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We're losing our soul

Author: jimhass from Los Angeles
21 July 2004

Somebody brought up the Simpson's in this context. It's true: the same narrow minds that fought the Simpsons for Bart's "rebellious attitude" fought this one too. How stupid can you get. While not the greatest show in the world, this was clever, fun, and quite wise on a theological level. In fact, I can't really figure out why a religious person would be against this, unless they are simply looking for something to be offended by, because it makes them happy to get in a paroxysm of moral outrage, regardless of the matter before them.

I'll tell you the difference between the Simpson's and this quick cancellation: we've had a great increase in power, over the last 15 years, of the narrow-minded and censorious. This trend must be fought, or we won't have much culture left.

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The Americans were just plain wrong. Well...most of them.

Author: The_Hooded_Claw from Eaglescliffe, England
3 April 2003

As you may have gathered from reading the other user comments (you did read the other user comments didn't you? Go and read them. Read them? Good.) The concept was brilliant. The animation was very good (I hesitate to say brilliant, but it kind of is). The characters were marvellous.

Then the Americans cancelled it.

They said it was blasphemous.

God and the Devil influence a man's actions and he usually, after wavering slightly to make the plot better, ends up doing the right thing. It shows man as a creature that, whilst fallible, is generally good. That God has faith in man and that as hard as the Devil might try he can't seem to turn man to evil. How is this blasphemous? Well, it's blasphemous because it takes the name of God in (what they construe as) vain. The name of God, Lord, Christ or Jesus are taken in vain on so many other shows that it is almost impossible to count them all. [Side note; ever notice how these shows never take Mohammed or Allah or Vishnu or Gnesha or Buddha in vain? There's political correctness for you.] So why target this show? The character's in it didn't take the Lord's name in vain nearly as often as other shows did. The only difference is that God was there to answer back. Was God out of character? No. Was God callous? No. Did God ever do anything nasty? No. Did God have faith in humanity? Yes. Was God good? Yes. So it was the fact that he was actually there, whether or not he was 'as he should be'.

The people who objected to this seem to be overly sensitive to the portrayal of God. I can see their point; they may see this as the thin end of the wedge and that if they let this go God may be portrayed in another show in a far less favourable light. But their job is done for them by studio executives who would not go anywhere near putting that much effort into broadcasting something that would attract so much protest from so many Christians.

So who are the Americans who were not wrong? The ones that made the show and thought that common sense was a lot more common than it is. A wise man once wrote that the IQ of a mob is the lowest individual IQ divided by the number of people in the mob. This does not just apply to mobs but to any group really.

And just as a final note, before the show was broadcast in the UK it was shown to a number of religious leaders. They saw the show as a good comedy and that it had a very good, very Christian message.

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Not given a chance.

Author: shrek2004 from Manitoba, Canada
9 August 2003

This was a great show. I guess I can understand why many people would be against it, but weren't people against the Simpsons when it first came out? I remember many groups saying "Eat My Shorts" was blasphemous! I mean, if FOX had listened to those religious groups and canceled the Simpsons, TV would be really different today. God, the Devil and Bob was not given much of a chance to suceed, and it was really funny. I hope another network, perhaps one less obscure, picks it up again someday.

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Devilishly brilliant and not blasphemous

Author: missrljane from Hampshire, England
16 March 2002

I'm religious and I love this programme. That is my first point, just to make clear that people who say this is bad are wrong.

Okay I was forced to watch it against my choice and now I am so glad. It is hysterically funny and very well written. Alan Cumming as the devil is by far the greatest cartoon character (not including anything from the simpsons) and is the best portrayal of the devil I have seen upon the screen. Ever. This show not only has wit, farce, brilliant scripting but morals and style. It is NOT saying anything bad against religion at all and really makes you feel good about yourself.

I am very upset, so America dropped it due to religious folk complaining and here in Britain we got the whole series BUT due to it being an American cartoon it didn't really take off. Yes it is an acquired taste but take the time and you'll be hooked too.

Funny is too bland a word for this show. It is BRILLIANT.

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God, the Devil and Bob

Author: brockhull1976 from United States
16 August 2006

I rented the 2 disc series which has a total of 13 episodes i think it is one of the best animated TV series i have seen. It has lessons in them that everybody can learn from. I don't ever remember seeing any of the episodes on TV but i cant understand why. I didn't see anything wrong of course its not for little kids because it has a little cursing every once in a while but nothing that is not said on the other animated series thats on TV right now. But any way i watched it then told my wife about it and she is a very hard critic of all movies and TV and she really liked it and when we watched it together i heard her actually laugh out loud at this series which is very rare for her. But once again i loved it and wished they were more of them to watch.

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Holy great concept, Batman!

Author: darrylb500 from Houston
28 January 2002

Well well...didn't THIS show have a bit going for it, in concept and all.

Another one of the "what if?" scenarios, as God and the devil have teamed up (I guess?) to see if the human race is worthwhile or not. They pick an Everyday Man to study and judge...and lets give him an Everyday Man name, like Bob. Perfect!

Actually, pretty much everyone is given the Everyday Man treatment, which leads to some pretty funny moments. The first one that comes to my mind is how God is portrayed: he's not given the bright light behind him, angels singing, flowing beard-type treatment that we'd all expect from Him...rather, his beard is shorter, he wears t-shirts and looks like a hippie, which, in all actuality, he was modeled after Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. Like I said, when He comes down to Earth, God has problems that we all have, like getting ripped off by a candy machine; not even God the Almighty can retrieve his candy bar from the blasted machine!

Sometimes this leads to jokes that don't even need punchlines; for instance, I thought it was hilarious to have God rummaging around in Bob's refrigerator, popping a cold one and saying "this is good beer!"...I guess it was just funny because I have no idea what on earth God would even WANT to drink a beer, much less find it good ("...and it was good", as the text says).

Granted, "what if?"-type shows, movies, short stories, etc. have been done pretty much since the beginning of the written word...however, a few original traits still managed to appear. At one point, Bob just says the solution to saving mankind is to remove all evil...which God does, proving that this is not so, since good cannot exist without evil (which IS true in real life).

So Bob goes to work, and since there's no evil, everyone is singing at their dead-end job...which, by the end of the day, is almost enough to make Bob puke. Luckily though, that night is his friend's bachelor party, which he has been looking forward to all day. The big moment arrives when a scantily-clad stripper WOULD pop out of the oversized cake, but since there's no Lust or anything, out pops his friends' give advice on how their long marriage has endured. "What, no STRIPPER?" exclaims Bob. "Well that'd be RUDE!" answers the guy next to him.

This show had the same potential as Third Rock from the Sun: just on the idea ALONE it could've ran forever. In Third Rock, aliens come to earth to study mankind, which everyday life (that's nothing/normal to us) is weird to them (actually it's funny how I make this comparison, since French Stewart from that show voiced Bob on this one), so there was plenty of material to keep that show running, and the same went for God, the Devil and Bob.

Unfortunately, this show had "death warrant" written all over it from it's inception: first was just MAKING a religious spoof; when the show was axed, the network said that the religious outcry didn't have much of a factor, but you KNOW it had SOME. Next was trying to make a prime-time cartoon show make it; it was a very long time in between The Flintstones and The Simpsons before that happened, and several others failed (Fish Police, Capitol Critters, etc.). Last, I think they ran it against something Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or something. So it was killed within only about three shows, I think.


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A very good show!

Author: juella90 from Beyond the realms of death!
9 October 2004

I really enjoyed this show, and its a shame the damn crazy bible thumpers got their way. I'm not saying there's no God, but do you really think he would want to hang out with those self-righteous troublemakers? HELL NO! Okay, rant over. I know this is not the place for that, but I had to say it...

Anyway, yeah, great light-hearted show. It was a lot of fun and I'm sorry it got cancelled. The acting is pretty good, it had good writers. Damn, 10 lines is a lot. I mean, how much can you say about a show that got cancelled 5 minutes after it came out? Yep, great show. If you find it on DVD then get it.

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Shame it finished

Author: ncvys_sewell from United Kingdom
6 March 2008

i have to agree with the above comment it was a real shame it was so short lived and fought by small minded people who have nothing better to moan about. I'm a Christian and in the great scheme of things there are a lot of things worse than this show the people who campaigned against it would have spent their time better by going out and acting like Christians helping other people. i actually thought it was really good and portrayed God in the way i like to think of him, fun, loving and with a good sense of humour. The plots were good and funny and so relevant to life today, i really hope it comes out on DVD soon as it is well worth watching for a bit of light hearted fun.

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Excellent show

Author: angelofimpurity from United Kingdom
15 August 2005

This program was excellent and it's a shame it got cancelled. I really enjoyed it during it's tenure in the UK. I'm not sure why it got such low ratings, maybe it was on the wrong network or on at the wrong time for the target audience but it's a real shame because it was clever and entertaining. The casting was well done and I would have thought that with Nancy Cartwright on board as a voice as well it would have drawn more attention than it did. I would personally like a channel in the UK to pick it up and run repeats. I think it may have been done once already but I would like to see it again. It was on Channel 4 originally.

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Just discovered it on Amazon Streaming and purchased the season

Author: ozbat-90836 from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
1 January 2016

Personal opinion this was a very entertaining adult comedy and should never have been cut. I mean how many networks authorize 13 episodes and then CANCEL after only 4 claiming poor ratings. If poor ratings after only a few episodes were the only reason the show was cut than my guess is half of Adult Swim's shows would never last. What kills me it that even in 2000 they gave into pressure from religious activists based on this particular show. To actually find it offensive my opinion is you would have to be more characterized as a religious EXTREMIST, nut case or DISHONEST and simply looking for another cause as this show, at least in my opinion, is pretty tame actually and BOTTOM LINE IS A GOD DAMN CARTOON. My guess is God likely has a sense of humor and I doubt he or she would find humor this tame offensive. I know I am a few years late writing this but once again I just discovered the show, purchased the season, enjoyed it and am disappointed it was cancelled, especially given the cancellation was due allegedly to poor ratings although once again with 13 episodes in the can and only 4 aired, which does not seem quite enough time give any show a chance (look it up, all would be amazed at the number of long running shows that would never have made it if cancelled solely on the ratings of the first four episodes) as well as objections by religious extremists (just my opinion likely given the most weight at the time). What bothers me is why any attention is paid to such objections; obviously they are from pretty ignorant people who are unable to grasp the concept that if they don't like a show they can always change the channel.

Religious extremists in this country are no better than any others as they use intimidation tactics and threats to get what they want. How does this really differ from the tactics of terror groups. Bottom line wrong is wrong and when networks give in they are simply sending a sign to others and condoning actions that most of the world rightly condemns.

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