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Cute movie

Author: Kenny-36 from Long Beach, Ca
20 August 2000

I just saw this movie early this morning. It's a cute little soft core porno. Interesting idea. Nothing that's going to win any awards and nothing for hard core fans, but nice and fanciful. The movie gets a little involved with who's having sex with whom. The main character/masseuse and his business partner. Then the main character and his prospective loan agents mistress, then his wife, then the loan agent and the masseuse's business partner. Would be a good idea to have a pencil and piece a paper to keep things straight.

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Lots of sex, and a good dose of Susan Featherly....I give it a B.

Author: Smooth B from Somewhere In Illinois
1 May 2003

You can tell by the name of the film, "Carnal Desires", what you're gonna get--a flimsy plot, lots of simulated sex, and good looking babes. If that's what you're looking for, this is your film. I could stop here, but I'll elaborate on the particulars a bit more.

Steven Ginsburg is Mick, a "massage therapist" looking to open his own shop. He goes to the husband of one of his regular clients for a little seed money. You pretty much know the tale after this...obviously, he's sleeping with the woman, but not only that, he's sleeping with another girl (Susan Featherly), with yet another one (Peggy Trentini) he's THIS close to getting into bed. Oh, and you can't forget about Mia. Yep, this guy gets around.

I lost track of the plot after this, since the story did a disappearing act halfway through. There were plenty of sex scenes, though, so someone watching this film probably wouldn't notice the dialogue getting repetitive and the story going absolutely nowhere.

Women: B+ (A good selection of women to choose from in this film.)

Sex: B+ (A number of sex scenes, most of them quite good. About two-thirds of the way through, the masseuse guy is banging not one, but two women simultaneously. Sound impossible? First he's having sex with the wife, then the scene fades into another scene with him having sex with Susan Featherly. It goes back and forth like this all the way through the scene. Susan's facial expressions are hilarious in this scene.)

Story: D+ (It does its job, if the primary objective was to get from one sex scene to another. There's a big train wreck among the characters at the end which will confuse me, you'll be confused.)

Overall: B (The "Story" grade lowers the overall a bit, but the good looking women and the number of good sex scenes made up for it. Not a great softcore film, but it's okay.)

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Author: bazdol from THE MIDWEST
11 February 2001

A pretty good representative of the soft core genre; I always like to see Mia in a film, although I can do without Stephen Ginsburg who is unconvincing as the masseur stud. The picture moves along at a moderately bright pace but the simulated sex could be better.

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A step up for Tamara Landry. SPOILERS!

Author: BlackJack_B
5 October 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to admit that Tamara Landry, whose Vulcan-like acting was a huge turn-off in The Pamela Principle and the Kama Sutra series steps it up a bit and shows some life in Carnal Desires. She looks mighty good here and so does Susan Featherly. The story is really out there, with the strange story of six people whose sexual affairs intertwine with each other. It would be too difficult to explain the plot and what happens, but there's a crazy whopper of a finale and they certainly found a way to have it end happily. Yes, there's a happy ending despite what happens in the events of this film. Pure cop out!

Still, I have to judge the actors here (who do a cheesy but decent job, BTW). Steve Ginsburg, who plays Mick the masseuse who gets involved with all the women in the female cast, is kind of a goofy looking leading man. He has a 50's style haircut, a long nose, and he's a bit like Steve Curtis' character from Illicit Lovers. You'd also think that Peggy Trentini would be his sister as they both have long noses. Trentini looks like Elizabeth Kaitan; they could pass for twins. Mia is kind of nice, but she needs to have her rack raised up and quick. And the bald guy who plays Tony, the token extra actor? He needed to speak up; I couldn't hear him.

Like Jay Madison's softies, all of Eric Gibson's films start with spoilers of what you'll see, too. At least the women aren't as hideous to the eyes as Illicit Lovers were.

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Lots of good looking women

Author: ( from california, usa
26 October 2001

Caught part of this film on Cinemax. I'm not even sure what the plot was--something about a dude running a massage parlor. What I do know is that there was a series of absolutely stunning women naked. Since this is a T&A film of the "Skinemax" genre, I'd have to say it's a damn good one. Not only are all the women gorgeous, but it looks like all of them have NATURAL large breasts! If you like beautiful women naked, this is a good film to see.

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Tamara Landry is awesome

Author: Cristi_Ciopron from CGSM, Soseaua Nationala 49
22 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Carnal Desires (1999) is some kind of a cult—movie, at least to me. It is an erotica satire, or a Goldonian comedy, about a fortunate masseur and his at least four mistresses (who are the wife, the daughter, the mistress, and even the second mistress of his potential business associate). So it is handier to distinguish the four feminine characters by their relation to the potentate boss.

There are four good—looking women—and especially Peggy Trentini (as 'the mistress')—who has the beauty of a slot, yet a considerable beauty, and Tamara Landry (as the insatiable wife)—who doesn't show much (except her tits); Mia Zottoli is the fair daughter, and she has nice nipples.

Without looking strikingly good, or being particularly nice, Mrs. Featherly has made, and makes a career by appearing in many movies and getting many roles. Otherwise, she's a girl of quite saggy breasts; I liked her in PASSION CRIMES, .She's skinny and brisk, sportive and agile, in a nervous way, yet her voice is very unappealing. I like her less than Venus, Felony, Tina Tyler, Kelli McCarty, Gina Ryder, or other such erotica semi—starlets—though Susan is by far the most famous of the lot; it seems she was 36 in this flick. The sincerity implied in admitting her already mentioned imperfections is appreciated.

Three of the women in CARNAL DESIRES are blonds; Trentini, Featherly and Tamara Landry .It is true that the two actresses who surpass Susan in beauty also look more like slots. As for nudity, not much is really shown, and Zottoli seems to have been the most generous.

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Pleasure: 3 Different Kinds Of Fruit Juices.

Author: Laura Bellamy
10 October 2014

Basically me and my house mate watched this film about 3 years ago when we were mashed off our lady bumps. We think through our alcohol infused states it was possibly shown on the Movies4Men channel. Being tippled and all it took 3 years of heavy research to remember what this film was called and find it to re watch it.


This is about a man's true calling in life. His pursuit of happiness. One man's dream to open a massage parlour. And the requirement to serve three different kinds of fruit juices at every available possibility.

Who cares about beautiful women, lady bumps and wet holes?! This is about one mans destiny. His birthright. His desire to pursue giving his customers the utmost satisfaction and respect.

The only disappointment this film provides is the fact that Michael Patrick was deeply overlooked in the Academy Award's of 2002 for the category of Best Supporting Actor. His role of Tony totally captivated. I feel if his character had been developed further then this film would of won Best Film at the Sundance Film Festival further cementing its legacy not only in the Hall of Fame but also in our hearts forever.

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A great piece of male beauty in this film

Author: from United Kingdom
2 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I Caught this film on Cinemax some time ago and i must say i really enjoyed it. It is one of my all time favourite soft-core films. the plot was OK but the sex scenes were great. the women are gorgeous, and Stephen Ginsburg is pure eye-candy. actually, it was him that made me pay attention to the movie, when i saw him i just couldn't miss one minute of It. He just spends the whole movie having awesome sex with lots of different women and showing off his stunning body and cute boy-next-door face. I'd have to say it's a damn good film to see. if you like to see HOT sexy naked males having great sex every five minutes with different female hotties this is the movie for you. this boy is gorgeous, lets hope to see Stephen Ginsburg in some good hard-core films in near future.

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