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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: shawny11_2001 from Fort Collins, CO
18 July 2002

And I thought it couldn't get worse after Jason X. I was more wrong than I ever imagined. Jason X was at least funny as hell if you were drunk and saw it as a comedy. I figured I'd do the same for this, and what a waste of a good Tuesday evening.

The entire prologue was boring and incredibly laughable. And it was a shame to see Jamie Lee Curtis in this Hollywood trash. And what a waste of the only character in this film that was interesting. But in the eventual sequel (unless this flops worse than Jason X) we'll see another contrived prologue explaining how Laurie Strode cloned herself and sent the clone after Michael. Busta Rhymes is 100x more times laughable than he is on MTV. The other actors and actresses aren't even worth mentioning, considering that they all must've been paid in kilos of cocaine to do this trash heap. Go see a good movie instead of this.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

This movie sucks

Author: greenhair77 from United States
28 September 2003

This is definitely not a movie I want to waste any more time or money on. It is totally dissapointing compared to the rest of the Halloween series. There are only three good movies that came from the Halloween series:Halloween, Halloween 2, and Halloween H20. This installment is a disgrace, almost as bad as Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. If you have to see this movie, wait for T.V. if ever.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

The sequel that ruined the franchise

Author: DaysFan79 from USA
26 February 2003

I have always been a huge "Halloween" and Michael Myers fan. I have enjoyed every one except the most recent installment, "Halloween Resurrection." The "Halloween," movies have always been suspenseful and well scripted and they did not need all the typical blood and gore like so many other horror movies. That's what made "Halloween," different. It had a good story going. I admit the opening sequence with Jaime Lee Curtis was good, as she always is, but the rest of the movie is nothing but a waste of time. The acting is horrible. Michael even gets to chop a head off with his butcher knife. How fake is that? Bascially, it's about a bunch of college kids spending the night inside the famous Myers house trying the find the reasoning behind Michael's madness. Something I thought we had already covered in Halloween 6. But as it turns out, it was all just a set up. The use of all the camera's (an obvious Blair-Witch rip off) is enough to make you want to vomit. This movie is a disgrace to the "Halloween," franchise and to the fans. Without Donald Pleasence or Jaime Lee Curtis, this franchise is as good as dead.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: Matt..377 from United States
20 December 2002

The latest in a long line of superfluous sequels that nobody asked for concerns Michael Myers returning....again. And killing a bunch of teenage dummies.....again. Eighth HALLOWEEN entry has nothing new whatsoever to offer. The kill scenes aren't even vivid or imaginative. The brief topless scene is the only thing this trite slasher flick has going for it. Skip it and rent the original and number four.

* out of ****

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Worst movie of 2002

Author: dianamj from winter park, florida
31 October 2002

What in the blue hell were they thinking when this piece of garbage was made? One of the worst movies of 2002, if not of alltime. My main gripe with the movie was that they killed off Jamie Lee. Plus her scenes did not fit into the rest of the movie. If you know what's good for you you'll stay away from this crap. * out of 5.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: LITP (lostintwinpeaks)
27 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Enough of this Michael Myers Bull****!"

Yes, as uttered by a character in one of the later sequels (I think it was either 5 or 6, probably 6: The Curse of Michael Myers).


Ripping of The Blair Witch Project, Big Brother, and the recent and genuinely unsettling My Little Eye, this belated sequel finds a group of teens entering the Myers house (which strangely has not been torn down) on a live webcast.

And - you guessed it - MM shows up and starts some slaughter!

As a direct sequel to H20, it too ignores the events of 3, 4, 5, & 6 (no bad thing ...), following only the stories of 1, 2, & 7, a.k.a H20. In fact the opening scene even shows flashbacks to H20 and explains the story of how Jamie Lee Curtis chopped MM's head off at the end and hem managed to survive. The explanation is frankly ridiculous and completely gratuitous. Who cares how he survived? Throughout several (8 now!) Halloween movies, MM has been ripped/slashed/stabbed/thrown off buildings/lit on fire/ploughed into by vehicles/etc. etc. Wouldn't it have been more honest just to have his head sewn back on??!!

Anyhow, we see Jamie Lee Curtis in the opening scene, which is slightly disturbing - but marred by being overtly melodramatic. She kisses him on the lips and whispers "See you in hell" before falling off a roof...

And again, no explanation on why now - why this Halloween? Why MM waits until Hollywood decides to "RESURRECT" him for a particular Halloween... 1998, 2002, etc.

It does attempt to explain that he's been hiding under his house all this time, but then it never follows through with this story, just one of many loose-ends in the movie.

It also attempts to blame his psychotic tendancies on a childhood of abuse... although it is hinted that this may just have been set up my the webcast producers. Again, this isn't clarified. Was he abused as a child? Or were the producers of the webcast (entitled Dangertainment ... reminding me of a cartoon) attempting to add some spice to the story? Who knows, who even cares.

The whole webcast thing has been done before, as I mentioned above, and even though all the different camera views and angles are directed expertly by Rosenthal, it's very much Been There Done That.

The bodycount is much higher than H20, but the characters are so underdeveloped, that the death scenes create little impact.

There are some good and even suspenseful (very few and far between... like a few amusing laughs/smiles in a really bad sitcom) moments, most notably towards the end when the main female character (the virginal one who survives) is running through the house, while gripping a hand-held messenger buddy; her online friend keeps buzzing her - rather than running to the house to save her? what's happened to the white knight and damsel in distress? now the white knight just watches the poor damsel online and emails her! - with instant messages telling her where MM is.

At the end, MM is burned and electrocuted again (like this has happened before??... most notably at the end of H2 where MM burns slowly while "Mr Sandman" plays...), and the whole thing has a decidedly 80's feel to it. And when the final girl wields the chainsaw at MM and screams "This is for ... (so and so he's killed in the movie)", it's one of the best bad moments of over-the-top melodramatic and extremely awful acting ever displayed on celluoid.

Even the very sequel-tempting (Halloween 9 anyone?) end is very lacklustre, lacking any real punch.

This movie went through numerous title changes from HALLOWEEN 8 to HALLOWEEN THE HOMECOMING to HALLOWEEN H2K to HALLOWEEN EVIL NEVER DIES, and so on and so forth. These undecisive plodding changes are also clear in the script and direction.

The eight Halloween movies probably cost less than 40 million in total to make and have taken God-knows how much (at least 10 times that figure) at the box office.

And in fact, I'm a slasher fan and was quite looking forward to this movie. I was left virtually unimpressed... maybe it should be retitled (again!) to HALLOWEEN WHATEVER.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: Jacob Young from Lynn Haven, Florida
10 October 2002

I have seen good horror movies and I have seen bad horror movies,this movie was awful!After my huge disappointment with Jason X I saw this and I would really like my money back.Jamie Lee Curtis did so well in H20,now she has a small part in this one,and her being such a great actress,I was really disappointed with her performance.For one thing I think they made too many sequels,each getting worse and worse.The worst thing about this movie was the plot,winning a contest to spend the night in Michael Myer's house?For heaven's sake give me a break!!!!!The least they could do is choose a decent plot.I hated this movie,and hope to god they don't make another one.A stupid plot,bad death scenes,this movie was pitiful.Michael was cool in the first six or seven films then he loses his charm.If you have'nt seen this movie you would be doing yourself a huge favor by not seeing it,TRUST ME. Jacob Young

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Despicable, repulsive, abominable..and the list goes on and on!

Author: glyptoteque ( from Norway
28 July 2005

There was this "documentary" on last night, under the heading of "Rappers in Horror". Of course as the title suggested,it dealt with a truly nauseating theme, the long ago(I'm so sorry to say!!)realized possibility of letting spastic, "hard-ass-mothafucking" simpletons actually venture into the sacred territory that is horror. A horrible experiment gone absolutely wrong(As if the mere idea of it should evoke any kind of hope. Yeah, right!), and as we all know, in ultra commercial Follywood they simply love to hold on for dear life to anything that is slick, superficial, vomit-inducing, and ergo anything that makes sure the cardboard figures working there gets their hard earned millions. Anyway, back to this sad, sad, show I was talking about. Of course the best thing would have been not to spend one single iota of energy on it, but I figured that I might get some good, unintentional comedy, so why not? And sure as hell, what unfolded itself before my very eyes was a lesson in learning how to phrase a sentence like all good illiterates do; think long and hard before uttering the most simple thought, speak like a lazy drunkard, get your words(or letters for that matter) mixed up, and wait for it comes...Wait...act like this is the way to go, act like you're real tough, when you actually have the vocabulary of a mentally challenged 3-year old!! And that finally brings me to the matter at hand, this turd that is actually smeared inside a DVD-case, lying there, silently waiting, and hoping that some poor fellow will actually get confused, and will alas pass the feces off for a actual film. And if a turd is actually going to look like a proper one, everyone behind, and in front of camera must contribute, and of course here is the catch, without anyone having any knowledge what so ever about it. Now they stand there, thinking they have made a brilliant horror-film, immensely proud, and none the wiser. And of course my reason for bringing up the "documentary", is for the sole reason that it featured "Busta Rhymes"(Hrmmm...really great name, he,he..) in connection with the crap I'm currently reviewing. And I'm so sorry to inform you all that he was the one that contributed the most to the rancid stench that oozes out of each and every pour of the celluloid. "Acting" is undoubtedly a foreign word for this "gangsta", but yeaaayh, he brings all his long practiced skills within the rap-genre with him, just to make up for the fact that it would have been more enjoyable having your fingernails torn out, being slowly flayed alive or even to attend a Christian get together, than to watch this oh so tough "actor" ever again!! Maybe the FBI should have considered having a rapper on their payroll the next time they want to catch a serial killer, everyone knows now that a few pathetic karate-kicks, and lots and lots of verbal profanity is the way to go when faced with evil. To sum up, appalling acting, appalling script, appalling everything, really. I hear something flushing....

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The most stupid Halloween

Author: rams_lakers from Colorado
2 November 2004

As if the other sequels weren't bad enough, this one ranks with the worst movies of all time. A warning to everyone....if you see an idiotic no talent rapper in the opening credits - quickly hit the stop and eject buttons on the VCR-DVD. I'm serious. I'm not even going to name the rapper, he ruined the whole thing. He must've had some kind of influence in the writing because he got to yell put downs at Michael Myers in one scene without getting his throat cut, and in the last pathetic scenes he gets to karate-kick Myers and shock him to death while getting some verbal thrashings in. This alone should make most people want to throw up. The camera work throughout the house was incredibly lame. If you dislike stupid camera effects as much as I do, stay away from this. It was giving me a headache. Jamie Lee was killed off at the beginning, the most likely reason is she wanted this to happen so she wouldn't have to be in any more sequels. Her final kiss goodbye accompanied by the line "see you in hell" was terrible. This movie ranks way down there with Charlies Angels: Full Throttle as my all time worst. If I could give it a ZERO I would, but I had to settle for a 1 out of 10. The reviewers who actually liked this movie show how pathetic and simple minded movie goers have become. Don't waste 2 hours of your life, you have been warned.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

An amazing achievement: manages to be the VERY WORST of all the "Halloween" sequels

Author: Butch-Higgins
16 October 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me state from the get-go that I'm a fan of the "Halloween" series. Only the first film can objectively be considered great, although I've extracted enjoyment from all the sequels up till now. In truth, most of the sequels are pretty bad, but all, I think, have interesting aspects to them and offer at least a degree of entertainment value. "Halloween II" is a cold, dark and bloody slasher pic, much more violent than the original. "Halloween III" is a bold attempt to take the series in a new direction. "Halloween 5" has a terrific visual style. "The Curse of Michael Myers" is (as released in its theatrical version) a butchered near-masterpiece. "H20" brings "quality" back to the franchise. And so on and so forth. With the "Halloween"s, I take 'em all for what they are, and like 'em all. Except for "Resurrection", since all it is is an unmitigated disaster. It's a movie so awesomely inept as to make, I don't know, "The Return of Michael Myers" look like "The Exorcist". **SPOILERS** The explanation for how a "beheaded" Michael survived "H20" is laughable. There's a nauseating couple of scenes at the beginning in which the myth of Michael Myers is tied in to the stories of real life serial killers (which must make fun viewing for their victims' relatives and friends, hey?). Busta Rhymes makes just about the worst lead imaginable for a "Halloween" movie. Michael isn't remotely frightening. The film boasts not a single shock, and not a single moment of suspense (this is a picture in which the heroine is alerted to Michael's presence behind her by an e-mail message on her palm pilot, sent by a dorky kid at a Halloween party who's dressed as Vincent Vega from "Pulp Fiction", *yawn*, how "clever", how very, very far we've come from Haddonfield, 1978, and how very, very not worth it it all is). Michael getting his butt kicked (even if only temporarily) by a young martial arts enthusiast, and being on the receiving end of supposedly "audience-pleasing" quips like "Happy Halloween, m**********r!" just trashes everything the "Halloween" movies ever stood for, which admittedly wasn't very much - but at least parts 1 - 7 tried to scare ya. "Resurrection" at times almost seems like merely the pilot for a franchise starring Busta Rhymes as a businessman cum rapper cum kung fu guru who walks the earth to fight evil. Great. I hope at least that "Resurrection" will inspire people to check out Carpenter's original. I also have a happy image of Carpenter receiving royalty cheques for "Resurrection" and watching a cable screening of the film with some buddies, all of them wetting themselves with contemptuous laughter at this absolutely pathetic, bottom-of-the-barrel dreck.

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