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This game is the first adult themed game by the Sierra company and it also caused controversy due to the racy content involving treating woman like objects, nudity, sex scenes and toilet humor.

This game talks about going to the bathroom, urinal, having sex, being a pervert and lusting after women.

A picture of a naked woman can be seen in the bar.

Larry can be seen using the toilet.

Larry can be seen taking off his clothes in front of some women in the bedroom and at the hot tub.

In the liquor store there are magazines with naked women pictures although they are pixels.

Larry can be seen kissing women and lying on top of them.

The bedroom sex scenes are censored.

Larry can be seen committing adultery in the game.

Larry can be seen holding an inflatable doll with the boobs showing.

A naked woman in the hot tub can be seen with part of her upper chest being show.

Larry can die in a number of ways including getting beaten up by a man in the dark alley and also by a taxi driver. Drowning in the flooded bathroom, getting run over flat by a car, getting shot to death by a man in the store with his gun, falling to his death from a building, getting tied up on a bed with no way to escape.

Larry can also be seen committing suicide with a hand gun however the screen fades to black to censor the death scene.

Alcohol is used throughout the game.

A woman can be seen smoking in her bedroom.

A drunk man can be seen by the bathroom door.

Larry can be seen buying whiskey for the drunk man, wine for the homeless man and for his woman.

If Larry gives wine to the taxi man while he's driving, then the driver will crash his car killing Larry.

A drug called spanish fly can be used to hook a woman on drugs. If Larry takes drugs, he will get into trouble with the law and the police will arrest him.

Larry can be seen gambling money at the poker table and slot machines.

The scene with Larry committing suicide can be very disturbing.

Suggested ESRB rating: Rated M for Sexual content, suggestive themes, mild nudity, gambling, smoking, alcohol, drug use, mild violence, disturbing scenes.

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