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Now movie adaptation of Anne Frank's diary

Now movie adaptation of Anne Frank's diary
Los Angeles, Dec 13: Israeli film director Ari Folman is all set to write and direct an animated movie based on Anne Frank's diary, which has been published into a book and translated into many languages. The movie targets family audience.

Anne Frank is a well-known German Jewish victim of the Holocaust, who died at the age of 15 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany in 1945. She wrote about her life during World War II in a book given to her on her 13th birthday.

"Bringing the Anne Frank Diary to all screens is a fantastic opportunity and challenge," Folman said in a statement, reports

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Twelve Years a Slave: the astonishing book that inspired my film

In trying to create a film about slavery I barely knew where to start – until my partner, historian Bianca Stigter, uncovered a true account of slavery that blew our minds

Three and a half years before finishing the production of 12 Years a Slave I was lost.

I knew I wanted to tell a story about slavery, but where to start?

Finally, I had the idea of a free man kidnapped into bondage, but that's all I had. I was attracted to a story that had a main character any viewer could identify with, a free man who is captured and held against his will. For months I was trying to build a story around this beginning but not having great success until my partner Bianca Stigter, a historian, suggested that I take a look at true accounts of slavery. Within days of beginning our research, Bianca had unearthed Twelve Years a Slave,
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Anne Frank House Responds To Bieber's Outrageous Comment

Anne Frank House Responds To Bieber's Outrageous Comment
Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber sparked international outrage this weekend when it was discovered that upon visiting the Anne Frank House on Friday, he left a baffling and tasteless note behind.

"Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl," wrote the 19-year-old. "Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

While responses worldwide seem to be overwhelmingly against Bieber, the singer received support this morning from an unexpected place: the Anne Frank House itself, the Amsterdam museum dedicated to preserving the memory of the young Holocaust victim and diarist.

"We think that what's special is that a 19-year-old comes to the Anne Frank House and spends an hour visiting on a Friday night," museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostart told Afp.

"He could be doing other things in Amsterdam, he was very interested," said Mostart. "That's more important than the commotion that we're now seeing. That's the positive side
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Disney Puts Mamet’s Anne Frank Movie Into Turnaround

It was just this August when we heard that David Mamet would be writing and directing a new film about Anne Frank for Disney. Whoa -- Mamet, Frank and Disney? Quite a combo; such a weird combo, in fact, that it seemed really unlikely to work. If current reports are correct, it didn't. The Wrap reports that Disney has put Mamet's script in turnaround because it is 'too dark,' which seems both entirely expected and totally absurd. Complaining that a Mamet take on the story is too dark is like hiring John Woo to make a movie and then bitching about all the doves. Or: that's the surface take. Supposedly Mamet's script isn't just a retelling of the same story found in Anne Frank's diary. As Brendon previously reported, Mamet had leeway with this film to bring together material from Frank's diary, the 1955 stage play The Diary of Anne Frank,
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