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"Dutch" is a nickname for wife among the costermongers of England, and is fraught with much endearment and the fullest appreciation of a woman considered the equal of any lady in the land. This particular "Dutch" and her husband are an old costermonger couple whose hearts are in the right place, and, like many of their kind, are greater than their judgments. If this be a fault at all, it is on the right side of the recorded virtues, which is strongly shown in the helping hand which they extend to Clive Huntley, a penniless artist whom the old costermonger finds in need of food and shelter. Mrs. Bill Hawkins, with her kindly and motherly attention, nurses the man back to health and strength. Her services win the gratitude of their guest. It can be plainly seen that Clive Huntley is a man bred far above the environments by which he is now surrounded, but never has he come under kindlier influences or more generous hospitality. By the death of a cousin Clive inherits a large estate, the ...

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