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WWE are bringing back the Cruiserweight Division to Raw

19 July 2016 4:00 AM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

As well as the announcement of the new General Managers of Raw and Smackdown, Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon also announced that the Cruiserweight Division would be returning to the company.

However, unlike its last run in WWE, the Cruiserweight Division will be exclusive to Raw and not Smackdown.

The announcement comes off the back of the successful debut of the Cruiserweight Classic, which is currently airing exclusively on the WWE Network. The show is presented very differently to the current WWE product and is more evocative of Mma, which could be transferred over to Raw.

This also builds on the rumours that WWE have signed several of the competitors in the tournament, including Roh’s Cedric Alexander and New Japan’s Kota Ibushii.

See Also: WWE Cruiserweight Classic – Week 1 Review

The Cruiserweight Division began life in World Championship Wrestling and was a platform for the likes of Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio Jr. »

- Luke Owen

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Round 3 of the Mix March Madness 2016 Webcomics Tournament!

5 April 2016 3:00 AM, PDT | | See recent Comicmix news »

Now that those basketball games are over (go Wildcats!) we’re ready for Round 3 of the 2016 Mix March Madness April Armageddon Webcomics Tournament! Yes, it’s time to take on the Top 32… and you have until Wednesday, April 6 at midnight Est to vote!

Congratulations to everyone who made it through Round 2, and we’ve raised another $30 for the Hero Initiative. But now it gets even tougher, as we’re down to only 32 webcomics… and we know that every vote counts from you and all your friends, so make sure to share and tweet about it, because Round 3 starts now!

Here are the updated brackets. As usual, we’re dividing the candidates into four divisions. This year’s divisions are Anderson, Obadiah, Ryan, and Trimpe…

Anderson Division Erfworld




Garfield Minus Garfield Guilded Age


Garfield Minus Garfield Erfworld

Game 25 Details

Wilde Life Modest Medusa


Wasted Talent Wasted »

- Glenn Hauman

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Mix March Madness 2016 Webcomics Tournament Round 2! Vote Now!

31 March 2016 11:51 AM, PDT | | See recent Comicmix news »

Round 2 of the Mix March Madness 2014 Webcomics Tournament— soon to become April Armageddon— starts here! Voting lasts until Midnight Edt on Saturday, April 2!

Congratulations to everyone who made it through Round 1! We’re down to 64 webcomics after a last minute tiebreaker, and we’re raising more money for the Hero Initiative. Let’s get on with the show!

Here are the updated brackets. As usual, we’re dividing the candidates into four divisions. This year’s divisions are Anderson, Obadiah, Ryan, and Trimpe…

Anderson Division Erfworld



Game 17 Details

Garfield Minus Garfield Guilded Age


Garfield Minus Garfield Winner of 17

Game 25 Details

Winner of 18 Modest Medusa


Wasted Talent Wasted Talent

Game 18 Details

Wilde Life Winner of 25

Game 29 Details

Winner of 26 Kevin & Kell


Wilde Life Ava’s Demon


Hijinks Ensue Ava’s Demon

Game 19 Details

Misfile Winner of 29

Game 31 Details

Winner of 30 Dork Tower


Misfile Winner »

- Glenn Hauman

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9 Things That Should Have Happened On WCW’s Final Nitro

29 March 2016 11:43 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Verbally tearing right through men like Ted Turner, Buff Bagwell and Jeff Jarrett, Vince McMahon appeared to be having an absolute blast on the March 26, 2001 edition of Raw Is War. Complete with a wholly smug grin, the WWF’s head honcho opened up a simulcast between Raw and WCW’s Monday Nitro, declaring that he was appearing on the rival show because he had, in fact, purchased World Championship Wrestling.

Whilst news didn’t travel quite as fast back then in 2001 as it does now, many in the wrestling community were already aware that McMahon had purchased 24 talent contracts, the WCW tape library and numerous WCW trademarks for around $2.5 million by the time Nitro and Raw hit the air. Still, it was quite the shock to see Vince callously declare that the fate of WCW was now in his hands.

Later, WCW would sadly become a mere pawn »

- Jamie Kennedy

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10 Most Over WCW Tag-Teams Ever

28 March 2016 11:09 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

World Championship Wrestling may have been consigned to history, but there’s still a lot of strong feeling for the once-proud promotion. Today, a lot of older pro wrestling fans look back on what the company achieved and realise there was a lot to enjoy under the WCW banner. Tag-team wrestling was most certainly one of those aspects, it was something WCW routinely treated with great respect.

Naturally, during the Vince Russo era of booking in the late-1990’s there were periods when the WCW Tag-Team Titles were thrown around from team to team without any real regard for credibility. Things weren’t always that way though, there were times when the championships were viewed as entirely credible.

Once known as the Nwa, the WCW name really came to prominence in 1988, as Ted Turner looked to forge his own path. WCW was still affiliated with the Nwa, but »

- Jamie Kennedy

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7 Cruelest Wrestling Ironies

28 March 2016 4:59 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

The author H.P Lovecraft once said, “From even the greatest of horrors, irony is seldom absent”. In a stunning case of predicting one’s own future, the writer would ironically gain greater fame posthumously rather than during his life. Irony is also something the world of pro wrestling knows a little something about, too. 

Without running the risk of being too hyperbolic, professional wrestlers put literally hundreds of hours into their craft. It’s not only the in-ring work that counts, and these men and women dedicate so much time to travel, sitting around arenas across the globe and earnestly honing their skills. When everything comes together, the rewards are plentiful, and can lead to serious wealth for those lucky enough to live out their dreams.

Unfortunately, there’s also a flip side to proceedings, and it’s decidedly harsh. One of the stories on this list »

- Jamie Kennedy

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10 Things You Didn't Know About WCW In 1994

21 March 2016 5:17 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Bursting through the curtain for his first ever WCW World Title bout, Hulk Hogan looked slimmed down, healthy, and eager to make a great first impression. At World Championship Wrestling’s Bash At The Beach event on July 17, 1994, Hogan was set to face ‘Nature BoyRic Flair in a match pro wrestling fans had waited years to see.

This was the dawning of a new era for WCW, and many backstage felt the company  – upon signing Hulk – had finally hit the big time. There was a sea of change on the roster, quickly evolving into a line-up which greatly resembled the WWF roster of the late-1980’s and early-1990’s.

Hogan brought pals like Jim Duggan, The Honky Tonk Man and Ed ‘Brutus Beefcake’ Leslie along for the ride. The latter even headlined Starrcade 1994 opposite Hulk himself, a decision WCW VP Eric Bischoff would later dub a mistake that he regrets. »

- Jamie Kennedy

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The Icon: Looking Back On The Career of Sting

18 March 2016 12:40 PM, PDT | Flickeringmyth | See recent Flickeringmyth news »

Kieran Fisher looks back on the career of Sting following his retirement from in-ring competition…

After an illustrious 30-year career, Sting is expected to retire from professional wrestling, following an injury picked up against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions last year.  The Icon’s decision to call it quits comes as no surprise, but it is upsetting for fans who were hoping to see him don the face paint and brandish the bat one last time to end his short-lived WWE career on a high with a victorious Wrestlemania moment.  That being said, The Stinger’s impact on the business has been monumental; as one of the biggest stars the industry ever produced, he’ll go down in history as one of the immortals, placed in the upper echelons of wrestling’s most revered legends.  However, despite his status in the business, his career was one beleaguered with more mishandling than triumph. »

- Kieran Fisher

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Steve Austin’s WrestleMania Matches Ranked – From Worst To Best

15 March 2016 10:30 AM, PDT | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

The 1990s were an incredible time for professional wrestling. As World Championship Wrestling changed the rules of the game, the World Wrestling Federation was forced to evolve and embrace a grittier product in order to claw its way back into the Monday Night Wars.

One man stood proud at the front of the resurgence, a man who would go on to become wrestling’s biggest star during wrestling’s most lucrative era.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the number one guy in WWF for a number of years, and as such he was the man relied upon to headline the biggest shows and generate the biggest numbers for the company. He did it with aplomb, giving us some of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history in the process.

He also did it while amassing a laundry list of injuries, and in hindsight it is incredible that he »

- John Bills

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Announcing the 2016 Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament!

10 March 2016 3:00 AM, PST | | See recent Comicmix news »

Yes, it’s that time of year again, the time where bracketology reigns supreme and the cry around the nation is “Win or Go Home!” Last year’s Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament was incredibly popular, and so we’re doing it all over again– and raising money for the Hero Initiative in the process!

We’re giving you a list of over 300 webcomics, and we want your votes . We’re taking the top 128 and putting them in a single elimination tournament where we whittle down the contestants down to one. The top 128 vote getters make it into the tournament, with the biggest getting top seeds. The voting ends Sunday, March 13 at 11:59 Pm Edt, and brackets go up on Monday, March 14!

Simply check off the strips you want to see in the tournament below. If there are webcomics you don’t see, check “Other” at the end and include »

- Glenn Hauman

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10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Feb 19)

19 February 2016 12:56 AM, PST | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

All these years on, it’s still mind-blowing to think that World Championship Wrestling decided to introduce Paul ‘The Giant’ Wight as the son of the legendary Andre The Giant in 1995. The man was even given similar ring gear to his storyline father, but the idea of the pair being related was phased out after a while. This can only be considered a good thing, because the shadow of Andre was a huge one to fill for a relative rookie.

Recently, Wight – now known as The Big Show – sat down with Steve Austin for the WWE Network. The interview turned out to be quite a revealing peek into the man’s personal life before he broke into the pro wrestling business, and even included a fascinating story about his proposed deal with WCW. That story is featured in this article, one which aims to display 10 different wrestling facts »

- Jamie Kennedy

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50 Best WWE Matches Of The 90s

1 February 2016 8:46 PM, PST | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Going into 1990, the then-World Wrestling Federation was running on the fumes of the last vestiges of the Rock ‘n Wrestling Era, the days of Hulkamania slowly coming to an end. Faced with a number of damaging scandals, the WWF limped into the ill-conceived ‘New Generation’, in which Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and Diesel led a motley crew of technicolor cartoon characters through watered-down programming. With the breakout of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s defiant act, the Attitude Era lay just beyond the muck, and would bring Vince McMahon’s empire back to global prominence.

It’s sometimes hard to fathom that these three eras could have possibly run concurrently, where Hulk Hogan’s fifth WWF Championship reign took place a mere four years before Austin bled out all over the Rosemont Horizon in an astonishing showcase. The 1990s saw the World Wrestling Federation take many forms, and »

- Justin Henry

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10 Stunning Displays Of WWE Arrogance

12 January 2016 2:46 PM, PST | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Vince McMahon possesses a swagger about him that has been the source of much intimidation for many professional wrestlers. Upon meeting the man for the first time, many claim they were in awe of his sheer presence, and also a little taken aback by McMahon’s physical size. There’s little doubting that Vince is the single most powerful person in North American wrestling, and doesn’t he know it.

For years, WWE have flaunted the fact that they are the top dog in the market. On one hand, there’s perhaps nothing wrong with that. After all, Eric Bischoff decided to shout from the rooftops when World Championship Wrestling held the upper hand for a spell during the 1990’s. Vince is simply doing what everybody else would do, right?

That may be so, but that self-belief and confidence has often given way to sheer arrogance. Stubbornly refusing »

- Jamie Kennedy

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Wrestling Timelines: WWF vs WCW Invasion

9 January 2016 9:42 AM, PST | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

One of the most-talked about storylines in WWF/WWE history is the ‘Invasion’ angle that dominated 2001. In March of that year, the entire pro wrestling landscape in North America changed in just a few weeks. World Championship Wrestling had been in the doldrums for a while, but people were shocked when Vince McMahon swooped in and purchased the company for a paltry $2.5 million on March 26. Around the same time, the original Extreme Championship Wrestling folded.

This meant that McMahon had what he had always craved, a wrestling monopoly. Better yet, the patriarch of the WWF had the means to create something wrestling fans had always wanted to see. That WWF vs. WCW rivalry was his to play with, and would surely pocket him millions of dollars. There was just one problem, the WWF had trouble signing many top WCW names, who were more than content to sit at »

- Jamie Kennedy

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10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Goldberg

5 January 2016 2:47 AM, PST | Obsessed with Film | See recent Obsessed with Film news »

Even today, Bill Goldberg refuses to rule out a return to World Wrestling Entertainment. No concrete reports have come out of the company linking them with such a move, but fans have been wondering whether or not a WWE/Goldberg relationship would work in the modern era for years. It’s a testament to how big of an impact Goldberg made in such a short space of time, crashing onto the scene with World Championship Wrestling in 1997.

Eventually, Goldberg did make his way to WWE, but not until long after WCW had been consigned to the history books. His run under the rule of Vince McMahon was not as successful as his one from 1997-1999 in WCW. Admittedly, turning the guy heel was a mistake made by Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo in 2000, but it couldn’t come close to some of the baffling decision-making made during his WWE tenure. »

- Jamie Kennedy

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