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Season 3

30 Dec. 2001
Assistancemelding A-2/01
A law student with a high sex drive meets up with men whom she's met on the Internet, until one day she never returns from one of her dates. She is reported missing but when the local police fail to act, the unit takes over to save what can be saved of the investigation.
6 Jan. 2002
Assistancemelding A-3/01
A couple who has stole some money buries it in a churchyard and then attempts to steal a bike to get away, but the owner of the bike catch them in the act and end up getting himself and his wife and son killed. In order to catch the killers the unit then comes up with a bold plan that takes a dangerous turn.
13 Jan. 2002
Assistancemelding A-4/01
Random body parts of a woman is found in a forrestlake with the hands and head missing, making an ID almost impossible. When a positive ID is finally made the murder is soon linked to a series of other murders committed in Germany.
20 Jan. 2002
Assistancemelding A-6/01
A violent arsonfire in a hotel kills 32 people and the unit is called to the scene. Almost simultaneously a woman is being dumped in the forrest nearby and when the investigation of the two crimes lead to the same man - a giant retarded man with a mind like a child - the unit is forced to rethink their strategies.
27 Jan. 2002
Assistancemelding A-7/01, del 1
A man is killed almost immediately after his release from prison, and when another man who's just been released from the same prison shortly after commits double homicide, the unit is called. The case turns out not to be as simple as first thought, and finding solid evidens for the method used proves very hard.
10 Feb. 2002
Assistancemelding A-9/01
New evidens surface that forces the team to reopen an old case and Ingrid gets a mysterious call in the middle of the night, where a man calls her by her name and states that he has just killed his own wife.
17 Feb. 2002
Assistancemelding A-12/01
A local drug lord is found murdered in his own house under highly unusual circumstances. He's found locked in cage wearing nothing but ridning boots and a leather mask, forcing the unit to explore a very different world in search of the killer.
24 Feb. 2002
Assistancemelding A-13/01
An entire family is found killed, and at first it is appears to be an escalated family feud, but the murderinvestigation reveals much more than just an outside killer.
3 Mar. 2002
Assistancemelding A-15/01
The Fishstore owner Finn meets a friendly stranger on a plane, who offers him a drink. After returning home to find his wife murdered, he realizes that he due to the alcohol intake, might have over shared with the stranger, who's now asking for a morbid favor in return for his initially unwanted services.
10 Mar. 2002
Assistancemelding A-16/01
A teenager is murdered on the island of Bornholm, which could have ties to one of the unit's previous cases.
17 Mar. 2002
Assistancemelding A-17/01
A dead woman is found in a refrigerated trailer and all indications are organized smuggling.
24 Mar. 2002
Assistancemelding A-19/01, del 1
La Cour finds the body of a missing boy and soon after, the evidence leads to previously unsolved cases. Part 1.
1 Apr. 2002
Assistancemelding A-19/01, del 2
La Cour finds the body of a missing boy and soon after, the evidence leads to previous unsolved cases. Part 2.

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