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A Great Introduction to the World of Bond
bjcherry28 September 2006
Taken for what it was - a look back at some of Bond's greatest moments, this show really succeeds. Made for broadcast television, this was approached as a typical "sitcom-type" retrospective episode. It seems to be meant for for a casual James Bond observer or the completely ignorant, like I was at the time (and 13 too). This worked wonderfully as an advertisement of the franchise as a whole. It introduces the character of Bond, and many of the women, gadgets and villains Bond has crossed paths with.

That said, this will offer no new information to someone who has seen all of the movies. There is nothing new here. In todays world of featurettes and retrospectives on every DVD, this program seems outdated. But by the standards of the day, this was a great way to get caught up on the spy you had (or hadn't) been watching in the theatres.

After watching this program, I went out and watched every other Bond movie I could find. I am still a fan today. So, I guess the show served it's purpose.
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Mostly clips
martin_humble26 September 2000
Well, It`s good that its hosted by Mr Moore. But what else? No behind the scenes, nothing about the making, nothing about the actors. I could go on. The story is thin; You get to follow Mr Moore in different situations which is fit in to a Bond sequence. For example Moore walks into a train looking for a train compartment. Looking into those you get to see scenes cut from different Bond films containing scenes from train compartments, and so it goes on. it does not add anything new. So therefore I cannot recommend it.
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