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Vastly entertaining pinku flick.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
3 December 2006

Ran Masaki plays a beautiful teacher who is transferred to a remote mountain school where she is gang-raped and abused by the male students.She is also turned into sex slave and subjected to sexual torture by bondage freaks.Masahito Segawa's "Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell" is not as nasty as its lurid title suggests.Of course there is plenty of rape and sado-sexual violence,but the film never reaches the level of nastiness of "Captured for Sex 2" or "All Women Are Whores".The plot is interesting and offers some surprises and the acting is decent.All in all,if you are pinku eiga completist you can't miss it-just don't expect something totally depraved or disturbing.8 out of 10.

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Classy if not brilliant slice of solid pinku sleaze

Author: t-birkhead from United Kingdom
3 February 2010

I only heard about this one a while ago while browsing for some 80's trash to watch, though not superb it was still worth it. An effective little pinku affair, it tells of a lovely young teacher who heads off to teach fencing in a school in the countryside, only to run into a good deal of the expected rape and abuse. The story has a few twists and turns and for the first half a mysterious feel, atmospheric and well shot with a fine location, its compelling stuff even before it gets down to the requisite bondage and abuse action. Ren Masaki is pretty strong as the lead, a determined and sympathetic character with enough backbone and genuine likability that her plight is fairly affecting, while the various dirty scummers around her are convincing too, with motivations fairly plausible if thoroughly corrupt. The film is fairly mild given the amazing title, but the film still has a pleasing quantity of sleazy abuse, packing hot wax fun, boob slapping and erotic fencing in amongst the more predictable rapey shenanigans, though the use of beaver blockers rather spoils a few scenes. I hadn't realised that penetration shots were banned full stop in Japan, making a scene involving a stick and the leading ladies behind a lot less gnarly than it could have been, but on the whole things are still pretty fun and the film even makes time for one or two moments of tender eroticism that come off pretty hot, with the final moments being particularly striking. At less than 70 minutes in length this is a good watch if slightly unspectacular, probably recommended if you like the genre. I'm woefully inexperienced when it comes to this sort of film and I'm sure there are many more impressive titles in the pinku realm, but this one is still pretty neato fun with its fine production values and sleazy kicks. Cool on the whole but not earth shattering.

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beautiful hell

Author: trashgang from Midian
17 March 2009

This is one of those much sought after pinku torture ones. It's almost unfindable and it clocks in at 65 minutes (my version). You can't notice that this film is already more then 20 years old, the photography is sublime and the acting is also well done. It's all about revenge but halfway the movie the revenge has gone into bondage and rape to make the beautiful teacher suffer for her prides and her beauty, they will make her a whore. Strange for Japanese films is always the fact that they blur the private parts. You can torture someone full screen but private parts, oh no. In this movie the blurring isn't annoying. Some scene's made me think of Entrails Of A Virgin although that one is more explicit. Anyway, weird that Beautiful Teacher isn't available anymore, try to catch a copy.

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Pretty Original Pinku Sleaze-Fest...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
4 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

BEAUTIFUL TEACHER IN TORTURE HELL is a fun and sleazy romp that brings a little more originality in terms of storyline to the table than the average pinku torture-fest. The concept is decent with a few twists, though towards the middle of the film, it reverts back into the normal bondage-type material that is so prevalent in the genre...

A new teacher is brought to a school where she is bullied and raped by some local toughs. When the teacher saves the school director's grand-daughter from some abuse at the hands of the bullies, the director invites her over for dinner as a "thank-you". Turns out, he's actually the mastermind of a ring that abuses new teachers and turns them into sex-slaves. The ring includes not only the director, but other teachers, the bullies, and even the janitor...

The first half of BEAUTIFUL TEACHER IN TORTURE HELL is pretty original and plays out almost as a sleazy mystery - until we find out exactly what's going on - and then we get the requisite tortures at the hands of the school director and others. Basic rape/bondage material on display with none of the scenes being extremely noteworthy. One scene where the teacher is enemized then forced to sit in an aquarium until she "releases" is kinda novel. The strength of BEAUTIFUL TEACHER is in the first half as the audience doesn't know the depth of the school's corruption. Not an outstanding film - but definitely entertaining and worth a look to the genre fan...7.5/10

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Masaki Ran looks pretty good

Author: ebiros2 from United States
6 June 2011

This is one of Nikkatsu's Roman Poruno (Porn) series movies. This was as explicit as they can go in sexual expression on movies in the '80s Japan. Now this movie is available in region 2 DVD as is many of Nikkatsu's Roman Poruno series movies.

Ran Masaki plays the role of a beautiful (and I'd say she really is beautiful) school teacher who is recruited by another teacher played by Izumi Shima. Not knowing that she's really walking into a trap, she starts her new career at a high school in a remote mountain town. Soon she gets involved to save a girl student who got captured by delinquent male students. She is challenged to fight a kendo (Japanese sword fighting) match with one of the student while wearing nothing under her protective gear. Not knowing that she's being captured on a video, she gets gang raped by the boys. Next day, she's invited to the house of the girl that she tried to rescue. This was the beginning of the real trap. Soon she's drugged, and is captured in a torture chamber, designed to give sexual abuse.

This is one of many Oniroku Dan's SM movies that Nikkatsu produced at somewhat regular intervals. Frontal nude was illegal in Japan back then, so there are no really hard core sexual scenes in this movie. These days, this movie is not even categorized under "Adult Video" in the Japanese video sites. Things really changed in 25 years. Where they lacked in explicit expression, they've made up in quality production, and many of the Roman Poruno series movies really has good plot and acting featuring good actors.

Watch it for Ran Masaki's debut performance for Nikkatsu. She really looks good.

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Strong performance buoys this potent pinku eiga

Author: fertilecelluloid from Mountains of Madness
5 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very impressive pinku eiga, buoyed by a strong lead performance from Ran Masaki. Invited to teach at a small, rural high school, Masaki runs into trouble immediately when the car she is traveling in is attacked by schoolboy rapists. Her companion, who has a questionable connection with one of the boys, is raped and mistreated. Masaki is treated to some fondling. She saves the day by pulling out her fencing foil and beating the bad boys into submission. Later on, she pays dearly for her act of courage. Based on a novel by Oniroku Dan, this is a grim, well directed tale boasting several very erotic interludes and some dark, disturbing revelations. The rural setting is a bonus, as is the fine photography and production design. A house and dungeon look suspiciously like the sets of Norifumi Suzuki's "Star of David - Beauty Hunting", also a Nikkatsu production. Unlike many films of this ilk, this one is reasonably well thought through and the motivations of its characters are strong, albeit corrupt. For connoisseurs of this genre, "Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell" is just what the teacher might have ordered.

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Great cult erotic Japanese movie

Author: mepranod from India
30 March 2015

Firstly i watch movie with no expectation but after watching this movie i was thrilled.What a grate cult movie.If you like erotic movies with grate plot then this is for you.Director of this movie also done great job.But the main charm of this movie is Ran Masaki ,the beautiful teacher who was trapped by the principle of the school. Really after watching this movie i became fan of Ran Masaki.She is truly a beauty of japan.After watching this movie i nearly watched all her movies.This is Japanese cat III movie which contains lots of frontal nudity but it is not vulgar at all.Some bondage scene are intense but meaningful.Shooting of nude scene are very artistic.

In one word amazing erotic movie with extremely beautiful actress Ran Masaki.

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