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Graham Lawlor, a banker and financier, is persuaded to invest in the Silver Shield Mines and become president of the company. Harris, Brennen & Lester, the promoters, are frauds. Lawlor sends word to his son, who is practicing law in a small town, and tells him to give up his practice and take the secretaryship of the company. Trevor, the son, comes to look things over. He is convinced there is something wrong, refuses the secretaryship and warns his father. His father and he quarrel. Trevor goes back to his practice. Lester, the junior partner in the mine, makes love to his stenographer, Brenda Wray, and then casts her off. Ugly rumors get about regarding the stability of the Silver Shield Mine. The others try to throw all the blame for the failure on Lawlor, He declares, however, that he has papers in his possession which will exonerate him. They determine to get these incriminating papers. They bribe Lawlor's servant to steal them. The plot is overheard by Brenda, who has visited ...

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