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I enjoyed it.

Author: Rosemea D.S. MacPherson from US
9 October 2000

Cute little television movie ."Cate" Mary-Louise Parker (The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn, Fried Green Tomatoes) has a small boutique where she sells vintage clothes. She is dating some snob who's mother thinks that Cate is a second class citizen because of her line of work. "Harry" Peter Gallagher ( While you were Sleeping) meets Cate and they fall in love instantly. "Francesca" Bebe Neuwirth ( Cheers) is a doctor who finds out that he has an illness, and tells Cate so that she would break up with Harry, but on the contrary she marries him. I like romantic movies. This is really cute and will move you. The cast is very good. I enjoyed it.

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Romance takes a back seat to father/daughter relationship

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
12 July 2003

Cate (Mary-Louise Parker) is one of four sisters who live and work in the D.C. area. Owner of a resale/consignment shop of vintage clothing, Cate blandly goes from day to day with an occasional date with her boyfriend, Philip. Cate loves her sisters but does not get along with her father; she harbors resentment for the way he treated her now-deceased mother. At a family gathering, Cate is introduced to Harry (Peter Gallagher). The two take a liking to each other, further complicating Cate's relationship with Philip. Part of the plot then revolves around Cate's decision about her future partner. But, always coming to the forefront is Cate's estranged relationship with her father. Will it be possible for a father and daughter reconciliation?

Having been attracted to the cover, viewers searching for a romantic comedy will be only half-satisfied. There IS a sweet romance but the bittersweet relationship between Cate and her father overshadows it, in part. There is another subplot involving serious illness which detracts from the romantic elements, too. Perhaps it is a case of too many subplots, too little time. The ending resolves one situation but fails to provide closure for another critical element. Those searching for a romantic comedy will be better served with Sleepless in Seattle or Kate and Leopold. Those wanting movies about family dynamics, however, may find this one intriguing.

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Author: sbrnnxn from USA
17 June 2002

I like this movie because everyone in life sometime could relate to it. It's a typical story about being with someone you're trying to tolerate versus being with someone who's more alive(like her sister in the movie quoted). I can relate being in a relationship where the parents didn't think I was good enough either because I wasn't prosperous or I couldn't do anything for them, and this is what Cate went through with Philip. He was okay but kind of starchy, but Harry comes along and make everything better. With all happy relationships there's adversities, which is what happens with Harry. A good film which makes your heart go out to them both. A little slow in the beginning, and it could have had a better ending but how much can you expect from a tv movie?

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What a delightful movie.

Author: Stephen Davis ( from Huntsville, Alabama USA
12 May 2000

What a delightful movie. I especially liked the interesting and rapid character development. Hallmark has already added this to is online store. And I have added it to mine collection. A heart is awakened and a passion for life restored in this video filled with hope, love and the power of commitment. When sisters play 'Cupid' and introduce Cate De Angelo (Mary-Louise Parker) to Harry Dietrich (Peter Gallagher), lives suddenly change. Watch as the couple faces life's trials and challenges together in this celebration of the human spirit.

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Winning cast; random dialogue

Author: Gary4983
10 June 2002

This film is a grabber for the extreme attractiveness and likeability of the cast--Mary Louise Parker and Peter Gallagher in particular--but, sadly, fails to live up to its initial promise. The first half is strong, with good establishing scenes and dialogue. The viewer is drawn into the dilemma of lead character Cate--a beautiful young woman with a pleasant but clueless fiance--who is debating her future when a handsome lawyer comes into her life. Unfortunately, the plot loses its way later on, with dialogue and a plotline that seem so random you're unsure what the next odd turn will be. Still, Parker is a winning heroine and makes this mishmash almost worth watching.

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If You Love One, You can't help loving the other.

Author: tvbj from Beautiful!!!!!
27 March 2001

How very thoughtful of CBS to finally create a masterpiece that comes very close to the standard set by 'Titanic'. Not only were each and every one of the cast extremely well acted, but there was not a single thing that I didn't like about the film. Funny, sentimental, heart warming and most of all, reflecting the values of human emotions, I can vouch that this beautiful film should have been given more justice by having it made to the cinemas.

Cate is the second youngest daughter of a family of four women, a deceased mother and a father whom Cate would love to do without. Engaged to a bubbling, almost clumsy, fellow born from an arrogant family, Cate faces the dilemma of the possibility of having to spend the rest of her life with someone whom she "might" not love. Cate has three problems; her father (whom she despises), her fiancee (whom she likes, but doesn't really love) and her in laws (arrogant, old farts). How wonderful it would be to just eliminate one of her problems...and that's when a young man (Peter Gallaghan) steps into her life and not only does he solve one of her problems, he washes the others away as well!

Not only are the emotions so well portrayed, but the reality of the film is so real, that you can almost feel as if you're part of the film. The emotions, the feelings and the themes are just so real, one that will never cease to amaze audiences just how true they are. Definitely one of the greatest romance films of the entire history of film and drama. That's the greatest praise any film (at least Romance ones) can receive...and you can judge for yourself how great an achievement that is!

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Transcends its Hallmark logo

Author: fjellmannjenta from United States
26 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of my all-time favorite movies, and normally Hallmark is too cheesy for me, and most movies I disdain to even watch because the script and acting are mediocre. But this movie is a little gem.

You can look at other comments to see a plot synopsis, but I want to describe why I love it.

The Acting: all the actors ARE their characters, and infuse every line with nuances that make them seem like real people.

Cate's clothes: 'nuff said. Want. Her. Wardrobe.

Cate's personality: She's so cute, but sometimes she just doesn't think about what she is saying and she can be really prickly. But I love that our main character isn't an angel, and we do get to see her notice it and try to change.

The Story: Instead of following a typical Hallmark plot and giving this story a happy ending when Cate and Harry get married, the marriage happens in the middle of the movie, and most of the story concerns what happens AFTER the marriage. I also loved how the story was more like a slice of someone's actual life—there were several issues that needed to be resolved, and even though when the movie ends we aren't completely told that everything will be perfect—but everything will be more whole.

The Family: Cate has three sisters who sometimes feel inferior to each other but for the most part care about each other very deeply and truly, and I can really relate to that. The family dynamics are a huge part of what make this movie great for me (and that, of course, owes itself again to the Acting).

Cate and Harry's Relationship: I think it's really awesome that they're both not perfect, but they just love each other—especially Harry, he loves Cate even through all her faults.

Sticking it to the Hallmark Man: There is only one scene of the movie that feels like a cliché Hallmark moment: when Cate finds the cupid statue at an estate sale. However, the writers managed to really understate this "theme" (as in, Cate finds cupid, Cate finds love, make me barf), so it is not cloyingly fed to us throughout.

If the acting weren't great, I would have to find fault with the script at times and the non-traditional plot structure. But as it is, and since the plot actually works for me because it's like real life, I love it.

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Pretty good

Author: Monika-5 from United States
14 May 2000

OK, I admit, I DESPISED the first hour or so of this film. I taped the movie because I'm a sucker for romantic movies and I watched it later. The girl is loved by a handsome stranger, who is her true love, yet she's going out with a louse, she can't get along with her father, etc, etc, etc. Nothing we've never seen before, in other words.

But the film really starts to get good at about the midway point. Peter Gallagher, a very good actor from Hollywood, is absolutely charming in a role that might be a little bit of a departure for him. HE is everything good about the movie.

Unfortunately, Mary-Louise Parker (who was phenomenal in Fried Green Tomatoes) lacks charisma at times as his leading lady, but she, like the film, does seem to get better as the film goes on. I think a Kellie Martin or even a Melina Kanakaredes would've filled the role better. Mr. Gallagher and Ms. Parker have very little chemistry here. Supporting actors Philip Bosco, Joanna Going and Bebe Neuwirth all do an admirable job.

Not a bad telefilm, but Hallmark did better with Saint Maybe a couple of years back.

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