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Now that's dangertainment!

Author: Avram Jarek Fawcett from Mineral Wells, Texas
16 October 2004

H20 was a good way to end the series, but they wanted more money! So they threw this one in and....

Well, ya wanna see dangertainment? It's great! Onw would think they would really mess up on this one, but it's all good. The whole Dangertainment thing is just like reality TV. Michael's mask is a little overdone here, but it does look cool. As usual, there's some people who take The Shape head on. This time, however both of them get somewhere. The two backs dudes in the film keep their pimp hands strong with a couple of smacks to Mikey. The Dangertainment producer really gets into the swing of things with kung-fu action. ("Happy Halloween Motherf___er!"). This does take away from Michael a little though. Isn't he supposed to get ALL the carnage?

Actually there is a problem. This movie follows along the curse Scream (despite it's glory) brought to use in the nineties and still today in b-movies like Dark Harvest and Bloody Murder). There's no serious scare to the movie. It's! Halloween 6 was hardly a fun movie, it was darker than hell! One can't help but wonder if the formula of this movie will carry on the next one, which they are planning as I write this. If so, it's possible, almost certain in fact, that the Halloween films will be reduced to silly and campy horror cheese. Of course, maybe I'm fretting too much. Get the latest Halloween, get yerself some popcorn and get nice and cozy. This little romp will keep you warm.

Here's to debauchery with knives!

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It's OK

Author: Brianh0401-2
6 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is definitely not the best one in the series but it's not the worst. All of the Halloween films without Jamie Lee Curtis sucked.


Alright, I knew that Jamie Lee would probably get killed in this one but why did they have to have the whole kids in the house thing. It was completely ridiculous. After, Jamie Lee dies what more is there to say, Michael wins. Well I heard that they're making a part 9 and I really think in this one that Jamie Lee should surprise every one and come back and kill Michael once and for all. I mean seriously everyone wants to see Laurie Strode kill Michael.

Grade- C-

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Michael's back and slacks!!!

Author: Facehugger2K8 from New York, NY, USA
17 June 2004

Michael Myers, one of the original boogeymen of our time is back for more in this pointless and disgusting sequel, which is the ninth one in the series. Many will agree with me that this series should have stopped after H20. H20 showed a whole new side of Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, as she stands up to her brother after 20 years of running away from him. The movie ends with her giving up, what is believed to be her brother at first, and chops his head off, eliminating the terror and overcoming her fear. Halloween Resurrection completely kills that psychology as it is explained that it wasn't Michael Myers' head that was chopped but one of the paramedics, whom Michael put his mask on. Michael comes back after Laurie, after she was put in a mental institution.

The first ten minutes of the movie are good, full with suspense and tension, as Laurie runs away from Michael again. The reason why H20 was unique is because it was one of those rare movies (the Alien franchise, just to name a few), where the women is not represented as the sensitive damsel in distress, and she is the protagonist in the movie. Halloween Resurrection brings back that mentality as Laurie goes to take off Michael's mask to make sure that it was him, as she cries and shakes with terror. Michael then grabs her and pushes her off the building, where our hero dies. All these movies where there are more than three sequels grow worse as the movies go on. They are riddled with sex, drugs, alcohol and grown men and women playing teenagers, who can't act for s**t. They are pointless and are not worth $10 for a movie ticket or more than $20 on DVD.

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Average sequel to a good film, which was itself a sequel to a great film- make sense?

Author: (DGlen1979)
1 June 2004

This entry follows the events in H20, which is a sequel to Halloween 1 and 2. This is interesting for the fact that Rick Rosenthal directed this, and he was also the director of the original sequel, Halloween II. After that film, his feature debut, he received a lot of criticism for supposedly not being up-to-snuff, and having to have his work finished up by the original film's director, John Carpenter (this rumor was actually substantiated by Carpenter in a recent interview). So it was going to be interesting, going into Resurrection, to see if Rosenthal would go all out to show what he's learned directing TV and films for the last 20 years.

The result is an entertaining entry, but an overall average movie. The plot revolves around a group of college students being locked in the Myers house for a live internet webcast. Bianca Kajlich is the reluctant protagonist and Busta Rhymes is the web entrepreneur behind the whole thing. They are surrounded by the typical assortment of "slasher fodder" obnoxious teens. Inevitable, Michael Myers starts methodically killing people, and there are the tired slasher clichés of a person being pulled through a bathroom mirror and a decapitated head in the clothes dryer.

There are some redeeming qualities, including a subplot involving a group of kids at a high school party watching the webcast, who sort-of mirror the theatrical audience and provide comic relief. Also there is a funny scene where Rhymes, dressed as Michael Myers, encounters the real Myers and mistakes him for somebody else in a costume. Also they finally got the Myers mask to look like it did in the original (how did this take 7 sequels to get right?).

The most redeeming quality about this movie, however, is the attempt to use shadows and light to create atmosphere. This was what made the original Halloween so great- it was all about lighting along with atmosphere, slow ominous pacing and, of course, music. Carpenter has said over and over again that Halloween was an Expressionist film. Unfortunately, contemporary Hollywood does not know how or is not willing to support this format. It does not "gel" with the young, raised-on-MTV audiences that are accustomed to stereotypical, wisecracking characters, break-neck fast editing and contrived, predictable plots.

The result is a series that, since Halloween 4, feels uninspired. Where is the suspense? Halloween H20 was the exception, thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis's participation, and Resurrection is worth it, if for no other reason, than to see her cameo. Her character is given a dignified swan song, and Curtis plays it very well. I just wish the music during her scene didn't felt so un-Carpenter-like. But really, after her scene, there is no reason for the series to continue. It just seems pointless... Unless Myers goes after Josh Hartnett.

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We all Make Mistakes

Author: flyygrl13 from Southern Mississippi
11 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(Written 7/16/02) **CONTAINS SPOILERS** Personally, I am a die hard horror fanatic..anyone who knows me should know this by now. They should also know that before I go see a sequel, I see all the movies prior to just to make sure they actually make sense in the connection. This 8th installment in the "Halloween" series does do a pretty okay job of picking up where the last one left off and explaining how he came back after he was supposedly decapitated in the last one (MUCH better continuity than "Jason X" had), but it was a crappy way of having Michael Myers just appear out of nowhere 3 years later.

As far as scariness goes, this movie only proves that to get the TRUE effect of scary movies, you have to see it in a theater..widescreen, surround sound, all that stuff. Because if you see such a movie on video or DVD (or worse, cable), you're getting SOME of the great effects, but not the best. Anyhoo, I say this because its great to hear the footsteps behind you, the creepy breathing on your right, and of course the famous "Halloween" Theme (thank you John Carpenter for such brilliance!). Other sounds that can be heard around you are the sounds of dogs barking, crickets, and other night creatures that were added for effect. But as far as the scariness of the movie...I personally think it lacked individuality. It was obviously a cross between "The Blair Witch Project" and "House on Haunted Hill". There was even a scene where the girl puts her camera up to her face and goes on about how scared she is (JUST LIKE IN BLAIR WITCH!). That must've been intentional..I can only hope and assume. And the whole 'staying the night in a haunted house' deal was done in "House On Haunted Hill"...twice. And this movie did give in to its classic serial killing based movies..killer jumps out of closets, appears out of nowhere, is standing behind an unsuspecting victim, etc. No surprise there, but due to the fact that the volume was so loud, everytime something or someone did jump out, the sound of the shrieking and whatnot would pierce my eardrums..maybe that was the theater screwing up or maybe just another way to give the movie extra pizazz in the scariness wasn't was annoying and painful..but if it makes you happy, I will admit that I did jump because of such events.

And now of course, we move on to blood, gore, killings, nudity, and all that great stuff that makes a horror movie great. Well, there was REALLY nothing more outside of the classic stabbing. Obviously, Michael Myers is not as creative as Jason Vorhees when it comes to murdering his victims. Stab here, stab there...maybe a hanging over here..a body crushing over there...more fact, it got really old..but then again, after seeing all 7 of the "Halloween" movies (even the ones that didn't have Michael Myers in it), stabbing is pretty much all you got (except in the second one where Michael burned the skin off of a nurse in a hot tub..that was pretty good). As for the blood and, not too much of it, which I think is a good thing. Its a bad idea to overdue with the blood and stuff because then it doesn't look that real. However, there is only so much blood that can come out of a person's eyes, nose, and mouth...I guess. Not like I've ever seen anyone get murdered in such a manner before, so I don't just didn't look believable anyway. As far as nudity goes..thankfully, it was kept at a minimal. There wasn't really any at all. This is good because I think that nudity and sex in horror movies is part of what makes a horror movie a horror movie, but its not necessary at all. Lets just stick to the basic goal of scaring people, not arousing them (but if sex and naked women do scare you, then I guess there is no problem then).

AND NOW, THE, anyone who watches horror movies should know that they can get pretty ridiculous with the endings as well as leaving leeway for a sequel. Example: In "Jason Goes to Hell"..Jason basically, well, went to hell. That was SUPPOSEDLY the end of the 'Friday the 13th' saga...of course he came back in "Jason X", but they did a very CRAPPY job of picking up where the last one left off. They didn't even bother to explain how the crap Jason got from underground to a confinement prison! I guess that was the best move to make though considering that they were taking a chance by making another sequel to something that was supposedly over anyway. They would've gotten ridiculous with the explanation of how he mysteriously returned from the dead. Now, as far as "Halloween: Resurrection" goes with its ending..I'd say 'been there, done that'. I don't want to spoil it, but I have to if I want to get my point across. In order to 'destroy' Michael Myers for the umpteenth time, the victims who managed to survive burned him alive..doesn't that sound a little cliched? Well, it is. IN FACT, thats the EXACT same way Michael was "killed" in "Halloween 2"...they poured gas on him and burned him..did he die? NO! SO WHY ARE YOU GOING TO TRY AND DO THE EXACT SAME THING AGAIN? Maybe the writers forgot about that or didn't care. I guess they figured, who actually pays attention to stuff like that? Well, news flash, its one of MY many passions of life to criticize horror movies. So, like I was saying..the ending was really redundant. As far as leaving room for a sequel, they did do that. Of course, we all know that Michael isn't REALLY dead (and I still am not sure why the people of Haddonfield haven't figured it out either that he ain't gonna die!). The last scene of the movie shows him in a body bag in a morgue..the coroner unzips the bag (ever so slowly for suspense reasons) of the supposedly dead serial killer (and guess what, I think they actually show his face..or maybe thats just the charred remains of the infamous mask). After a few seconds of the camera focusing on his face...BAM! His eyes snap open, and then the screen goes blank signaling the end of the movie and possibly the beggining of the 9th installment in the "Halloween" series. The whole eye snapping thing has been overworked in horror movies, but it actually seemed to fit in this one. Though the morgue scene made the movie go on longer than it needed to (it just seemed like they were trying to kill time by having it), it did make for a better ending.

All and all, this movie was alright for a film that is doomed to bare a "part 8" at the end of its title. It had its bad points, as well as some good. It had its points where you can tell whats going to happen next without a doubt...seriously, in one scene I thought to myself "she is going to open the door and he is going to jump out with the knife and stab her" and behold, I was right. I had to chuckle at myself for that. And also as predicted, there were 3 black people (or African Americans to be politically correct, but why should I be when its my own race I'm talking about?) in the movie. Its been said and joked about many a time how black people never survive in such movies. Well, that was proven wrong in "House on Haunted Hill" when Taye Diggs character survived in the end (along with his white female entorage). And just as "Halloween: Resurrection" stole "House on Haunted Hill"'s stole its ending. One black guy survives (Busta Rhymes's character), along with the white female lead whom which the little subplot there is focuses on. I did, however, catch myself doing something that I know shouldn't be done in a horror movie...I yawned during this movie. Maybe it was because I didn't get enough sleep, or maybe it was because it felt like the movie was just dragging didn't have a real good pace to it...nor a real good plot, but thats automatically forgiven in the horror genre. I predict that if there is a Halloween Part 9, NONE of the surviving characters that were in this one will be in it. I've noticed that trend with horror movies. Example: In "Halloween: H20", Jamie Lee Curtis's character, Laurie Strode, had a son (Josh Hartnett's character). Well, we hear NOTHING about this son at all in this movie. We assumed hes moved on and doesn't care that his mother was murdered in the insane asylum she was sent to for 3 years. This also brings back the fact that in "Halloween 4", Laurie Strode had a daughter and not a son. I'm not sure what they did with that whole situation, but I've read somewhere that the producers wanted to forget that the movies "Halloween 3-6" ever happened in order to focus on the Laurie Strode aspect of the story. That is understandable..we all make mistakes.

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Great horror flick

Author: SkoolKidShizno91 from USA
16 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


After Laurie chopped off "Micheal's" head from h20, it turned out to be a past victim who was a paramedic. Micheal got away from the scene unseen by wearing the paramedic suit. Now Laurie is in a institution where Micheal finds her and eventually kills her. This all happened in the first 10 minutes. Okay, 6 friends have won a contest to spend a night in the childhood home of Micheal Myers where they will have webcams so people can watch it on the internet. Unfortently, things start going wrong when Busta and Tyra lose Bill's(Thomas Ian Nicolas) camera on the computers. Soon, the myers house is turning into a bloodbath of decapitation, impaling, cracking skulls, hanging, and stabbing. In the end, Freddy and Sara electricute Micheal in the garage and the house burns down on him. After that when the coroner is about to take Micheals burned maske off, his eyes open..........

Classic line

Freddy- "Trick or Treat, motherf*cker!"

My MPAA rating, Rated R for Strong Violence,some sexuality/brief nudity, and Language

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'ey Mikey! Happy f***in' Halloween!

Author: Servant_of_Dagon from The depths of the sea
10 September 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, I'm not really a hardcore Halloween-fan, as I've only seen the first, but I actually pretty much enjoyed H:R.

I have to admit, I get a morbid sense of satisfaction out of plot devices used to prolong Slasher Mythos with endless sequels and the further unearthing of Killer Background Info to send 'em back to hell (but not too deep!); ie, Freddy's mother, Jason's parasite, Michael's Cult/Family thing. Not having seen the other Halloweens I don't know what this Thorn thing is all about, but having read on a fanpage that H20 dropped the concept of the Thorn and ignoring everything since 2, I was kinda disappointed. The only thing that was good for was luring Dawson's Creek-fed teenagers into the theatres to watch a nice not-too-far-from-the-Scream-formula slasher movie they could all enjoy. Is that selling out or what?

If I went in to watch H20 and I didn't get Michael's origin or whatnot, I would actually have rented the other movies to find out what I didn't get! Bad business, you say? Well, it's number 7 of a slasher-serial! Let's keep this in the B-movie realm where it belongs (note: in this I do not include 1, which is a classic)! So I actually didn't see that because it denied it's own B-movie roots. How hypocrite!

But then I found out about Halloween: Resurrection. What do you say? Reality-tv? Busta Rhymes? Why, this sounds like pure exploitative schlock to me! Off to the video store! And by golly, I got what I (minimally) paid for! From it's great opening in the sanitarium to Michael opening his eyes on the morgue table, this is a beautiful walk through B-Park.

I'll admit it, Busta is a crappy actor. But who cares? How many buxom blondes in so many slasher films were? I, for one, think his performance was hilarious. It was his one-liners in the "memorable quotes" section of the H:R page on imdb that got me renting this video. I didn't see Freddie Jones on screen, I saw Busta Rhymes. Freddie's over-enthusiastic personality is actually Busta's shouting out: "Oh my God! I landed a major role in an A-list flick! This could mean a significant increase in bank account size!". Well, funk that up a bit and you might have an idea of his train of thought.

Bianca Kajlich was an ok actress, I guess (at the very least she was a super funkin hot one!) and she played an unnoticeably written part unnoticeably (if you catch my drift.

The kills were cool, *SPOILER* though the One Who Showed Her Breasts might have a tad dull one *END SPOILER*. Also, my sister wished Jen (The Slutty One) would die by decapitation and *SPOILER* 30 seconds later, she does. *END SPOILER* We all had a larf.

The ending, *SPOILER* where Busta barged in and did the kung fu and the one-liners and the genital-frying *END SPOILER* were gut-wrenchingly funny (and gut-wrenchingly agonizing for true Halloween fans, who want these films to be still scary, like the first one, probably). Welcome to prime time, Busta!

Also, loved those two guys at that Halloween party, dressed as Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction, great nod there!

The only cons of this movie (well, for me) are the ones flowing forth from H20. There's no Killer Mythos, Michael still seems to kill for no reason except for that half-asked speculation by The One With The Breasts. All that stuff they find all over the house that turns out to be fake stuff placed there by Freddie and Nora (I don't count this as a spoiler as it pretty much leads to nothing) works really anticlimactic.

If you go to "alternate versions" on H:R's imdb page, you'll find that an intro was shot but discarded showing a Myers home video in which the Dad's filming everyone on a summer's day, but Michael keeps turning away his face. At the end of the intro, we finally get to see it and it turns out that Michael's eyes are completely black. That would at least have been SOME Killer Mythos!

But ah well, I digress. If you want two hours of pure, unadulterated schlock and have nothing against loud-mouthed rappers, rent Halloween: Resurrection.

You want horror, rent Halloween: Period. ;)

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my comments explain how GREAT this movie was.

Author: goldstar200378
29 July 2003

This was a great movie. i specifically DID NOT like how Jamie (Laurie Strode) had to die. she is like the main character in the movie. i mean look at scream. Neve (sidney) didn't die. If they make any other halloween movies..they NEED to bring jamie BACK. as if she survives from the fall and the stab. becuase hey it can happen. so if i were making the movie and i wanted it to be famous. i would bring jamie back in the next one. ( if they make it ):)

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Author: TheShape from Michael Myers' House
7 June 2003

Can ANYONE explain to me how Michael Myers is still alive? The movie did a LOUSY job of explaining it. I mean, the man had his head CUT CLEAN OFF in H20! Now they're saying it was somebody else?! And the only question that was asked was - why didn't the guy say something? Because Michael crushed his larynx! That's it? Here's a follow-up question - if it wasn't Michael under that mask, why didn't the INNOCENT man take off the mask before he was killed?! I would - but then again I'm smart. Halloweens 2 - (whatever # we're on) completely ruin the mystique and brilliance of the first film!

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Suck fast... (spoilers)

Author: SPaS from Finland
19 May 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Halloween: Resurrection is a very, very, VERY bad movie. Blame it on what you want, I blame it all solely on the director. The script was elevated from a few clever ideas, but most of it didn't have anything fresh, and the treatment was bleak and ugly, but not scary; most likely they didn't have a screenplay at all. Add in some cardboard-character teenagers who are portrayed by some twentysomethings who can't act (I blame the director who doesn't give them even a chance!) and could have well been cast in the last minute from some shopping mall. Halloween 2 was watchable, how can director Rosenthal go downhill?? Shouldn't he have gained some experience on directing? How come Resurrection looks so... well, bleak and ugly. Low-key, low-budget. Reminds me of Blair witch 2.

Things Rosenthal should have done: 1) Bailed out. We really didn't want another Halloween. Not after H20. In my opinion, the only reason Curtis was in this was that SHE at least could finally bail out of the series.

or 2) Even so much as try! A couple of re-writes and especially re-casting! Busta has one hilarious moment and one cool one-liner to Michael and that's it! The rest of the movie, he just sucks. And that blonde who gets her head chopped off was esPECIALLY annoying! The rest of the cast is, as I said before, just your basic gore fodder. Weren't we supposed to care for these people...?

Sadly, I could have done this better. So could have YOU.

Was the above review useful to you?

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