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To be fair, this is not the worst movie ever but definitely way below average
ArtistGrl11 May 2005
I wasn't sure whether to watch it or not, but since a few people here did give it 8-10 stars (die-hard Lauren Graham fans I guess), I decided to see it anyway.

And well - don't believe them - I don't remember the last time I was so bored! the naysayers weren't exaggerating one bit! the plot never develops, the acting is worse than in "Days of Our Lives", everything feels completely forced and unreal, very poorly-edited, and it's just not funny at all (seriously, I find more humor in watching the news). The only nice scene they could think of - Zach throwing souvenirs into the water, was overdone so much that it made me feel they were only trying to justify the price of the underwater cam, which frankly wasn't worth it.

3 stars are only because it was not completely antagonizing or patronizing, and because the soundtrack was pretty nice, especially if you like 80s music.
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A Lauren Graham mistake
blambert-45 December 2007
Like many folks I got this movie because Lauren Graham was in it (my Wife's a huge fan of Gilmore Girls)but this movie is terrible and Lauren must have been out to lunch when she decided to do it. First the lead characters are all supposed to be twenty somethings getting ready to leave the nest,but everybody in it is 35 or older and looks idiotic trying to play 21. The lead guy Brad Hunt is a total loser and you wonder why any woman much less Lauren Graham would want the guy. His partner who advises him on women is an even bigger loser than he is and is at least 40! I kept waiting for this movie to be funny or interesting but it was neither. The only positive thing to say for this film was the music. The songs were more interesting than the characters. Lauren Graham is in the movie maybe 15 min tops so don't waste your time if your looking for a good film she might have done between seasons of GG.
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This is a romantic comedy with funny moments but one which lets the viewer down bigtime
Amy Adler1 November 2006
Zach and Abbey have been neighbors forever. Almost as long, Zach has been in love with Abbey, at least since she asked him to join her on the seesaw long ago. Now, they are 27 and Abbey is about to fly away from the roost. A gifted artist, she is heading for NYC. Zach runs an auto mechanic shop and still lives at home with his folks. However, he is stunned by Abbey's potential desertion and makes up his mind to marry her. After setting up a date at a nice restaurant, Zach gets the idea that he may have better luck with his proposal if he asks former girlfriends what his faults are. As he goes from lady to lady, he learns more than he wants to, at times. But, will his acquired knowledge help him make time with Abbey? This is a fun movie for most of the duration. Zach's former girls, including a dominatrix babysitter and a spin-the-bottle alliance, provide mirth in big doses. The actors are attractive and humorous and the production values quite welcoming. However, viewers may be let down toward the end of the film. In romantic comedies, this is a very serious offense. Do take time to find the film if you are a romcom nut. It has some good ideas and fun times, even when it is veering off course.
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Flat out horrible
defconone25 July 2005
This movie was so bad that I'm embarrassed to even be spending any more time thinking about it. For your own good STAY AWAY, it was horrible. All the roles were miscast. All were too old. All were trying too hard to be funny. Brad Hunt looks like he's on drugs the entire time. His hair looks so bad that it's distracting. All I could think of the entire time was WHY would Lauren Graham do this film? Why, why why? If I could give the movie no stars I would of but that isn't an option. If I could give the movie negative stars I would . The story is awful. The ending was even more awful. The other users that gave it so many stars, I can only imagine were somehow involved with making the film. I would rather spend an hour and a half at the dentist than watch this again.
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funny, funny
adaywithdarra1 March 2005
I had a chance to see a sneak of this film and I found it very funny and quirky. Harland Williams is hilarious in this movie playing the sidekick. His deadpan looks are classic and plays a "loser" to perfection. Lauren Graham, as always, is funny, lovable and adorable as the girl next door. I particularly enjoyed the soundtrack which had a very eclectic mix of new and old school tunes ranging from The Nails, "88 Lines About 44 Women" to Badly Drawn Boy's, "The Shinning." Many of the actors, although some only appearing for one scene were great, especially Debra Jo Rupp (That 70's Show) who plays the leads's Mother. She is the most talented of the group here and portrays the dysfunctional mom so matter-of-fact, it's sad and funny. Check this little gem out.
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Nothing Happens
enjay_17 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
As I watched this movie, I kept thinking, maybe something will happen....I was wrong. This movie was not interesting at all (unless you have a really elementary sense of humour). And at the end, we are at the same place as at the beginning. The main character chases down all of his old girlfriends to find out why they broke up so that he can use this advice on a date with the love of his life who is moving away. The advice doesn't work. And it ends like that, very anticlimactically. There is no character development throughout the story, and all of the characters are very one-dimensional. Some people find that funny, but I personally don't.
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It figures...
white__shadow18 March 2005
This has got to be the worst film I have ever seen. And I am willing to admit I enjoy a lot of really bad movies. There was really nothing redeeming about this movie. It had no pace, didn't go anywhere, didn't bother to develop anything, and wasn't funny. The best thing about this movie was Sasha Alexander's character chasing around the lead (who looked like he was asleep 90% of the time). I'm a big fan of Lauren Graham and Amanda Detmer as well but neither one was really given the opportunity to do anything for the movie. I can't fathom how anyone can be amused by Harland Williams and his dead-fish looks. But as proof of dead potential for this movie. I couldn't believe how many well known actors participated in this tripe. Need proof? Kaley Cuoco (of 8 simple rules fame) plays the ever-so-blah sister of the main character. What a waste of talent, time (both theirs and mine), and money (again, both the production company's and mine).
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It pretends to be original, but it is very ordinary.
eadverts23 February 2005
Not a very good movie, a waste of time. Don't see this if you can avoid it. The ending is a piece of pretentious crap too. Forced acting, forced plot, movie telegraphed every plot twist as if there were some kind of cookie cutter these plots have to be cut out of. I just don't understand why movies like these are ever made. Can't anyone see that these movies are a bad idea just from reading the script? It's not as though these people don't have any other options as far as scripts go. Most are established actors with some credibility and some choice as to which parts to accept. I guess they had to do someone a favor or were under contract or something and just did this to get out from under the obligation.
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BlackRabbit24 May 2006
Switch your brain off, relax and don't expect too much especially when it comes to a satisfying ending; that's what's in order if you are prepared to waste some time watching this piece of formulaic fluff. There's a few mildly funny moments among the telegraphed plot points but they can't save this dog from the leads stale acting and sub-par production values overall.

Watching this flick I couldn't help but feel like I was being subjected to a script developed by someone who perhaps was the perennial dunce in writing classes at Adam Sandler University. Whilst we're not subjected to anything pretentious, this film should have been able to offer more.
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alexiscb328 February 2005
I saw this film because of Lauren Graham.

She was adorable in the movie. The lead guy played off of her well in a kind of "Aw, shucks." kind of way.

The script could have used a fuller body, but I thought the actors (a ton of television actor cameos) did well with what they were given. The child actors were sweet. Some of the girlfriends bordered on mentally unstable though.

I would have added to the ending, it sort of ended abruptly. I would have liked to see a scene that didn't echo his fantasy, but contained more realism.

A harmless romantic comedy. Obviously no one thought it was Oscar material after leaving it on the shelf for five years.

I give it a B.
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A disappointing try at an interesting storyline
funkymonkey_1123 October 2005
When I saw this at the store, I thought it looked like a cute idea with a decent cast. I like Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls, but she ended up having very few lines in this movie, much less any witty ones. Harland Williams, or as I know him, the hitchhiker Ted picks up in There's Something About Mary, has some humorous lines, but always seems rather out of place and and also not used to his potential--or maybe he's just a bad actor. Although the main actor is decent, I think the supporting actors do a better job overall of making their characters interesting for the audience. I think all the main characters were kind of dull. Anyway, don't get your hopes up for this one, but it is a decent lighthearted movie that's worth seeing if you don't have to pay for it.
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WOW!! and that is not good...
jml0528 July 2005
This movie really put me to sleep. I how could Lauren Graham, Lorelai Gilmore let us down like this. Having nothing to do and thinking that a movie that contains Graham has to be interesting I thought that I would give it a try...but I was wrong. This movie goes through the life of a low life (sorry that might be harsh, anyways...) that looks up all his old girl friends, just so he can improve his dating status so he can ask Abbey out. The most interesting part had to be when he throws things into a wasn't that wonderful. This movie was just disturbing. A teen that loses his virginity to his babysitter is just wrong. It took me many upon many days to finish it. Enjoy...the reason for the 2 stars is that the only light in this movie is Lauren. Other then that, it's a one.
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Patty22 March 2005
Only die hard Lauren Graham fans have the courage to watch this movie! My advice is... take lots o'coffee 'cause this movie is SO boring you will sleep all through it! It's about a guy who finds out his best friend (Abbey) is leaving town and the her figures she is the great love of his life, so in order to get her, he goes after all his old girlfriends to ask them what was his problem so that he can fix and be a better man to sweep Abbey off her feet. The story is interesting, but it's so badly directed that it becomes a huge nightmare! Sooo annoying! There are so many useless close ups! And nothing happens! It's all out of order, the time-line is all screwed and sometimes it just doesn't make any sense at all!! And in the middle of nothing they still think they can find some space to insert some family problems.. it's got nothing to do with nothing! Also, the actors, (exept for Lauren) are all to old to be believable! Argh!!
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Very Funny!
spacepaper16 March 2005
I actually went to the video store this time instead of my boyfriend and asked about new releases because all my boyfriend said was get a funny movie. Oh, that's really helpful no? Okay, so the guy at the counter suggested this new release.

Bravo, it was really quite funny, much better than most comedies I have seen lately in the theaters. I was surprised at how many of the actor/actresses I recognized from Film and TV. The mother who's from That 70's Show is hilarious. The music is a trip back to the 80's with some memorable tunes. Also, there is a great song which I am not sure if it's from the 80's or current?

So, if you are looking for a little fun movie to watch with the boyfriend, check this one out.
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Only, and I mean ONLY if you want to see Lauren Graham
Ana_Banana15 April 2007
The funniest thing about this movie is that there actually were people ready to put their money and work in it, and other people to buy tickets to see it. It's like a stupid teen comedy with overgrown actors/characters. The so-called actors read throughout their so-called lines expressing nothing but boredom. Imagine what a real writer and director would have done with the premise of this movie. The only exception and the only reason why I watched it is Lauren Graham, a really good actress with a bad agent, at least at that time. Did she read the script before? Was she in big debt? They forced her somehow? Why, why, why did she appear in such a horrible thing? Where is the role worthy of her? I gave this movie a 1, and that's only for the too few scenes with Lauren, otherwise it would have been a 0 (a big fat zero, that is).
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really disappointing.
Shadowlandv131 July 2006
i rented this movie thinking that i'd find a cute, fun movie with harland williams, who i find really funny in his bit parts. it turns out that he was one of the sole highlights of the film. although it has a great concept for a movie, it sorely disappoints. the story is that a man, in love with his childhood friend, sets out to find his 12 ex-girlfriends for advice on what he did wrong. one, a blast from the 80's, is another highlight in trying to prove that she is "over him". also, zach (the main character) flashes back to a scene where he immortalizes a token from each relationship by tossing it into a lake. i thought it was genius then and tied in his quest perfectly. also, look for brande roderick as the coolmint girl who pops in now and again! all in all, a movie that could have been great if for the right cast and a bigger budget.
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