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Very Funny

Author: vikingvampireparrot from Worcester, United Kingdom
25 August 2006

I have to say I enjoyed this film much more than I expected to. I watched it because I wanted to see what else Kris Marshall could do and I think James Nesbitt is usually very good.

This is a funny film which manages to entertain beyond what the plot suggests. The various subplots (which I won't give away for those who have yet to watch) and moral dilemmas widen its appeal greatly.

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland clearly shows Kris Marshall's talent for other roles beyond My Family and Murder City and gives good insight into his acting range.

Not a masterpiece by any means but a funny film that deserves to be seen by more people.

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Not all that bad...

Author: Katefkndoes from United Kingdom
13 June 2006

OK, so it's not brilliant, but it is funny in places. There are several points that I don't feel further the plot, but it's pretty funny.

And yes, it's predicable as hell, because there was very little other way it could have been really and still have kept the idea going. I think it's just one of those things you could watch with a few mates and enjoy.

If you like Kris (how it pains me to type that with a K) Marshall, then you'll like this. I don't fully understand why they cast a lead in an Irish set film as someone who is as far as I remember a rather posh English man, but the acting is believable, and the accent is generally good, although there are some points where it just seems to fly out of the window.

I don't think people would get the black humour in this movie unless they were relatively familiar with the conflict in Northern Ireland, but it does have moments of completely stupid, and yet amusing jokes.

The problem is, that the characters seem a little wooden, and their reactions are not always brilliant. But it's a pretty sweet film, and it's got a good message I guess.

Worth a watch at least.

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So what its not brilliant BUT

Author: krismcewan from Haddington, Scotland
12 November 2005

OK its not brilliant BUT.

Its a black comedy aimed at the British sense of humor. Me well i am Scottish and thought some parts were really funny.

Others will comment on bad lighting, bad direction, bad script. well i am not commenting on that. The film was good enough to warrant my recommendations. The concept in itself is hilarious and the whole Catholic & protestant divide made funny in places.

The end is SOOO predictable but welcomed.

In the end no Hollywood Budget, No bangs no severe twists but worth looking at anyway.

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Maculate Conceptions

Author: Ali_Catterall from London, England
12 November 2009

Eamon Manley (Marshall), a 24-year-old Irish Catholic virgin, works in a dating agency, while silently dreaming of melancholy funeral parlour worker Rosemary (Clarke). Following a night of (heavily protected) passion with a good-time gal, the geek discovers that, in these times of male infertility, his sperm could "impregnate a stone".

Now in demand from infertile couples the length and breadth of Ireland, and backed by a test tube-eschewing Catholic Church, he soon makes a packet with colleague Millicent (Gallagher) - until paramilitary headcase 'Mad Dog' Billy Wilson (Nesbitt) decides Catholics are outbreeding Protestants, and forcibly recruits him for a 'numbers war'.

"The Most Fertile Man in Ireland... is Coming!" chortled the teaser posters, belying a severe case of coitus interruptus. Originally due for release in September 2000 (the film was made back in 99), a number of ill-fated distribution deals put the kibosh on The Most Fertile Man In Ireland, until director Dudi Appleton's debut finally reached third base in Ireland in 2002 - a year later in the UK.

Based on late-night conversations between scriptwriter Keeble and pals about "what it is to be a man", this was originally intended as a dark satire about a messiah-cum-superhero in present day Belfast - morphing into a lightweight, if uneven farce about a man who's anything but. On the plus side, Marshall, star of Middle England's favourite sitcom 'My Family', does imbue his (admittedly one-note) role with a winning mix of gormless pathos and knockabout good-humour, ably supported by Nesbitt, in full-on panto villain mode.

Predictably, the complex issue of the Troubles is reduced to a mere comic backdrop (represented by alternating portraits of the Pope and HRH, indicating Eamon's visits to Catholic or Protestant households), jarring with the screwball romance. Also a sombre third act sits uneasily with previous hi-jinks, investing its cast with unexplored depths. Nevertheless, an interesting premise from a first time director, showing plenty of promise.

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Some funny bits, but I watched it at 2.00AM!

Author: mparker95
27 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING!!!! THIS MAY SPOIL IT IF YOU Haven'T ALREADY SEEN THIS FILM!!!!I enjoyed this film. It's based in Belfast and I'm from Belfast so a lot of the references that I got wouldn't be understood by all. To me they were having sex in the Albert Clock but to others there's no irony behind that. (The Albert Clock is notorious for prostitutes). The central theme of a man who can impregnate women on the first attempt without fail is hilarious and the fact that his gift is used as a pawn by both sides of our community (like most things are) was well observed. No Oscar winners in this film, it's hardly Shindlers List, but if you're from Northern Ireland or find our situation either funny or pathetic, or if you think the idea of a skinny ginger prostituting himself to loads of middle class women is worth a laugh then why not give it a go.

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Great fun - must see

Author: lcoreyl from Colorado
26 June 2010

What a great, fun movie. I found it to be funny most of the time, with some hilarious moments as well. I think some of the humor may be lost on us US viewers, but I still put this up there with any of my favorite comedies. The other reason for enjoyment were the great characters in particular Eamon (Kris Marshall). For me, if you have characters that you either connect with or just enjoy, AND it's funny along the way, then WHO CARES if you know where the plot is going?!? Since when did all genres of movie plots need to surprise you?? Evidentally this can be hard to find for renting, (it IS on netflix) if so just buy it. It's just as good the second time...

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Funny?? Ugh! Not Really

Author: mustican from Turkey
14 November 2005

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland revolves around Eamon Manley who is 24 year old and still happens to be a virgin. He lives with his mother in Belfast. He is also a very shy guy towards women. Everything has changes for Eamon when he is seduced by a woman(as far as I can remember a neighbour). It is not because he looses his virginity but he discovers that he has a super power. Despite having protection, this neighbour becomes pregnant. He is told by the doctor that he has very high sperm count. His mother brilliantly comes up with an idea which makes us see ginger headed babies all around in the end of the film. He starts helping out women in both side of Belfast to conceive babies. First voluntarily then with the help of his colleague runs a business out of it. The Most Fertile Man in Ireland has its funny moments but needed to come up with better jokes and with a better script. I couldn't help thinking that it gave me the impression of a TV sitcom rather than a movie. Kris Marshall is a different name on the silver screen but does not shine as star. It's more like the guy you saw in such and such movie. Like him being in Love Actually(I think he was very funny in that one)..Well, it was okay to watch but couldn't help dozing off from time to time. ** out of *****

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Great craic!

Author: from Reading, England
9 June 2004

I found this film very funny and easy to watch, I suppose really it would be classed as a romantic comedy. Its all set in Belfast and perhaps the fact that that's where I'm from is what made it appeal to me so much. Its a great story which incorporates many facets of life in Belfast without being heavy going, rather it pokes fun at them. The majority of the cast certainly sound as if they are from N.Ireland, although the lead role is an English guy - but his Belfast accent is pretty good, and definitely doesn't detract from the film at all. I was surprised by the low ratings others have given this film and can only guess that they didn't get the Belfast humour in it.

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Helping the less fortunate can be fun.

Author: raymond-15 from Australia
29 July 2002

It's a well-known fact that around the world the sperm count in the human male is on the decrease. Eamon (Kris Marshall) a red-headed Irish Catholic after due consideration decides with the help of his mother he could help some of the couples who desperately want children. Like a door-to-door salesman he delivers the goods and the wives are ecstatic as they soon become pregnant. Eamon in his simple way considers he is helping to build up the ailing population and even the church authorities give him their blessing as he produces more catholics.

This is a somewhat immoral tale but in the same way that they say sex should be fun this film approaches the subject of sex and fertility in a light-hearted and humorous way. It does tend to become a little repetitive as he goes about knocking on the neighbours' doors. Eamon seems to enjoy the work and he agrees with his mother that money can be made out of this rewarding exercise. But when he falls in love, his attitude changes. And why not? He now has new duties.

The ending is rather predictable when the camera roams among the many babies.....all red-headed, of course!

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Heaven, Mary and all the Saints above!

Author: (clyde-30) from Newcastle, England
6 July 2003

Heaven, Mary and all the Saints above! A young man has got super sperm, it's miracle bejesus, call the Pope, all you ladies out their desperate to get preggers, line up out side his door and drop your marks and sparks finest! Risible retro ealing comedy type comedy, trying to bring you a bit of the auld Irish charm. Has an effect like placing two fingers down your own throat, voamitus maximus! One out of ten!

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