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Halloween: Resurrection

Author: Toronto85 from Canada
1 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Halloween: Resurrection' is the eighth instalment in the original Halloween series, and in my opinion tied for worst of them all. It takes place three years after Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) supposedly chopped off Michael's head in 'Halloween H20'. Well we find out in this one that she got the wrong guy, and has since been locked away in a psychiatric facility. Michael kills her early on (WHICH I HATE!..) and we make our way to Haddonfield to meet our main cast of characters. Our main group of six is a bunch of young people participating in a reality show run by Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks...yeah. Anyways, the show consists of the group having to spend Halloween night in the scariest house in the USA - The infamous Myers house! Michael of course does not like this, and dispatches most of them in gruesome ways leading to a fiery conclusion.

This one definitely the weakest of the original series, right next to 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers'. At least part 5 had some real connection the Myers story! After Laurie is killed, we get a bunch of newbie characters that we never really even care about. The acting is OKAY, but the characters' are written as the most irritating people in existence. I never really cared for most of their safety, except maybe Sean Patrick Thomas' character Rudy. The main girl Sara is nice enough, but she is written and acted as a complete bore.

The twist of having the reality show was good though, and I give them marks for thinking outside the box. Their time in the Myers house is also broadcast on the web thanks to Cameras set up all over the place, which adds an interesting twist when a person watching the show has to help guide the reality stars to safety. The scares just aren't there though, and that's what I watch a 'Halloween' film to get. I want to be startled. Michael isn't intimidating or creepy or even scary in this one.

Completests of the series and of horror films (like myself) will have to see this at least once, but it's the weakest of them all for sure. The gore is fine, and the Myers house is done up well, but it's a disappointment.


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Just Bad

Author: culmo80 from United States
16 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Why am I giving this movie a 2 and not a 1? The first fifteen minutes or so are actually good. We get to see Laurie Strode battle it out with Michael Myers one last time.

The story of Michael Myers should have ended with H20, which while not great, at least added something to the story. So what do we get with Resurrection? Well, as with Halloween 5, Michael's "death" is retold to show that he didn't really die; that he in fact traded places with a medic, going so far as putting his mask on the guy after crushing his larynx...because, obviously Michael knew that Laurie would steal the ambulance and decapitate the body.

So Resurrection gives us the last battle between Laurie and Michael and ends with Laurie's death. Apparently, Jamie Lee Curtis would only reprise her role as Laurie if they killed her off...a rather smart move on her part because she could see where the franchise was headed.

After this 15 minutes, the movie has no point. Busta Rhymes and Tara Banks (I really don't care enough to look up their character names) are looking for a pay day and decide to host a live "ghost hunter" show at the Myers house on Halloween night. They get a bunch of college kids to enter the house and explore it all night. Predictably, they all split up and are murdered by Myers. Here's the thing: the Myers house isn't that's not like you could just spend hours exploring a relatively empty house. How do several people wander around getting "lost" in a house this small?

Oh and Busta Rhymes is in this movie...he's the next biggest "star" after Jamie Lee Curtis. There is no Dr. Loomis equivalent here; no real talent. I failed to mention that Busta Rhymes is - in this film - a karate fan, and he fights Michael Myers using his Bruce Lee moves...yeah, that's actually in this movie.

Probably the most cringe-worthy part was the ending, after the two survivors have burned down the garage with Myers inside. Busta Rhymes and the girl that survived are interviewed by the media and it was just so terrible. Then there is the part with Rhymes mocking the burnt "corpse" of Myers.

I don't know what else there is to say about this film. It shouldn't have been made. It didn't need to be made. Even if there was a poll of fans who wanted Myers to return, you don't necessarily have to do what "fans" want. Certainly, fans didn't like this movie, and no one else did either.

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Terrible follow up to a fantastic previous installment

Author: mike0120-1 from United States
11 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Halloween H20 was without a doubt the best horror sequel of all time. It was slick, fast paced and actually scary. It did not dumb down the characters too much. It had a purpose in bringing back the savior of the franchise (Jamie Lee Curtis). Most importantly it tied the story up all the way and there was no need for another one.

Enther Halloween: Resurrection in 2002. Originally slated to be released in 2001, rewrites and re-shoots caused a delay which was not for the better. The idea was to bring Michael back and explain he was not the one who got his head chopped off in 1998. Well, nobody ever said horror films had to be taken seriously but as the events unfolded in Resurrection none of it could be understood or explained.

Laurie Strode was a vital character to the franchise. Every I repeat every horror film franchise needs one survivor from the previous installment to come back, kick butt and get out. During her short 10 minute appearance, we see how badly the producers wanted to make it work. Yes, we see a stronger Laurie. Yes, we see a passable explanation for what has happened and the spook factor is at an all time high.

Reportedly, Jamie Lee wanted out and did not want to see Laurie alive because that would mean another return down the line. Smart girl. Badly written exit. Here she is about to kill Michael Myers and she thinks he has somehow pulled a fast one on her again? Please. This guy WANTED to kill her. He chased her around the building. Tore in her bedroom. And she thought she "needs to make sure?" 10 minutes and we are out people. No more Laurie. No more excuse to witness the tragedy about to happen to out eyes and ears.

Nothing can save the viewer from this badly written script and one dimensional idiot characters. The camera idea did not work. The jokes were funny for all the wrong reasons and Tyra Banks along with Busta Rhymes need to be reminded they are not actors. While some parts entertained me, the fact that I felt less smart coming out of the theater is a red flag people. Should have waited for the DVD. Oh well.


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Failed Mix of Halloween and Reality Television

Author: gavin6942 from United States
24 November 2010

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is now in an asylum, where she awaits the inevitable return of Michael Myers. Myers, after visiting her, returns to his childhood home and makes a nightmare for a group of kids who have decided to film a reality show inside the house.

First of all, this film pretends that Halloween 4 through 6 never happened, creating the possibility that the Myers house has been abandoned for decades, rather than lived in by other families. This reboot is a result of the writing on H20, but it was still a bad idea no matter who started it.

Second, one would think that bringing in Rick Rosenthal would be a good idea. He made "Halloween 2", which was probably the last solid part of the franchise. But Rosenthal is clearly not the horror directing master we might have thought, as he approaches this film with a weak vision and sense of style, more emulating MTV than his own work. A quick glance at his credits will explain this: he has spent the last twenty years making teenager-based television rather than horror films.

Next, add Busta Rhymes. Like its previous installment with LL Cool J, this is the point in the series where a rapper is added to the mix. Much like how many horror franchises ultimately ended up in space, many started adding rappers to the cast. Why? I do not know. But it does nothing to help the credibility of the picture. Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks do not have the appeal for horror fans that other actors would have.

The POV camera thing is a mess. It looks bad and is more or less a bad idea. Yes, it has worked in such films as "The Blair Witch Project" and more recent excursions. It does not work here. Had they cut that aspect out entirely, this film would have been a bit better instantly.

No horror franchise took as big of a nosedive as "Halloween", with this being the final crash landing. Reviews of this film were so poor, and viewer appreciation so weak, it's very unlikely they will ever make another one in the series. Yes, they made the two Rob Zombie films after this, but I just like to pretend that never happened.

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I Hate Halloween Resurrection

Author: vooheesv33 from United States
17 September 2010

Only vital if you wanna know about michael myers. bad actors, bad characters, and terrible ending. i hope you don't puke when you watch it. because i about did, i rate this as the least satisfying movie ever in the halloween movie franchise. I highly suggest watching it for the story not for the details.

it has a good story, OK facts about the killer michael myers. The secrets behind the story and the like 5th death of laurie strode and the last one. she dies in the first 10 minutes so i didn't spoil anything. i suggest a puke bag while watching this shitty movie. i hope you use it.

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Stupidity beyond belief.

Author: johnnymacbest from United States
14 April 2010

I have read some comments on this movie of things that others have pointed out so I'll be brief. Because spending a considerable amount of time and patience is not worth it at all when it comes to soulless drivel like Halloween: Resurrection. This has got to be the most stupidest horror film I have ever seen(on TV one Saturday afternoon to be precise). With a bunch of flat, uninteresting characters whom I didn't give a rats ass if they lived or died, I didn't care for the whole film either. It's not enough that the actors suck but putting celebrities in a horror movie?!?!?!?! How freaking stupid is that? Are they expecting us to believe that they can deliver a good acting performance? Well, they failed miserably at that and I'm glad GLAD for that. The funniest part of the whole film is Busta Rhymes going all Bruce Lee on Michael Myers in one of the most laughably stupid and illogical pieces of "comedy" in film history. Busta kicks Myers out of a window? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I would love to do that to the makers of this film.

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A complete waste.

Author: lawrencesleftarm from United States
24 March 2010

I saw this movie in the theater right when it came out and I was so disappointed. The other Halloweens terrorized me when I was younger and I was hoping this movie wouldn't disappoint. Man was I wrong. I fell asleep in my seat watching this movie. I'm not going to write some long review, for if I start up, I don't think I'll be able to stop complaining about everything wrong with it.

Basically, if they were going to kill off Jamie Lee Curtis, they should have came up with a way better plot line for the rest of the movie, obviously. They should have brought Hartnett back and had Myers go after him, since that is his only family member left alive. I don't know. Just never watch this movie.

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surprisingly a really fun movie to watch

Author: LinkGoku from United States
16 February 2010

well i wasn't expecting anything special from this movie, but i was actually surprised, the story seemed somewhat thrown together but still half-ways interesting, the acting was good for saying that the only actors i recognized were Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, and Ryan Merriman.. the music was still good, and the whole idea though not a great one, was fun, i also thoroughly enjoyed the way they did the cameras, that was a genius idea.. i recommend this movie to anyone, and i don't understand why so many people don't like this movie, because its loads of fun to watch.. the movie may not have a great story or award winning actors, but its still surprising and fun, thus concludes my review of Halloween Resurrection

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It's not all bad, but pretty bad...

Author: sandor-enckell from Finland
2 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, OK, I'm not a fan of the Halloween series, the only one I've seen other than this, is the first one. I'll say the flaws I noticed, while watching. 1) At the beginning, Laurie, is going to "kill" Michael. Now, is she stupid or something...? She has him hanging over a roof and thinks he will die when he hits the ground, when she 20 years ago expirienced stabbing him twice, seeing him get shot several times, falling off a balcony, and still be alive. 2) The acting was bad. 3) Sara, the maincharacter, screams at one time so loud that a glass breaks. This never happens again later in the film, which makes the scene: useless. 4) It was predictable, and you didn't really care if anyone died.

I bought this movie, and wanted to see a horror movie, and that was what I got. The only good things were that you got scared sometimes, the beginning with the great acting of Jamie Lee Curtis (even though she was stupid at the end of her scene), and I also liked the ending. It showes that Michael is not a usual psycho, he is the Boogey Man, something that is forever.

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Should have ended after H20

Author: harmisjack from United States
24 October 2009

OK, I first got into Horror movies after seeing the remake of Rob Zombie's Halloween. I then got into the original Halloween franchise after the first one, which wasn't bloody, but we don't need blood to scare us. I then found out there were a bunch of sequels, and Saw Jamie-Lee came back in H20, and was in H:R which I saw got terrible reviews, which I found out why after watching the whole franchise, and especially after seeing how H20 ended. This film completely ruins the entire Halloween series. H20 ended the best way ever, and was even better because the main Halloween character (Jamie-Lee Curtis) ended it (at first). I feel like I'm Jamie-Lee from H20 after what happened 20 years ago, she couldn't get the horrible incident of her head. I can't get it out of my head knowing they made something like this unnecessary to keep it going. The remake of the first one should have been the only continuation. This movie has bad acting, bad story, and bad intro. This movie should be rated "T" for Terrible. I even prefer Batman & Robin over this crap! WHY RICK WHY?!? Did you have to do this? 1/10 (should be 0/10)

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