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Resurrection becomes the trend instead of setting it.

Author: amesmonde from Novelist of The Final Version
20 September 2011

A group of students win a competition to spend a night in the house of killer Michael Myers while it's broadcast on an Internet. However, Michael is living in a below his childhood house and the killings begin.

Continuing the continuity of H20, Resurrection takes the viewer back to Haddonfield. Halloween II director Rick Rosenthal returns with a run of the mill horror affair. It looks good and is slickly edited but disappointingly suffers from the horror trend of the day. In the vein of Scream, it has smart talking characters, packed witty quips and answers it also borrows from ogles of video feed footage horror films.

Busta Rhymes puts in a surprisingly entertaining performance as Freddie Harris who goes head to head with Michael, this time played by stuntman Brad Loree. Tyra Banks character Nora is a copycat Courtney Cox's Gale Weathers and gets little screen time. Like H20 the rest of the cast are just characters cut out from countless other films and meat for Michael to dispose of. The strong dark opening with Jamie Lee Curtis' cameo is probably the most interesting and satisfying part of the film.

While trying to appeal to the teen film goers, it becomes the trend instead of setting it, this dilutes the scare horror factor that made Halloween successful.

As a plain slasher it's an adequate ride, but lacks any of the previous Halloween magic including horror and fear.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

How could they!

Author: cblazo from United States
3 July 2011

What an awful film. I love Halloween 1 and 2. Part 4 is pretty good and H20 was okay. As for this atrocity. I am ashamed to say I watched it. From beginning to end it was nothing like any Halloween that I have ever seen. Even that Rob Zombie crap was better. Michael's mask was goofy and didn't look right. He floated around and sometimes speed walked! What the f**k. We're not at the mall with grandma. After the years of this wonderful marvel of a movie. You would think they could get the facts straight. The time line doesn't make sense. Plus after all of what Michael has been through, do you really think Busta Rhymes, with his yo,yo,yo crap would have any effect on him. Come on people. Why even waste your time. I recommend any of them, but this one.

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well I didn't love or hate it

Author: rexdaugherty from United States
20 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This entry was OK at best. Too me I think it was good mainly for entertainment. The idea was good some of the carry out was as well but overall it just some of the scenes I liked a lot is where that one guy is trying to fight Michael with a couple knives himself. well its been a good while since I watched my DVD of this film but I recall a couple characters trying to fight back and thats one thing I like cause they don't go down without a fight but they go down anyway. Things I didn't like about this film is scenes that felt unnecessary one example is Trya Banks' character making a cappuccino. all in all the movie OK far from the best but I think my least favorite maybe part 6 because the whole thorn idea but thats a review for later.

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Next up: P. Diddy battles Michael Myers in a steel cage?

Author: happyendingrocks from United States
23 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the pointless mess that was Halloween H20, I was obviously not all that excited to witness the Resurrection. However, once I've invested my time in 7 films in a franchise, it's pretty much a given that I'm going to see the 8th, if only to hold on to the vain hope that maybe someday I will get a Halloween sequel that comes anywhere close to matching the original.

Resurrection isn't necessarily a good movie, but by utilizing a fresh concept and doing some interesting things with it, the film at least manages to be entertaining. At this point in the franchise, offering a Michael Myers tale that doesn't make you want to turn off the movie midway through is a genuine accomplishment.

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about this 8th Halloween installment is how much it catches the viewer off guard. After all, with both Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks in the cast, we're almost assured that this will be the penultimate awful Halloween sequel. But, when the end result is a modestly entertaining 90 minutes, we have to concede that Resurrection manages something that some of the other entries in the franchise haven't done.

Don't get me wrong; there's still stupidity galore here.

The opening scene with the return of Laurie Strode has nothing to do with the film that follows, and we get the sense that Jamie Lee Curtis only agreed to appear in Resurrection so that she could be killed off, thus sparing herself the indignity of ever having to appear in a Halloween movie again. While we should probably feel some sort of dramatic impact after seeing her finally fall prey to the bogeyman who has pursued her through three films before this one, the entire sequence is so devoid of suspense or purpose that any sense of climax is negated, and it's hard to feel much sympathy for our former protagonist when she essentially walks into the knife herself.

Busta Rhymes is one of the main characters here, which is asinine enough in itself, but this idiocy is compounded by the series of lame one-liners he has throughout the film. In a franchise that has set new standards of dumb, there's no debating that the single worst line to ever grace a Halloween film is delivered from Busta's lips here: "trick or treat, motherf****r". Did I mention he also does karate in this movie? Unfortunately, I'm totally serious.

Battlestar Galactica fans may be excited at the prospect of an early appearance by Katee Sackhoff. But don't be; she's the single most irritating and unlikable character in a cast full of them, and the dialogue our beloved Starbuck is forced to deliver is a frakking embarrassment.

Then there's the slight problem of Michael Myers being decapitated at the conclusion of Halloween H2O, which could be viewed as a considerable hindrance to his being able to slash his way through his roster of victims here. Though the explanation used to solve this problem is iffy at best, it's worth noting that if you watch the finale of H2O, there isn't a single element that betrays the unlikely scenario described here. At least they thought it through a bit, we have to give them that.

Elsewhere in the film, there is other evidence of a brain being involved somewhere in the creative process. The concept itself is strong and timely, and the execution is well realized. The alternation between different cameras to give us first-person views from our doomed characters that augment the standard film format sets up some nice images, particularly since we're dealing with dark and grainy video that heightens the tension on its own. Michael Myers hasn't looked scarier in years than he does lurking in the shadows of his dilapidated house, as seen through the POV cameras of his future victims.

We alternate between the happenings inside the house and the view of the voyeuristic internet users watching the events from the safety of the outside world, and the reactions of the viewers are particularly smart. As Michael slices his way though the cast, the online audience is engrossed in the story, but unwilling to believe that what they are seeing is real. This is a fine commentary on how our media culture has learned to distrust how genuine the elements of reality TV are, and how we've adapted to accepting the most loathsome activities of the stars of these shows as part of the entertainment. Whether or not the film-makers realized they were making this observation, it remains a keen piece of media criticism.

Though the door is clearly left open for yet another Halloween sequel, the franchise has splintered now, and Rob Zombie's reboot pushed the series in another direction. It's sort of too bad, since there is enough promise in Halloween: Resurrection to suggest that capable hands could have gotten the saga of Michael Myers back on track. Whatever film-maker ultimately decides to pick up the thread of this story where it left off, they would be wise to note the things that Resurrection does right, since it assuredly outshines the two film that preceded it.

Not a difficult thing to do, granted, but a distinction nonetheless.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Michael Myers on Fear Factor

Author: kga58 from United States
12 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a good time waster, no more. The first mistake was the ridiculous explanation of how Michael is STILL alive, but OK I'll go with it. The next and for me unforgivable mistake is killing off Jamie Lee Curtis' character of Laurie Strode. She is as much to credit with the success of the HALLOWEEN series as is Michael if not more so. Her presence in the lead role in H20 lifted that film above mediocre status. To kill her off in the first 10 minutes was inexcusable. She is the only one who can properly end the series hopefully with an assist from son John. Of course she IS the sister of the unkillable one. Maybe it runs in the family? The casting of Busta Rhymes is yet another screw up. He is nothing but irritating and his constant stream of M.F.s is tiresome and offensive. This is good dialogue?! They throw in a girl whose emotional extremes make things go haywire in the auditions, then do nothing with it. That at least could have been something different, but maybe they were afraid it would look like a ripoff of F13TH THE NEW BLOOD'S Tina. On the plus side it was good to see a reasonable facsimile of the Myers'house, not the more traditionally haunted house looking one used in H4 and H5. They got that right. What made the house frightening was its ordinariness. Also it was funny when the real Michael came mask to mask with the pretend Michael. A little more should have been done with that for comic relief. A time waster--nothing more.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

...scary...pfft...i think not.

Author: Devil_Boy_80 from Australia
18 June 2005

I'll make This Review Short And Sweet The Movie starts off great falls apart in at least the first 10 minutes...boooring...almost as bad halloween fact i'd probably rather watch Halloween 3 than this.

Michael Killed Laurie and then goes home and randomly kills off people in his house did he somehow forget about other remaining family members john strode, Kerri strode, Danny strode and Jamie's son Steven.

This Halloween film was not scary and i was quite disappointed

It was boring and the acting was dumb and corny...really i think they are making the series begin to go downhill i just hope Halloween: Bloodline is good.

This Halloween is my seventh favorite Halloween film

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Loose Ends

Author: boomcar61 from United States
9 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film isn't awful, it's just pointless. They only made it so they could kill off Jamie Lee's character!! I was surprised to see familiar faces as well since it is the eighth installment. Another thing I also didn't like was director Rick Rosenthal doing this film because as we all know he is notorious from Halloween 2 for killing characters "off screen". Bad approach this late in the series.

Anyway I gave it a 4 out of 10 because it still is a "guilty pleasure" in the tradition of the rest of the eighties and nineties horror films that we have all come to enjoy(or at least accept). I'm also interested to see which direction the ninth installment approaches because there are a lot of loose ends in this series EX: Josh Hartnet's character, Danielle Harris' baby, and now Bianca Kalich! They should work on those elements before opening up more and more boggling plots! I liked the Reality TV spin-off though.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Not the best, but not the worst, either.

Author: scott-sw from United States
11 January 2008

Halloween Resurrection is one of those movies that is hard to recommend, but also hard to dis as well. It has some hits and misses, obviously inconsistent, but bearable none-the-less. As a real sequel, it follows H20 several years later when Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is now in a mental institution. She has gone permanently crazy. Michael Myers, as to no surprise, shows up to finally do her in. At this point, it seems Halloween Resurrection could have stopped. Not so fast. A crazy reality television producer wants a new reality show. He has several people spend the night in the home of Michael Myers in Haddonfield, Illinois. This is to the chagrin of the town, as well as the resident. After all, this is Michael's home. In any case, the bleached William Shatner mask makes its return to take-out the unwanted guests. There are a few tense moments that give us a little scare, and a little suspense. Still, this is not true to the Halloween myth. Even looking at Halloween 4, 5, and 6, as well as the official trilogy of 1, 2, and 7, Michael Myers has a vendetta against relatives. Once they are eliminated, the rage should be gone. As for this one, there is no "reaching" out to the person trapped inside the pathological, methodological madness. That is what really brings this movie down to the real "slasher" level. There is no depth of character the Shape offers in previous roles. Worse, there is no protagonist with the relationship. We had Laurie for one set, and Dr. Loomis and Jamie in the other. In other words, there is no real "hero." Finally, just as in H20 (and the remake), there is no guts in release date. This movie is called Halloween. So why is it released in the summer? Apparently, producers had no confidence in the king of Halloween. In any case, this one was not a total washout. But it's not the top of the heap either. So for a mediocre, horror movie, this is it. If you want the true Halloween mythos, look elsewhere.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Worst Halloween movie ever.

Author: richusa555 from usa
20 September 2004

This movie was completely terrible from beginning to end. I don't know what was more irritating the terrible acting of Busta Rhymes or the mindless dialog of the other no-talents. What really p*ssed me off was that the movie was never scary, not even once. After a few minutes into the movie I could tell right away it was going to be boring and predictable and man was it ever. This is real proof that a movie can still be made without talented writers or actors. If you want to rent this movie because you enjoyed the first movie don't waste your time. This crappy movie was made for a very young audience and not for the older fans of this series. I should have never rented this movie. I made a huge mistake, oh man never mind. Iam mad at myself for watching all of it. Why? why?

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: shawny11_2001 from Fort Collins, CO
18 July 2002

And I thought it couldn't get worse after Jason X. I was more wrong than I ever imagined. Jason X was at least funny as hell if you were drunk and saw it as a comedy. I figured I'd do the same for this, and what a waste of a good Tuesday evening.

The entire prologue was boring and incredibly laughable. And it was a shame to see Jamie Lee Curtis in this Hollywood trash. And what a waste of the only character in this film that was interesting. But in the eventual sequel (unless this flops worse than Jason X) we'll see another contrived prologue explaining how Laurie Strode cloned herself and sent the clone after Michael. Busta Rhymes is 100x more times laughable than he is on MTV. The other actors and actresses aren't even worth mentioning, considering that they all must've been paid in kilos of cocaine to do this trash heap. Go see a good movie instead of this.

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