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Dr Jane Halifax: So, how's it been?

Steven Elliot: Pretty bloody average. You?

Dr Jane Halifax: The same actually.

Billy Coombs: I was a promising cruiser weight. I was going places!

Dr Jane Halifax: And then life got in your way hey?

Dr Jane Halifax: You already have a psychiatrist assessing your case.

Matthew Erhmann: Well, he doesn't understand me.

Dr Jane Halifax: Oh and I do?

Matthew Erhmann: You're playing with me now.

Dr Jane Halifax: No, I think it's the other way around.

Matthew Erhmann: Both of us then. We don't belong here do we?

Dr Jane Halifax: It wouldn't be my choice, but then again, I haven't murdered anyone

Matthew Erhmann: Another time, another place, we could be sitting across a candle lit table sipping Chardonay, gazing into each others eyes. Now THAT'S something I'd kill for!

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