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4 Jan. 2002
The Invisible Woman
The Chinese have created their own invisible agent and it appears this agent has gone missing. The agent appears to Fawkes and wants his help to escape.
11 Jan. 2002
Mere Mortals
Fawkes gets an injection that shuts off the quicksilver gland. But then the Agency has to find stolen "space-grown" crystals being used to make illegal drugs. So Claire and Fawkes struggle to restore invisibility to save a captured Hobbes.
18 Jan. 2002
Developing immunity to the anti-madness serum, Fawkes is given an untested new type before immunity becomes complete. But now it triggers stage 5 madness in less than a day, and shed quicksilver chips do the same to whoever touches them.
25 Jan. 2002
Enemy of My Enemy
Arnaud has been captured by Crysallis. He sends a gift/message to the Agency to get their help to free him.
1 Feb. 2002
The New Stuff
Claire disobeys the Official and gives Darien one last injection that fixes the gland, no more quicksilver madness. Darien goes to work for the FBI, and finds out about a plot by Crysallis. The FBI doesn't take him seriously, he needs Claire, and the Agency to stop Cryallis. The end of the series.

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