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Season 3

7 Sep. 1999
Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student
We got back from summer vacation to discover that we had a new student in the class! His name is Eriol Hiiragizawa and he came here from England, but Sakura thought she had met him before. That night, Kero and Sakura were talking about Eriol's arrival when they felt a strange presence. We all went to Penguin Park in the rain to check it out, but a big stream of water attacked Sakura! When she tried to stop it, she realized that her magic wasn't working!
14 Sep. 1999
Sakura and the Awakened Key of Star
Sakura was pretty sad that her magic wasn't working anymore, but Eriol gave her a flower at school, and that seemed to cheer her up a bit. He's so nice! Xiaolang saw what happened and got pretty upset... It still hadn't stopped raining from the day before, and Sakura decided to do something about it. When we went to search for the cause of the rain, Sakura's magic still didn't work and we were all trapped in water geysers! Luckily, Clow Reed talked to Sakura somehow and she managed to get her star staff working! She was even able to change a Clow Card into a Sakura ...
21 Sep. 1999
Sakura and the Dangerous Piano
Poor Sakura had been really tired lately. I guess that was because changing the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards takes a lot of energy. While I was practicing singing - and thinking about Sakura, of course - the piano started trying to squish me! Sakura is so smart that she figured out it was attracted to my voice, and used the Song Card to save me. Sakura said she sensed Clow Reed nearby which didn't make sense because he died a long time ago...
28 Sep. 1999
Sakura, Shaoran and the Invisible Threads
We found out that making a handmade teddy bear and giving it to the person you like makes them like you back, so Sakura decided to make one. We went to the craft store with Eriol and Xiaolang to get some supplies. Sakura told me that she sensed Clow Reed while she was making her teddy bear at home that night, so she met Xiaolang to hunt down the source. But when they met up, Xiaolang started trying to attack Sakura! Luckily, Xiaolang helped Sakura figure out that he was being controlled by some mysterious threads so she could save him.
12 Oct. 1999
Sakura's Sheep Warning!?
Sakura was still pretty tired from changing more cards into Sakura Cards, and had a hard time staying awake in class. Meanwhile, Yukito was starting to get concerned about how tired he was and how much he had been blacking out. It turned out that his issues were because Yue's power was running out. If Yue were to run out of power, then both of them would disappear. Toya noticed something wrong with Yukito, and wanted to help, but Nakuru got in his way. When we went to Penguin Park that night, Sakura felt Clow Reed's presence again, and we found a huge pit! After ...
26 Oct. 1999
Sakura and the Calendar of Memories
Sakura was so happy when her father gave her mother's old calendar! After seeing all the dates her mother wrote down, Sakura realized that it was her great grandfather's birthday. She was sad to find out that he didn't like her father, and decided to show him how happy they all were together! Sakura put together a really thoughtful present for her great grandfather, just like her mother used to do. She made a handmade gift, and added pink flowers with the Flower card, and even wrote her great grandfather a beautiful letter so he'd know they were all happy.
2 Nov. 1999
Sakura and Sakura in Wonderland
Sakura started reading "Alice in Wonderland," and she loved it. But she ended up getting literally pulled inside the story! She said she saw everyone she knew turned into characters from the story; Toya was the Mad Hatter, Yukito was the White Rabbit, Xiaolang became Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and Eriol became the Chesire Cat! I turned into a pretty member of the queen's court. Sakura even said that Kero got turned into the evil queen and chased her all around before she managed to discover a link back to the real world! I was so glad she got back safely!
16 Nov. 1999
Sakura, Shaoran and the Elevator
Xiaolang still didn't seem to be able to get Sakura out of his head. Which makes sense since she's so adorable! But he didn't know why she was always on his mind, and seemed troubled by it. Eriol, Sakura, Xiaolang and I went to see the Teddy Bear Exhibit and I noticed that Xiaolang was always keeping an eye on Sakura. When I mentioned it, Xiaolang got embarrassed and wanted to go home, but instead, he and Sakura got stuck in the elevator together! Sakura said that she fell out of the elevator down the shaft, but used the Float card to save herself. Xiaolang was really...
30 Nov. 1999
Sakura and the Big Pinch
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14 Dec. 1999
Sakura, Tomoyo and the Ball Trap
We all headed to the school after Sakura sensed Clow Reed there. When we arrived we noticed a basketball bouncing all by itself. We chased it into a classroom, but the door slammed shut like a trap! We tried to leave, but when we opened the door to the hallway, it just led to another classroom! I was too slow and got stuck in a classroom all alone. Every door just seemed to lead to a different classroom. I think Sakura started getting scared, so I began singing to let her know I was okay. Eventually, Sakura had the brilliant idea of using the Shadow card to find and ...
21 Dec. 1999
Sakura and Her Precious Friend
Meiling flew all the way here from Hong Kong just for a day so that Xiaolang could tell her something important in person. Everyone was so excited to be able to see her again! We decided to get some juice near Penguin Park to celebrate, but all of a sudden, the penguin statues in the park came to life and attacked us! It's a good thing Meiling was there with her martial arts, because Sakura was too surprised to react and would have been smashed! I think that was when Meiling realized that Xiaolang really liked Sakura. Meiling was pretty upset and spent the night at my...
4 Jan. 2000
Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune
My mother and I ran into Sakura and her family at Tsukimine Shrine for New Year's rituals. They were supposed to meet Yukito, but he didn't show up so Toya went to go find him. Sakura and I went to get our fortunes and were really surprised to find Eriol giving them out instead of a shrine maiden! My fortune said that my dream would come true this year. I think it meant that I'll get to film Sakura just the way I always wanted to! Sakura's fortune was a lot more confusing, though... It said she'd learn the truth in her first dream of the new year. She told me she had ...
11 Jan. 2000
Sakura, Pool and the Big Wave
We went to the new water park in Tomoeda! It was so wonderful to have a chance to fim Sakura in her swimsuit, even in the winter! Sakura made Kero stay behind because we were with our friends and there were so many people nearby. After Sakura finished giving Rika a swimming lesson, we got some cream soda, and Kero showed up! I knew Sakura couldn't keep Kero away from such tasty treats. All of a sudden, the wave pool started going crazy and Rika got trapped in it! Sakura couldn't use her magic because there were so many people, but I noticed there was a waterslide that...
15 Jan. 2000
Sakura, Yukito and His Fading Power
Yukito and Toya got cast as the main characters in a film for the high school's fair! When Sakura stumbled into one of their scenes, Nakuru, the director, asked her to be in the movie too! I came along to the filming so that I could shoot some behind-the-scenes footage fo my own and capture Sakura's debut on the silver screen. Yukito ended up getting super tired and fell off a balcony during a scene! It turned out that it was because Yue was almost out of energy, so Toya gave Yue his own magic power to keep Yue and Yukito from disappearing.
22 Feb. 2000
Sakura's Most Favorite Friend
We went to the school fair at Toya and Yukito's school to see the film that Sakura was in. Everyone loved her just like I knew they would! They thought she was so cute! Afterwards, we ate and decided to see some of the displays. Nakuru sent us into the star display in pairs, and Sakura finally told Yukito how she felt about him. Xiaolang and I heard a loud crash while we were outside, and Xiaolang rushed in to help! When they made it out, I found out that Sakura had passed out! I was so worried. She said that she had run into someone she thought might be Clow Reed...
29 Feb. 2000
Sakura, Shaoran and the Tsukimine Shrine
Sakura found out there was going to be a moon festival at Tsukimine Shrine and invited Xiaolang to go along with all of us. Sakura was really tired in the days leading up to the festival because she was staying up late knitting a scarf for Xiaolang as a thank you for all of his help. At the festival, I tried talking to Xiaolang into telling Sakura how he felt about her, but he was too worried that it would just give her something else to worry about. The lights at the festival went out, and after dealing with a magical horse (that I finally got to record!), Sakura ...
7 Mar. 2000
Sakura, the Past and Clow Reed
Sakura had to deal with some more odd things - this time, it was a bunch of snowmen. There were a lot of strange things happening, and Sakura really wanted to get to the bottom of it, so she decided to use the Return card to go back and talk to Clow Reed himself. She told me about her conversation with him; it seemed very... cryptic. But Sakura really cares about Kero, Yue and the cards, so everything would definitely be alright! After she got back, we finally discovered the new Clow Reed!
14 Mar. 2000
Sakura and the Appearance of Clow Reed
It turned out that the new Clow Reed was really Eriol! We were all so confused. Eriol told us that he was actually the incarnation of Clow Reed. He used his magic to darken the sky and put everyone without magical powers to sleep! When I woke up, Sakura said that to save everyone, she had needed to change the rest of the cards to Sakura Cards. I'm glad that she's so strong! Eriol disappeared though, so we didn't get any answer from him, but Xiaolang finally told Sakura about his feelings!
21 Mar. 2000
Sakura and Her True Feeling
Sakura seemed a bit preoccupied at school... I wonder if it was because of Xiaolang or Eriol. After school, Eriol invited us over to his house to say goodbye and to explain everything. It turned out that all the crazy things that had been happening were actually because of him! He was trying to help Sakura become the true master of the cards. I talked to Xiaolang to find out what Sakura had said when he revealed her how he felt, and he told me that she didn't say anything! I then found out that Xiaolang was going to leave for Hong Kong without hearing how Sakura felt!...

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