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In the spring of 1810, the Peninsular War begins, and fearing that the Austrian Army may again take the field (he having ignominiously defeated them the previous year), Napoleon arrests the Count de Mauperg, high in the favor of the Austrian Emperor. Francis. Mauperg is to remain in Paris for six months as a hostage for the good behavior of his sovereign. Emperor Napoleon's wife, Marie Louise, one day when driving, intervenes in behalf of a poor girl named Beatrice Duprell, who is being cruelly beaten by an old hag. Mere Pignone. The empress compensates the woman with a bag of money and takes Beatrice to the castle. On account of her awkwardness and unsophisticated manners, her first appearance causes much laughter. Directly after Count de Mauperg's presentation to the courtiers by Napoleon, the empress, with her ladies, enters. Beatrice is presented to the emperor, and instead of making a courtly bow, she acts in a hoydenish manner. This arouses laughter from the court, 'but her part...

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