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One of the first things we notice in the picture is the number of new faces
deickemeyer18 June 2017
A dramatic picture well worked up and with much suspense. It begins (after stating the situation) with a struggle on the observation platform of a Pullman car, a very carefully made picture. The trees and landscape are seen whirling by and two people in a buggy witness the fight. The cause of it is a girl and the man who made the attack is thrown over; found at the point of death, he lets the innocent man be suspected of attempted murder, but leaves a letter (to be opened in case he dies), exonerating him. The doctor has this and we lose sight of it. The man gets well and is witnessing against his supposed assailant when the letter turns up. One of the first things we notice in the picture is the number of new faces; the Vitagraph Company has apparently used fifty new people as background characters. This gives a very pleasing freshness to the offering. The leading players are well known: Edith Story plays the girl; Earle Williams and Harry T. Morey, the two men, and Rose Tapley and Edward Kimball are the girl's parents. The worthy script is by Charles M. Howell and the picture is by Ralph Ince. A desirable offering. - The Moving Picture World, January 25, 1913
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