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Boston Globe
The kind of film you've got to admire simply for the way it squares its shoulders and plunges into a message of unfashionable idealism.
Chicago Sun-Times
With a cleaner story line, the basic idea could have been free to deliver. As it is, we get a better movie than we might have, because the performances are so good.
USA Today
Either you will weep uncontrollably during the final 10 minutes or so of this bittersweet fable...or the urge to gag will be overwhelming.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's a pretty nice movie until, like a Ponzi plan, it collapses.
New York Post
Works unexpectedly well for its first three quarters.
Baltimore Sun
More of a sales pitch than a movie.
San Francisco Chronicle
Has all the elements of a satisfying movie except knowing when to stop.
New York Daily News
My rule of thumb for manipulative movies: I don't mind playing the marionette as long as the strings aren't visible.
Mr. Showbiz
Despite being full of Oscar-winning talent, this is still just a better-dressed, drawn-out episode of "Touched by an Angel."
Entertainment Weekly
Pushes and pushes and pushes the emotional throttle without respite.
Rolling Stone
Crass manipulation can clean up at the box office, so do your part: Nail this flick as a bottom feeder and pay the bad word forward to three others.

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