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Doesn't anyone pay attention?

Author: jbartell-1 from Long Beach, CA
12 January 2003

For God's sake people, let's try to get it right. The Weller character isn't carrying a virus or a pathogen or anything else biological and the Hurt character isn't a disease expert. Hurt plays a hazardous waste clean-up guy for the UN. Weller gets a dose of pesticide in the face that metabolizes into a chemical that causes instant fatal allergic reaction to anyone he touches.

This may seem like a trivial difference but at least it's a new idea, not just a recycling on any number of other movies, dating back at least to the Satan Bug in 1965 if not earlier. I'll pass up judging the rest of the film as everyone else has, but you've got to wonder about the validity of anyone's attention who apparently didn't pay any attention to the freakin' movie.

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A competent film

Author: Steve West from Adelaide, Australia
10 May 2002

If you're in Australia you're probably seeing 'The Contaminated Man' appear on video store shelves right about now. Even though it has Peter Weller and William Hurt in it, you can tell from even the title itself that this is going to be an average film at best. And having watched it, I can say that this is an okay film, the snow-covered scenery being reminiscent of Screamers (Peter Weller's last film of note), but with the story being coherent and making sense unlike Screamers. If I was Roger Ebert I'd have to give this a thumbs down but it's worth watching if you've got a couple of hours to kill or if you've seen all of this month's new releases.

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occasionally exciting, sometimes chilling

Author: vchimpanzee
18 April 2004

In 1986, David is coming home to his wife Kelly, who is finishing an art work (which later appears on David's desk) and planning to put on something skimpy. The hot night they were planning never happens.

In 'present day' Budapest, Joseph has been fired after 22 years. He enters a room where he is not authorized to be, a room where most people have to wear 'space suits' because of dangerous substances. After an incident, David's HAZMAT team is called in. Holly is also investigating the incident--as a possible terrorist act. We know where this is going when Holly meets David and says, 'Cool suit! Are we expecting Martians?'

The company president won't reveal what is inside, calling the specifics 'trade secrets'. David must visit Lilian, the CEO--they have a history after something she did in the United States.

I won't say who 'Contaminated Man' is, or whether he knows what he is doing. I will only say that everyone he comes in close contact with dies within an hour, while this 'Typhoid Mary' only has a bad cough. One other person is immune, because he went through tests with the same chemical, a pesticide that has become very dangerous, possibly because there were plans to use it as a chemical weapon in war.

Whoever made this movie had trouble making up their mind what type it would be. There were some quite exciting chase scenes, especially in the second half, but sometimes it was quite slow. At one point, it seemed like the solution would be too easy, but the movie had thirty minutes to go, so a new twist was added to make it more interesting.

Sometimes the movie could be chilling, with otherworldly music, as danger was suggested. Once, the video looked normal but the audio resembled a 78 RPM record played at 33--quite effective. And sometimes it was more of a romantic comedy.

Overall, the result was pretty good--for a TV-movie, anyway. Not too much violence--though one person got shot and the blood just spurted out. Not every opportunity was taken to show gore (fine with me), even though there were plenty of chances.

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Lousy, terrible, bad - where's my thesaurus?

Author: shuffman99 from Highland, California
28 July 2001

Note: I will reveal a key part of the plot, but if you've looked at the DVD cover or any promotional material, you'll already know it.

This movie seems to have been written by an eleven-year-old who isn't very bright and was probably very tired when he wrote it. The writer doesn't know the difference between a chemical and an organism.

Forget the fact the the UN and the NSA seem to be running the show in Hungary. Forget the fact that when these master intelligence agents go chasing after someone whose mere touch will kill you in about a minute they don't wear protective gear (not even gloves). These are quibbles in the context of this movie. In the scientific world within this story, 2+2=6.34 and gravity goes sideways.

The fact is that the people in this movie do not (with a few exceptions) behave the way human beings behave. Almost every time a character responds to something it is inappropriate. The love story (of course there is one) makes soap opera scripts seem like Shakespeare.

I can't believe we wasted a free movie rental on this thing.

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A workmanlike sci-fi thriller.

Author: gridoon
22 August 2003

"The Contaminated Man" is an efficiently but also very routinely made thriller, unoriginal and unexceptional in the extreme, right down to the ruthless "national security" agents who value the secrecy of their projects more highly than human life itself. For what is essentially a chase film, there is not enough urgency in the story. Peter Weller is remarkably convincing in a role that requires him to look much older than he really is, but he fails to gain much audience sympathy - he may be captured or he may escape, but we don't care very much one way or the other. (**1/2)

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Quite boring, have your fast forward button ready

Author: tijgertje from Netherlands
10 May 2001

This story could have become a good movie, on paper it must have looked great. The story reminds me of " The Carrier(1988)" that was a fun movie, this one is not. The movie starts with William Hurt and his Wayne's World hair, dumbed look in his eyes and then you will know it already, this is another movie good old William slept all the way through... like in so many other movies he is acting like a zombie with his "I'am only here for the money" attitude. ofcourse there's more to make is a sinker, you have Peter Weller, quite a wooden actor but fun to watch in Robocop and screamers, gives the best performance of the entire cast but if you can believe the moves he make to see his son you are the type of person who still stays awake at night when it's christmas to see santa. The plot starts of rather good but becomes a tight budget chase movie combined with some MacGyver. I gave this one a chance for about an hour before searching for the remote controll and forward button.

Just watch "The Carrier" roughly the same plot, made with a shoestring budget but a hell of a lot more fun than this..

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Toned down,though definitely not in the way you'd like

Author: davideo-2 from United Kingdom
6 December 2001

STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

If you like your films either direct-to-video or limited release,Anthony Hickox is a generally reliable guy.His previous two Dolph Lundgren films,Storm Catcher and Jill Rips,have been proof of this.But the one thing that bogged those two films down,his mysterious quiet audio dubbing,is just one of many things that bog this plodding hash.The mighty really have fallen in the case of Peter Weller.One time lead star of quite possibly the greatest film of all time,Robocop,he has now been reduced to playing a bumbling menace who spends the majority of the film jarringly carrying some model airplane around with him.William Hurt and Natasha McElhone,one time big screen actors,should also be noted in nauseatingly stereotypical,ineffective roles as the action hero and romantic interest respectively.Throw into this a tired,cliche ridden killer virus story (with the government corruption and everything)which relies too heavily on subtitles at the beginning and all you have to occupy your time is the beautiful photography of the snow capped hills.And you didn't mean to spend an hour and a half watching that.*

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Fairly gripping contemporary thriller

Author: dhalgren74 from Tampa, Florida
20 December 2003

William Hurt may not be an American matinee idol anymore, but he still has pretty good taste in B-movie projects. Here, he plays a specialist in hazardous waste clean-ups with a tragic past tracking down a perennial loser on the run --played by former pretty-boy Weller-- who has been contaminated with a deadly poison. Current pretty-boy Hardy Kruger Jr --possibly more handsome than his dad-- is featured as Weller's arrogant boss in a horrifying sequence at a chemical production plant which gets the story moving. Natasha McElhone is a slightly wacky government agent looking into the incident who provides inevitable & high-cheekboned love interest for hero Hurt. Michael Brandon pops up to play a slimy take-no-prisoners type whose comeuppance you can't wait for. The Coca-Cola company wins the Product Placement award for 2000 as the soft drink is featured throughout the production, shot lovingly on location in a wintery picture-postcard Hungary.

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Seems like Falling Down

Author: dee.reid from United States
19 March 2001

Now I had the pleasure of first viewing Contaminated Man when it premiered on TV back in December of 2000.

An infectious disease expert (William Hurt) looses his family when an unknown disease enters his home and kills them. Now some years later he is now in Russia or someplace. I'm not sure where exactly, all I know is it takes place somewhere in that area. Anyway, because of budget cutbacks at an infectious disease laboratory, they are forced to lay off most of their workers. One of them, a disgruntled security guard named Joseph Muller (played Peter Weller, best known for his role as the indestructible Robocop) goes in there and demands that they give him his job back. He needs this job because he is divorced and he needs it to pay child support. So he goes in there, a fight breaks out, and some things get knocked over, dangerous things. It's soon discovered that Muller has been infected with a deadly pathogen. In fact it's so deadly, one drop of his blood will kill a person in matter of seconds. Soon word gets out and the disease expert (Hurt) is called in to investigate and he later teamed up with an American reporter. Now Muller is determined to get home to see his wife and son and will stop at nothing even if he has to infect the entire Russian population.

Now as I said before this film is a lot like Falling Down. We have a disturbed person (Weller here, Michael Douglas in Falling Down) who will stop at nothing to accomplish there goal even if they have to kill a few people in the process. Next we have a hero-type person (Hurt here, Robert Duvall in Falling Down) who is both sympathetic and determined to stop the antagonist.

Contaminated Man is in fact a very good film with a good story line and some very good performances.


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What was Hurt thinking?

Author: JoeytheBrit from
11 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a film starts with a man unintentionally killing his young family with an immediately-fatal virus within the first couple of minutes you know that A) you're in a world that bears only a passing resemblance to reality and B) you're probably going to wish you hadn't bothered watching it by the time the film is over. I started watching mostly because William Hurt is a quality actor (it's unfathomable to me why he would accept such a badly-written part in such a ludicrously told story) and also because I have a weakness for killer virus stories – even though this genre of film is rarely worth the effort. Even a relatively ambitious project like Mick Garris's TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand was disappointing in the extreme.

Anyway, I soldiered on, and increasingly began feeling as if a creeping virus were taking over my own body. One that made me at first restless and then sleepy. After the film's prologue in golden California we are transported to the cold grey winter of Budapest, presumably because production costs are cheaper there. A lab worker (Peter Weller, virtually unrecognisable from his Robocop days) accidentally becomes infected with the virus but, like Hurt's character, is able to live for a week or so as a carrier while those he touches die within a minute of contact. Hurt shows up, looking a little geeky it has to be said, with long hair and no hairpiece, to at first lock horns with Natasha McElhone before they join forces to track down Weller (who, bizarrely, goes on the run with a large model airplane) with whom.Hurt shares an increasing affinity.

Things get progressively sillier as the film blunders towards its daft climax, and we are left to (presumably) cheer two 'heroes' who gleefully infect a hardnosed government agent with the very virus they had been attempting to stop Weller from spreading. Weller and McElhone belong to that breed of second-string actors who live off the pickings those higher up the pecking order instantly dismiss, but William Hurt is clearly slumming here, and presumably only in it for the money – a fact which is almost as disappointing as this film.

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