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Your just evil and weak and empty inside

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
18 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Some Spoilers) Since she was a little girl Donielle Driscoll had a gift that terrified her and caused her not to have any lasting relationships all through her adult life; the gift of psychic perception. Now grown up with a teenage daughter, Racheal, Donielle move to the quite and sleepy fishing village of Stevston B.C to start a new life.

Not having any skills Donielle or Donnie gets a job as a cocktail waitress at the local watering hole bar The Wild Duck and it's there on her first night on the job that she meets Doug Brister. The movie "Vision of Murder" doesn't keep it's audience in suspense to who the serial murderer on the loose is. Were shown right away that this guy Doug is a little short circuited upstairs.

Although Doug at first comes across to Donnie as a Knight in Shining Armor we quickly see that there's something very disturbing going on inside of his mind and Donnie quickly picks up his vibrations as soon as she picks up a shot glass of booze that he was drinking out of.

Going with her gut feelings about Doug, that he's a murderer, Donnie still can't bring herself to fear him. With that little boy smile and puppy dog eyes it's hard for her, as well as those of us watching, to believe that sweet kind and chivalrous Doug can do the things that Donnie feels that he's not only capable of doing but did already.

Even though the movie has a very capable cast with Melissa Gilbert in the lead role as Donnie Driscoll with her fellow waitress Gloria sensitively as well as tragically, played by Maria Conchita Alonso and Rip Torn in a small but important role as the policemen on the case of the Steveston serial killings Det. Manny Garett it's Thomas Ian Griffith as the killer Doug Brister who not only steals the acting honors in the movie but steals every scene that he's in.

Griffih plays the murderous Doug Brister so cool and chillingly that he makes you understand why serial killers, of mostly women, are so effective in real life like he is in the movie. There are, to be fair, a number of plot lines in the film that don't quite come across that convincingly.

After Donnie goes to the police pleading for them to help stop Doug from murdering a local teenage girl, that she saw him murder in a vision of her's, Donnie later refused to cooperate with the local authorities when her vision of the murder was confirmed. With the girl's body found floating in Steveston Bay? There's also the scene where Doug comes home one night on his motorcycle and finds his live in girlfriend, and accomplice in his murders,Claire with another man. The man is later found murdered by Doug but we never see or hear from Claire again in the movie! did Doug murder her as well?

Like in the movie "The Wolfman" with Lon Chaney Jr we see Doug morph from a Dr.Jekyll to a Mr. Hyde-like character right before our eyes but unlike with Lon Chaney Jr's. Wolfman where it took pounds of makeup and reels of film to make it work for Thomas Griffith it only took his chillingly and effective acting to do the same thing.

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Slow start gives way to intense moments, interesting plot

Author: Julie (RemoR380) from Anchorage
19 March 2000

Vision of Murder began with a slow start, but increasingly picked up the pace as the plot thickened. Melissa Gilbert gives a convincing performance, as always, as a woman who sees visions that she is terrified of, and afraid to share with anyone, because her "gift" has ostracised her from many communities. In this small town, she knows there is a killer loose, and finally goes to the police with what she has "seen." The psychological battle has begun between the killer and Donielle however, and only she can stop him. The title suggests this is based on fact, as well as a living person. I'm sure Donielle prefers her seclusion, but I would have liked to hear about what she is doing now (including cases she is working on?) - maybe she'll write a book! If anything, I found myself wanting the movie to continue and not end. Maybe that's a true sign of a captivating movie, when you are sad the ride is over.

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Author: (rms125a@hotmail.com) from New York, NY
17 March 2003

Engrossing occasionally, but stupid and unbelievable. Another Lifetime movie set in the U.S. ("Steveston, California"), but filmed in Canada and all the less convincing for it. Gilbert's "visions" aren't even clear or concise. And why doesn't she get her phone tapped by the police after the first threatening call? Maria Conchita Alonso adds some vitality, however, although we know she is doomed almost from the beginning.

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A very interesting and well produced movie.

Author: 2cu4u from new orleans
29 December 2003

It is very difficult to appreciate the movie Vision of Murder: The Story of Donielle, unless one has experienced the same. Watching this movie was very touching for me because I have had visions of the actions of a local serial killer in my hometown. It was like watching part of my true-life story on screen. Of course, I enjoyed watching this movie a great deal. I have encountered the same reactions from my local authority and the people around me. I see that I am not alone. Now, that my local serial killer in my area have finally been caught, I am able to live again, without the fear of running into him, and many things that I have said before his capture, have proven true. I am currently writting a book on my experience.

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