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A respectable TV movie.

Author: SinatraLee from United States
6 February 2005

This movie is the take it or leave it kind, but I enjoyed its Lifetime sort of charm. Even if you don't approve of the Playboy bunnies, you can appreciate the story this movie tells about the hardships the girls must face and the successes they sometimes share. Mark Famiglietti shines in his role as Corky, and all of the ladies (including Cheers' Rhea Perlman as a supporting actress) are just lovely and play their parts with a kind of grace that is rarely found in made-for-TV movies. If you happen to stumble upon A Tail of Two Bunnies whilst channel-surfing and have the time it takes to see it, do so. It's definitely worth watching. 6/10

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How can you not love it?

Author: Jo (red_sparkley_dolly_shoes) from Winchester, England
28 April 2002

A brilliant film, fun, romance and most of all BUNNIES!!! You cannot fail to love this feel good movie which takes you back to the fun and class of the playboy clubs. I'm personally gutted since I've lost the video I recorded the film from sky on, :( was it even ever released on video in the uk? I've searched high and low and would die for another copy!!!

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a lighthearted, fun tv movie, for once.

Author: malia (mburgess33) from slc, utah
4 January 2002

a tale of two friends who decide to become playboy bunnies. the girls react to their newfound lifestyle in different ways, and is interesting yet heartbreaking to watch.

i was expecting once of those serious "young innocent girl soiled by the big city", but was instead surprised with a sweet film that wouldnt make you blush to watch with your mother.

hopefully this movie will be shown again. try to catch it if you can, its a diamond in the rough.

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Worth a look if you don't want to think too hard

Author: Leopold005 from United Kingdom
17 December 2007

This was on TV last night under the name "The Price of Beauty". I was tired at the time and couldn't be bothered to get up off the sofa, so I ended up watching it. Lucky, then, that this isn't a bad film at all! The basic storyline is about two country girls - Ruby and Holly - who move to the city to make money. Yes, I could say which places are involved but it's not actually that important. The part where it gets more interesting is that they audition to become Bunny Girls in one of Hugh Hefner's first establishments. This film could've used this idea as a way to gain a strong insight into how this empire worked back in the day, but unfortunately glosses over it a bit too much. It's implied that the working environment is tough and that standards are very high, but the film misses a trick here; they could've emphasised this more, which would've made the success and failure of the two heroines more succinct.

The acting varies from being very good (Marilu Henner and Rhea Perlman putting in good performances) to the very poor, and the club singer has some seriously scary make-up on. The music is also very good: I liked the music in the club, despite the fact that one of the tunes, "Gee Whiz", goes on long enough to make the 1812 Overture sound like something recorded by Napalm Death.

The film itself trots along at a gentle pace, with a smattering of touching moments to make it feel-good enough without being too syrupy. It has the odd comedy moment too, but the only laugh-out-loud parts are right at the very end of the film.

Maybe it was my partially catatonic state, but I actually enjoyed this film. It had enough about it to engage, it had likable characters and a good soundtrack. It isn't mind-fodder but then you don't always want that late on a Sunday night.

If you're after a film with a tight plot, fantastic script and peerless acting then you're looking in the wrong place; Moulin Rouge this isn't. However, if you're up for a bit of (relatively) mindless entertainment then you can do worse than this.

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Does anyone know this song?

Author: obxbabe87 from United States
27 December 2005

Hello :) I saw this movie on ABC, and I loved the movie. I like that the movie did not just focus on what a lot of people think about, the sex playboy magazine part of it. I like that the movie had a story to it, that showed real peoples lives during their profession as a playboy bunny. I also loved the costume design that brought the atmosphere of that time period alive. I was hopping that someone had noticed a song that had been performed in one of the scenes while in one of the playboy bunny night clubs. I really liked this one song and I think it has the words "Now look at the mountains, I look at the sun, I look at everything, mother nature has done, and I want to know why, can't, I find a love of my own...". I have been trying to find the name or artist that performed this song for years now. If anyone knows the name to this song, I would greatly appreciate any information you could provide. Thank you so much!

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Gee Whiz

Author: I_can_get_you_a_toe from Earth
25 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was channel surfing one Sunday afternoon when i came across this movie and couldn't bring myself to stop watching it.

The movie is funny, sweet and the two leading ladies are great in their roles and while there were a few moments in this movie that made me cringe (anytime they showed the lady singing at the club for instance), and a few clichés (the black bunny named Georgia)I found myself getting strangely interested in knowing the dos and dints of being a playboy bunny and how much hard work it takes to wear the black bunny outfit and I liked the fact that this movie doesn't take itself too seriously, its not like it was made to be critically acclaimed.

That the film portrayed the sixties - an era i love, is an added bonus as the music soundtrack is great, i look forward to when they show this movie again.

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OK chick flick

Author: Yael-2 from Hawaii
22 October 2004

As chick flicks go, this is no Fried Green Tomatoes, but if you don't mind a pleasant (though mediocre) movie about likable women, Two Bunnies isn't as bad as it may seem.

Men would be very disappointed with the touchy-feely aspect of those sex objects. Though the women are very attractive, they're not depicted in a sleazy way.

It's the kind of movie they show on Lifetime Television. If you enjoy the genre, you won't be disappointed.

Fine performance by Marylu Henner (of Taxi fame) and the rest of the bunnies.

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Re- Songs The Torch Singer Sings

Author: evybaca from United States
4 September 2008

I have been trying to find out if anyone knows if Meredeth Marshall has recorded the songs she sang in A Tale of Two Bunnies? I understand that Carla Thomas has a recording of "A Love of My Own",

and "Gee Whiz" but if these are the right songs I still want them by Meredith Marshall, her voice, was what I loved. I even tried download- ing, but Ms Marshall's songs are never found. I liked the movie "A Tale of Two Bunnies" alright but what got me, was the songs, sang by this singer. I don't know where else to look for this songs that I have been searching for by the one that sang them in that 2000 TV movie, so will appreciate anyones help.

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Two girls who try to become bunnies.

Author: moovigeek from Emerald Isle
3 March 2003

This movie is no more tacky than Moulin Rouge or Coyote Ugly - which practically everyone loved. I thought it was really kitch - not fetish-y as it as been suggested. Great fun. So I can't wait until they put it back on tv again.

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Bunnies at 2 am.

Author: pepijn-5 ( from Utrecht, Netherlands
10 February 2005

This film is not fantastic, not good, however not horrible either. It's not really a drama, not really a comedy, however it is a good waste of time, if you reset your expectations. I mean Miller (the director) is not a Kubrick or a Coppola, however he does have a good eye for detail. The plot is rather weak, and the acting at times horrible, however this film didn't bug the living daylight out of me since the acting at times is quite acceptable.

I would recommend this film to everyone if it's on TV, do not bother to go out and rent it, or see it anywhere else when you have to pay for it, or put any kind of effort in.

It's a 100 minutes well spend if you have nothing else to do. I'd vote

6 out of 10.

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