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Nora Winston's (Tyra Banks) death was originally an on-screen kill. You can see photos of this from publicity stills in which Michael can be seen standing behind Nora preparing to strangle her.
Jen is online and enters herself, Sara, and Rudy in the contest to spend the night in the childhood home of Michael Myers, only to be attacked by Michael. Following this scene Sara is seen getting out of the shower. She hears a noise and goes out of the bathroom but sees nothing. She returns to the bathroom and brushes her hair, only for Michael to set up in the bathtub. It turns out to be Rudy, dressed as Michael, who was playing a prank on Sara and Jen. This scene was cut because the producers felt it was "too goofy". Jen's encounter with Michael before she is killed was originaly longer. After finding Bill's body she runs into a room and backs against the wall--only for Michael to come crashing through the wall. She then runs through the house until she meets up with the other survivors as in the final cut.
Scenes that appear in the previews but not the film include:
  • Bill looks in the mirror and sees Michael's reflection then turns to see he is not there before Michael jumps through the glass.

  • Jen stands against a wall and Michael's arms burst through it grabbing her.

  • Michael rising out of the bathtub behind Sara while she combs her hair.

  • Nora (Tyra Banks) standing on the front porch of Michael's house and yelling "Get out of the house!" (This one was most likely shot for promotional purposes only).

The original ending was alot less scary. After Freddy busts the cameraman, the CSI team investigates the scene. As a CSI women look down a hole where Michael slept, he jumps out and gets her. The theatrical endin was scarier and showed a coroner examining Michael's burnts face. His eyes then pop open as she screams. Also, the theatrical version seems to have longer shots of any death or gore than the original version.
In the rough cut screened in August 2001, the opening credits were different. The film's original opening featured footage from a home video of the Myers', featuring Peter and Margaret Myers in 1962 with their three children, Judith, Michael, and a new-born Laurie, having fun in the back yard of their house. Michael can be seen in the clips trying to divert the camera away from him, as he does not want to be filmed. However, Peter manages to get him to face the camera, and zooms in on Michael's face. The shot continues zooming through Michael's "black" eyes and opens up in the sanitarium hallway. This whole sequence is to the tune of an old fifties song "Darling Angel". Also, the ending was different. Instead of taking Michael to the morgue, a woman CSI starts to investigate in the ruins of the Myers house. She leans down and shines her flashlight down into a dark crevice and Michael jumps up at her. She screams and the credits start rolling.
In the original script, while Rudy and Michael are fighting, Michael grabs Rudy by his head and crushes it with the oven door. There was also a lot less fighting between the two. The producers changed this due to a longer fight scene.
Originally, there was a line of cut dialogue in the beginning of the film where Laurie Strode says to Michael "You will never find my son."
In the version labelled Halloween: The Homecoming, the film did include the beginning sequence of a Myers' family home video and also the CSI woman's murder at the end. However, it also had no opening credit sequence, the title only appears when Michael leaves the sanitorium. Also, when Jim flirts with Donna and she gives him the finger, the dialogue "Would that be one o'clock?" is not present. The soundtrack on this version consists of music from the original Halloween (1978), Profondo Rosso (1975) and The House on Haunted Hill (1999) and Halloween H20 (1998). It also featured a rap track over the end credits, different music for the scene where Jen and Sara visit Rudy, and Janet Jackson's "All For You" in the scene where Nora makes coffee. This version was probably created as a "rough cut" or test screening, and edited before Danny Lux's score was complete. The Halloween H20 music is also still present in some of the early scenes, mostly in the sanitorium.
There were approximately three alternate endings.
  • The first alternate ending is where Sarah is in the burning tool shed, and Scott comes in, and pulls her out.

  • An alternate version of the final ending where Freddie is talking to a "dead" Michael in a body bag. Micheal's eyes pop open, and he grabs Freddie's throat. Sarah grabs an ax from the fire truck, and slams it down on Michael's face.

  • The third alternate ending consists of a CSI agent looking for the body of Michael Myers after the fire. She looks into a manhole, and Micheal pops up, and grabs her.

There was a scene cut from the film, in which Sarah finds a photo album containing pictures of Michael Myers when he was a child. The scene can be accessed on the DVD.
The "Halloween: Resurrection" title card appears at a different spot in the video/DVD release. It is seen as Michael leaves the asylum after the first murders. During the film's theatrical run, the "Halloween: Resurrection" title card appeared in different places. In some prints, it appeared after Michael gives Harold the bloody knife and in others, it appeared just before Busta Rhymes' name in the opening credits).
On the DVD version of the film, watch for brief flashes of Michael Myers between frames. For example, when Bill sneaks up behind Jenna early on in the house and scares her, if you advance through that part frame-by-frame, you can see two frames of Michael Myers. This happens a few more times throughout the film.
Nora Winston's (Tyra Banks's) death scene involved Michael stringing her up with electrical wire and him viciously stabbing her in the abdomen as she struggled. The scene was later cut because as Brad Loree, the stuntman who played Michael, stated "Every horror movie has to have a character find the body of someone you didn't know was dead."

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