Halloween: Resurrection (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

michael myers camera
serial killer college student
internet free publicity
reality tv satire gasoline
showdown f word
severed arm broken leg
skeleton deception
skull secret room
death murder
violence stupid victim
gore hiding in a closet
brawl fight
fist fight ambulance
fire truck coroner
stabbed to death e mail
satire jock
montage kitchen
forest woods
see you in hell heavy rain
rainstorm lightning
masked killer strangulation
neck breaking rooftop
filmed killing nurse
security camera surveillance
police officer killed foot chase
2000s slasher flick
human monster lifting a female into the air
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
evil man camera focus on female butt
butt grab lifting someone into the air
characters killed one by one undressing
topless female nudity cell phone
bare breasts flashback
chase leg wound
whodunit watching tv
video surveillance threatened with a knife
text messaging stabbed in the head
stabbed in the chest stabbed in the back
security guard revenge
real movie shown in fictional situation raised middle finger
psychiatrist police officer throat slit
murder of a police officer peep hole
newspaper clipping news report
murder attempt morgue
loss of loved one locked in a room
locked door knife
kicked in the face interrupted sex
impersonator hanging upside down
head cut off hanged man
flashlight fire
falling from height eyes wide open
disappearance decomposed body
death by electrocution corpse
cord clown mask
climbing through a window breaking a window
breaking through a door breaking a mirror
body bag blood
blood splatter air horn
abandoned house nudity
female nudity casual sex
black bra good versus evil
eighth part cult film reference
sequel to cult favorite cult film
overnight in a haunted house obscene finger gesture
halloween party sequel
halloween returning character killed off
fate mask
electrocution slasher
product placement decapitation
throat slitting axe
old dark house mental institution
mirror x rayed skeleton
wheelchair butcher knife
axe murder impalement
severed head fear
chainsaw computer
skull crushing stabbed in the throat
independent film surprise ending

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