***** I can't believe this! I grew up with Bo, Luke, and the General Lee (have to mention the car) and all the cast from the original series. I even watched Sonny Shroyer when he did his short-lived spin off and I enjoyed the "Reunion" TV movie done in 1997, but this title isn't even worth the paper the script was printed on! I realize that some of the original series' plot lines had lacked some "development" but this made-for-TV movie took the cake! It just was NOT believable! I found myself sighing with relief when I got through with it, and the sigh was that I was able to make it through without actually turning the movie off! Although it was nice to see some of the old characters once again, it is very hard to believe that Hollywood would actually have us believe that some backwoods country boy like Enos Strate is going to be so big in LA area that everyone knows him and the women falls all over him! And that was just for starters! I'm not about to ruin the plot! If you're a fan of the original series, stay that way and stay away from this movie!
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It would probably be a good sell if you put this movie on DVD and/or video.....
kim-bodiford7 January 2006
It would probably be a good sell if you put this movie on DVD and/or video.....It was a great movie...I use to love to watch the Dukes of Hazzard all the time when I was a kid and still do. My kids love it and they/we own seasons 1, 2 and 3. We watched the movie and in my opinion it was a disgrace to the original series. My children were not allowed to watch it. Please reply to my message and let me know whether or not there will be a movie on this and the Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion. I love to watch anything to do with the duke boys. It is sad that Uncle Jesse passed on, he was a very good actor. Like I said before please respond to this message.
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Fun Movie, But Not the Way to End it All
voicemaster7129 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers

I was ecstatic that there would be a second reunion movie of the Dukes of Hazzard and in the year 2000, I tuned in and enjoyed watching Hazzard in Hollywood. The surviving cast members were back for what would be the last time. And they did superb jobs. I will admit though, this movie lost what it had in the previous movie. Now I can understand taking the characters out of Hazzard on a rare occasion, but not on a regular basis. The Dukes in Hollywood was like a cowboy in New York and I felt that they made the characters seem more backwoods in L.A. for the entertainment. The odd things to point out is that Luke Duke had a goatee just like Bill Bixby's David Banner had a beard in the trial of the Incredible Hulk. The fact that Enos's previous engagement to Daisy was never acknowledged, let alone everyone was shocked that many women in L.A. were chasing after Enos and he as a single man was considered hot property. I wish Daisy could have been at least a little jealous. This movie had more continuity goofs than the previous movie did. At least it was nice to see Bo Duke get a new love interest. That girl was super hot.

They attempted something new. A balladeer with a face. Mack Davis did fine, but neither he nor Don Williams in the previous film will ever match up to the late Waylon Jennings from the series. And it was fun to see country stars Toby Keith and Anita Cochran appear. James Best was funnier than ever as Rosco P. Coltrane, who carried a stuffed doll of a dog around to keep him company after his last dog, Albert passed away. Plus seeing Rosco mess with an ATM machine and trying to get a loan from a beautiful Asian loan shark was priceless. Bo and Luke still fare very well in fight scenes and driving the General Lee. Here's what I hated: Patch and his dumb aide, who acted like Cledus T. Judd, as well as BB Bascum and the Russian Guy. They all got on my last nerve!!

I did like the addition of Nicholas Coaster as the formidable villain Ezra Bushmaster. I saw Coaster in many shows growing up and I'm glad he made it into the Dukes, even if it was the final reunion movie.

I was actually hoping they could have done a final reunion film with Rosco running for re election. Just like the pilot episode of the series. It would have been great, but at the same time, I can understand the cast wanting to retire from the reunion movie business, especially since both of Hazzard's old ridge runners, Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse are no longer around. While not as great as the previous movie, Hazzard in Hollywood is still an enjoyable movie.
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Luke And Bo Are Ever so Sexy
Angelcain0611 February 2006
The film was funny, and had bits of danger in it it made me fell better and got me out of my depression that i was in. Luke and Bo always make me laugh and the are so ever so sexy. there always in trouble i mean if breathing was a necessary they would properly be in jail for that. boss would properly charge the like $100 per day they they did breath. Rosco is so funny and stupid and not being able to catch them. Flash is so cute always barking at boss no one else but boss funny. the general lee has got invisible wings in its engine as its the only car that can fly. even when the boys are in any other car it fly it like magic. cars only fly's when Luke and Bo are in it
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It's them danged Ole Duke Boys
TexasRedge6 March 2005
Lets face it -- in this politically correct society we don't need to convicted felons out on parole for bootlegging a controlled substance riding around in gas guzzling bright orange hunk of junk with a racist flag painted on top of it Haven't we out grown the Dukes! ! ! for god sakes it 2005 - grow up

But who are we kidding -Huh? - Of course we love the Dukes

Actually I loved the Dukes of Hazzard ... I just didn't like either of the reunion movies. And No! ! ! ! I haven't out grown them at all - I look forward to seeing the 2005 big screen version of the Dukes with Burt Reynolds as "Boss Hogg"
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Not like the original series.
knt20008 November 2002
It's nothing like the TV series. The original series had a lot of action like the fight scenes, car chases, high speed jumps but this reunion didn't have any of it! There was only one jump scene and that was to impress the gangters that the Dukes were not losers. Hasn't the director ever seen CBS series and take some of those ideas and put it into the movie? If they're gonna make another reunion movie (which I doubt it), then they should come up with a different plot.
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The gang is going to Hollywood to raise money for an hospital;
esteban-820 May 2000
Ok ok...

I'm a die hard fan of the original show and I must say I enjoyed the first reunion movie...

But that one was... (ugly face)!!!

Man the acting was so poor and childish that I wonder why they needed a director! To say CUT and ACTION!maybe... the dialogs made me think that they were written in 5 minutes in a party in Beverly Hills...

Anyway, Denver Pyle is gone so as my favorite Sorel Booke, so it's just not the same anymore without Boss and Uncle Jesse...

The plot was quite funny for a DOH fan, but for those who heard a lot about the show and want to start watching it, DONT start with that!!!

The original serie was more enjoyable.

Anyway if Gy Waldon (creator of the serie and writter of Both reunion movies) wants to film more, please... make it more... more... lesss childish!!
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Dukes Of Hazzard, great movie
monkeegurl8519 May 2000
The show, my older siblings like to watch. I really never was interested in it. But this movie is cute and Bo was always the cute one! It had its actions, and had the General Lee up and about. Who knows what number General Lee this one is. I like to see the old cast and how they look from back then. It's great to see the cast together again.
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Not bad but not very "Duke" like
Seiyuu19 May 2000
When I tune in to see the Dukes TV series there are certain things I expect to see. This movie had almost none of them and a lot of things I didn't expect. First, John Schneider's singing career should have been left out of this movie. In fact, most of the singing should have been left out. The Dukes of Hazzard featured a lot of car chases, sneaky plots, and fist fights. Where were they in this movie? The sneaky plot was so convoluted that it was lost in this movie. Fist fights happen but since we loose track of what is going on we really don't care about them. More then those two put together is the loss of the car chases. The General jumps a whole one time and that was just to show off. The TV show usually had car chases consisting of half the show with the final chase having the Dukes chasing the bad guys while the police chase the Dukes while some outside police force is in the chase as well. They all come together at the end with the Dukes fouling the bad guy's plot while the outside police force fouling up Boss and Rosco's scheme. Cooter fixes the cars, Enos and Cletus chase the Dukes, and Boss and Rosco cause all the trouble. None of that was in this movie. The characters were badly out of place. Luke broken hearted, Bo singing, Cooter doing nothing, Enos having a relatively big part, Cletus almost never seen, and Rosco loving a STUFFED dog? This movie also treated the loved General Lee like it was nothing more then a car. It is there to provide transportation only (and to show off once). This is driven home even harder then they have to replace the cars transmission. My final score for it is a 4. While in itself it was a fun movie they could have included the elements that made us love the Dukes, instead of having a ton of country singers.
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