The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy (2000) Poster

Plot Keywords

gay friend
restaurant photographer
lesbian friendship
break up dating
gym sex
psychology birthday
actor team
softball drama queen
jeans gay kiss
reference to structure clothing nightclub
love drug use
dancer birthday party
parrot gay club
cafe hawaiian shirt
reference to julia roberts drink
reference to shirley maclaine the color purple
kiss birthday wish
closeted homosexual boyfriend girlfriend relationship
reference to demi moore brother sister relationship
going away party graveyard
drinking fitness center
reference to matthew laborteaux illness
gay slur male male kiss
reference to larry kramer clitoris
gynecologist party
west hollywood california voice over narration
drag show twister the game
vagina homosexual
artificial insemination art gallery
therapy birthday cake
ecstasy the drug wish
coming of age vibrator
dancing reference to shakespeare's as you like it
pills boyfriend boyfriend relationship
misery punched in the face
loneliness reference to j. crew
aids reference to antonio sabato jr.
reference to cesar chavez tears
reference to rob lowe burial
athlete mirror ball
reference to william shakespeare marijuana
darkroom hollywood california
photo gallery reference to judy garland
head shot piano
cedars sinai medical center los angeles underwear
beer drag
idaho gay bar
baby graduate student
reference to carly simon sonogram
crying reference to mare winningham
sports team reference to aquaman
reference to joan crawford coming out
swing reference to barbra streisand
reference to snagglepuss pianist
funeral park
gay athlete cross dressing
monkey reference to close to you the song
slow motion scene volkswagen
reference to bette midler reference to richard thomas
reference to ally sheedy montage
candle heart attack
death reference to karen carpenter
cemetery key lime pie
hair salon teammate
camera photograph
cake recuperation
masturbation riceroni
reference to sally field

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