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Andi Matichak cast in Halloween reboot as Jamie Lee Curtis’ granddaughter

The Halloween reboot from Danny McBride and David Gordon Green has gained another addition to the Strode family. Deadline reports Orange Is the New Black’s Andi Matichak will star in the film alongside returning Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer.

Matichak will star as Allyson, the daughter of Greer’s Karen Strode and granddaughter of Curtis’ Laurie Strode. Curtis starred in her iconic role in the first two Halloween films from John Carpenter, reprising her role in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later before getting killed off in Halloween: Resurrection. However, this new Halloween will ignore all the sequels and be a direct sequel to the original which John Carpenter, who is producing the film, directed himself.

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Halloween comes out October 19th, 2018.

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Here’s How Jamie Lee Curtis Was Convinced To Return For Halloween Reboot

Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode is horror’s original final girl, having survived a whole film of being menaced by Michael Myers. She’d go on to appear in a few subsequent Halloween movies and, to the delight of fans everywhere, it was recently announced that she’ll reprise the role in next year’s outing.

You might think the actress would have a bit of horror fatigue by now, especially as her character (apparently) died in Halloween: Resurrection, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Danny McBride revealed the following when asked how him and David Gordon Green got her to return.

We pitched to Carpenter, and he was into it, which kind of blew David and me away, but I still think nobody was really talking about Jamie… I think everyone was kind of on the mindset of it’d
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Jamie Lee Curtis Teases Her Long-Awaited Date With Michael Myers Next 'Halloween'

Jamie Lee Curtis Teases Her Long-Awaited Date With Michael Myers Next 'Halloween'
You can never stop the unrelenting horror of Michael Myers -- although you can take some adorable fall-themed snapshots with him, apparently.

Jamie Lee Curtis will soon be facing off against the iconic masked murderer yet again, and the longtime adversaries look hilariously chummy in the latest teaser pic promoting the next installment in the Halloween franchise.

The 58-year-old scream queen legend took to Twitter on Halloween day (obviously) to share a surprisingly playful, Pinterest-esque snapshot of her and Myers laying together in some autumn foliage, with her arm bleeding from a sizable slash.

"Some Wounds Never Heal," Curtis captioned the pic. "Michael & I will see you all next Halloween."

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Technically, the latest installment in the storied franchise hits theaters on Oct. 19, 2018, but will still be a popular choice for moviegoers when the spooky holiday roles around later in the month.

Curtis famously starred
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Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis Cozy Up in New Halloween Photo

Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis Cozy Up in New Halloween Photo
This time next year, fans will be able to see a new Halloween movie in theaters, and not only that, but the first in over 15 years to feature Jamie Lee Curtis as her iconic character Laurie Strode. Since today is the actual Halloween holiday, the actress decided to share a bloody new promo photo, featuring her and her on-screen brother, Michael Myers, laying in a pile of leaves. The photo also shows her blouse ripped, with a rather nasty gash on her arm, presumably caused by her brother and his butcher knife. Here's what the actress had to say on social media this All Hallows Eve.

"Some Wounds Never Heal. Michael & I will see you all next Halloween."

The #H40 hashtag symbolizes the 40th Anniversary of this iconic franchise, with the original Halloween movie from director John Carpenter hitting theaters on October 25, 1978. Last May, it was confirmed that this new
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Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis Is Back, and More Bloody Good Details About the Reboot

Halloween 2018 just got kicked up a notch. It was recently announced that Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising the iconic role of Laurie Strode in Halloween, another reboot of the beloved horror franchise due out on Oct. 19, 2018. It's an exciting reveal for one of the first-ever scream queens because truly nothing is scarier than watching her fend off her psychotic, murderous, William Shatner-mask-wearing younger brother with only a wire hanger in the 1978 original. Then again, doesn't Laurie get stabbed by her deranged sibling and thrown to her death in the franchise's eighth movie, Halloween: Resurrection? According to John Carpenter, who's on board as an executive producer and creative consultant, the reboot will ignore everything after the original film. "It's kind of a . . . I don't know how to describe it. It's almost an alternative reality," he explained to Stereo Gum. "It picks up after the first one and it pretends
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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bianca Kajlich

Bianca Kajlich is an actress who was born in Seattle, Washington, on March 26, 1977. She launched her acting career in 1999 by making appearances in television series and playing the role of a coffee girl in the film ’10 Things I Hate About You’. She was also in an advert for Kragen Auto Parts. Since then, she has gone on to establish a successful career in acting and is best known for playing Jennifer in ‘Rules of Engagement’. Some of the films in which she has acted include ‘Bring It On’, ‘Halloween: Resurrection’, and ’30 Minutes or Less’. Here

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bianca Kajlich
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‘Halloween’ 40 Years Later: Why Jamie Lee Curtis Is Still the Ultimate Scream Queen

‘Halloween’ 40 Years Later: Why Jamie Lee Curtis Is Still the Ultimate Scream Queen
The mask. The music. The sequels. There are many memorable things about the Halloween franchise, but none of them have had quite the same impact as a then-20-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Hollywood royalty, who created an everygirl so iconic, she’s returning to the role nearly 40 years after the original.

In 1978, Curtis made her film debut as resilient teenage babysitter Laurie Strode in Halloween. It’s a simple enough story: A young man, Michael Myers, kills his sister on Halloween in 1963 and is locked away in an institution. Fifteen years later, he escapes and returns to his hometown, where he terrorizes and kills a group of teenagers one by one, until he’s stopped (or at least slowed down) by Laurie.

What makes Laurie iconic is the sense of realness Curtis imbues her with. It’s not just that she’s the typical example of the “final girl” horror movie trope, or even that she
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The ‘Halloween’ Franchise Ranked From the Worst to Best Slash

The ‘Halloween’ Franchise Ranked From the Worst to Best Slash
There was no way to predict that a low-budget, independent horror movie with a no-name cast would go on to become one of the most influential films in cinematic history. But 40 years ago, John Carpenter built the framework for one of the most successful franchises ever and helped create the “slasher” genre with the 1978 smash Halloween.

In the ensuing years, Michael Myers (aka The Shape) became one of culture’s preeminent boogeymen, Carpenter’s haunting theme continued to set an ominous mood and the fictional town of Haddonfield dealt with a serious body count problem. While the motivations for Michael’s actions grew more convoluted, he remained a terrifying force four decades later.

Now, with a new Halloween in the works from director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride, featuring original star Jamie Lee Curtis as the ultimate survivor, Et decided it was time to look back on the franchise to determine which film is a dull
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John Carpenter Will Score New Halloween Movie Soundtrack

John Carpenter Will Score New Halloween Movie Soundtrack
For whatever reason, the Friday the 13th franchise can't seem to get going again, but Jason's biggest rival, Michael Myers, is coming back to the big screen next year. John Carpenter, the man who directed the original Halloween and brought the modern slasher movie to life, is on board as an executive producer. So, even though he isn't directing, he's pretty heavily involved. Now we have word that he's officially signed on to score the soundtrack for the Halloween reboot as well. It's early, but this sounds like it could be awesome.

The horror legend has been doing scores for his movies for a very long time now and did the score for the original Halloween, including coming up with that iconic theme. Music has been his main focus these days, but he hasn't actually scored a Halloween movie since Halloween III: Season of the Witch, otherwise known as the
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New Halloween Movie Ignores Every Sequel

New Halloween Movie Ignores Every Sequel
We're getting a new Halloween next year! Michael Myers is about to make his long-awaited return to the big screen for the first time since Rob Zombie's Halloween II, a movie most fans would probably like to forget. But this upcoming Halloween reboot is going to pretend as though that movie never happened. In fact, it's going to pretend that every Halloween sequel beyond the original movie doesn't exist, according to http://movieweb.com/halloween-sequel-john-carpenter-role-involvement/John Carpenter.

Even though John Carpenter isn't directing the new Halloween movie, he is said to be heavily involved in the production. Instead, it's David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) who gets that honor. He co-wrote the script with his frequent collaborator, Danny McBride (Alien: Covenant) and, according to Carpenter, their script is not only impressive, but it completely ignores everything beyond his first movie and exists in an "alternative reality." Here's what he had to
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Jamie Lee Curtis on what brought her back for the Halloween reboot

It was recently announced that Jamie Lee Curtis would be reprising her role as the iconic Laurie Strode for the upcoming Halloween reboot being produced by Danny Mcbride, and directed by David Gordon Green. Also cast is Laurie Strode’s daughter, being played by actress Judy Greer (Arrested Development). This bodes well for the reboot, as does the news that Carpenter “digs” the script, and is heavily involved in the creative process. So far, so good.

Jamie Lee Curtis, most recently involved in the show Scream Queens, hasn’t been in a Halloween film since Halloween: Resurrection, where you may recall she did not survive. Given the quality of the last few films, and her character’s demise in the 2002 film, what made her come back? Speaking to Metro, the horror icon explains:

“Because she is Laurie Strode (laughs). Right? I don’t know who else is going to play her?
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Halloween reboot circles Judy Greer as Laurie Strode’s daughter

David Crow Oct 3, 2017

The Halloween reboot is set to cast Archer's Judy Greer as Karen Strode, the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis' character...

Like it or not, Halloween is getting yet another semi-reboot, semi-sequel. Despite having already been fully rebooted once, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s admittedly intriguing umpteenth Halloween reimagining is barreling along, and is now adding cast members. This includes Judy Greer as a character named Karen Strode.

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Indeed, EW was the first to report that Greer is close to signing onto the project to play the role of Karen, who will be the adult daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis’ returning (and iconic) Laurie Strode. Not much else is known about the role other than this
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New Halloween Movie to Add Judy Greer to the Cast as Laurie Strode’s Daughter?

  • DailyDead
We found out last month that Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to the Halloween franchise as Laurie Strode, but she may not be the only member of the Strode family making an appearance, as it's being reported that Judy Greer is in talks to play Laurie's daughter in the film, but those who are hoping for the return of Jamie Lloyd are in for a surprise...

Deadline reports that Greer (pictured above on the left) is in "negotiations" to portray "Karen Strode, the daughter of Laurie." No other details on her character are known at this time, but we'll keep you updated as more information is revealed.

Following the events of Halloween and Halloween II, Laurie Strode had a daughter named Jamie Lloyd who was pursued by Michael Myers through three films. Jamie was played by Danielle Harris in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers,
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John Carpenter is taking a very active role in the new Halloween movie

When news broke last year that Danny McBride (Vice Principals, Alien: Covenant) would be writing and producing a Halloween reboot with David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) directing, plenty of people were excited. The duo promised that they would be bringing the Halloween franchise back to its former glory, revealing that the film will be a straight up horror and a direct sequel to Halloween I and II.

Since that news, it’s not only been announced that John Carpenter “digs” the script, and will be working on the score, but that Jamie Lee Curtis will be making her triumphant return as Laurie Strode. While it’s great to see that the master of horror himself is overseeing the score, and approves of the script, just how much will Carpenter be involved in the filming beginning this month in Charleston, South Carolina? Apparently, quite a bit.

Speaking to Coming Soon, Blumhouse Productions
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Director David Gordon Green Comments on Filming Start Time & Location for New Halloween Movie

  • DailyDead
Make sure your kitchen isn't missing a butcher blade, because next fall The Shape returns to theaters, and he won't be alone, as it was recently announced that Jamie Lee Curtis will reprise her role as Laurie Strode for one last showdown with her murderous brother, Michael Myers. While anticipation ramps up for next year's Halloween even as we get closer to this year's Halloween, director David Gordon Green revealed in a recent interview when filming on the new Halloween film is expected to begin and where it will take place.

Speaking with Filmmaker Magazine, Green shared when and where the new Halloween is expected to begin filming (quote from Filmmaker Magazine via Bloody Disgusting):

"We start shooting in six weeks in Charleston. I can’t say too much more as we are trying to keep things tight right now, but we are doing something unique. John Carpenter is involved as well,
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New Halloween Movie Gets a Release Date as Jamie Lee Curtis Returns

  • Cinelinx
Universal Pictures has announced a release date for the next Halloween movie, which will return the beloved franchise to its roots and away from the previous reboot, while revealing Jamie Lee Curtis will return for one final showdown...

John Carpenter is hoping to bring horror fans another great movie in the franchise he started nearly 40 years ago.  As previously announced last year, the iconic director has jumped on board as a producer of the Universal's new Halloween movie and this weekend has brought our first real details on the upcoming film, including a release date.  

The new Halloween movie is slated to launch on October 19, 2018, but the most exciting thing (for long time fans) is the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis will be back to reprise her role as Laurie Strode for one "final confrontation" with Michael Meyers.  This will be interesting considering Curtis' Strode was killed off in Halloween: Resurrection
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Jamie Lee Curtis heading back to Haddonfield for new Halloween movie

Earlier this year it was announced that John Carpenter is returning to the iconic slasher series Halloween to produce a new instalment in the franchise from director David Gordon Green, and now Jamie Lee Curtis has taken to Twitter to announce that she will be reprising the role of Laurie Strode.

“Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues,” wrote Curtis on her Twitter account. “40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween. Release date 10/19/18.”

Curtis portrayed Laurie in the original Halloween and its 1981 sequel Halloween II, but the character was said to have died prior to the events of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. However, Curtis then returned to the franchise for Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, with the character said to have faked her death, before being killed by her brother Michael Myers in the 2002 instalment Halloween: Resurrection.

None of this will matter however, as
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Jamie Lee Curtis Returns for New Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis Returns for New Halloween
Welcome back to HalloweenJamie Lee Curtis. The 58-year-old actress will reprise her iconic 1978 role of Laurie Strode in a new Halloween sequel also titled...Halloween. Curtis rose to international fame thanks to the film and played the part in three sequels, most recently in the 2002 film Halloween: Resurrection. "Same porch. Same clothes. Same issues. 40 years later. Headed back to Haddonfield one last time for Halloween," Curtis posted on Instagram Friday, alongside a promo pic. "Release date 10/19/18." In the film, Curtis' character will have a final confrontation with masked killer Michael Myers. "Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic...
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Jamie Lee Curtis Returns as Laurie Strode in New Halloween Movie

  • MovieWeb
Jamie Lee Curtis Returns as Laurie Strode in New Halloween Movie
She's back! The upcoming Halloween reboot is really picking up some steam and now Blumhouse Productions has released some new, exciting, official details on the movie. The studio has confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in John Carpenter's original horror classic and several of the sequels, will reprise her role as Laurie Strode in the new Halloween movie.

Blumhouse is producing the new Halloween reboot, which will also have John Carpenter returning to executive produce and possibly score the movie. David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) is set to direct and co-write the movie with his longtime collaborator Danny McBride (Alien: Covenant). Blumhouse's update also confirmed that the movie's release date, which will ensure the new Halloween arrives just in time for the holiday next year.

"You've been asking for updates on Halloween, well, we've got one! Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in Halloween,
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Jamie Lee Curtis Returning for ‘Halloween’ Reboot

Jamie Lee Curtis Returning for ‘Halloween’ Reboot
Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to play the iconic Laurie Strode in the “Halloween” franchise.

Universal Pictures also set Oct. 19, 2018, as the release date for what it’s calling the final film in the “Halloween” series.

The horror movie is being produced by Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions, and Miramax.

Curtis’ character will have a final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

John Carpenter will executive produce and serve as creative consultant on this film, joining leading horror producer Jason Blum, who’s behind “Get Out,” “Split,” and “The Purge” and “Paranormal Activity” franchises.

David Gordon Green is directing from a script he co-wrote with Danny McBride. Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the series since its inception, will produce. Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Green
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