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Season 1

9 Jun. 2000
Facing life without parole for a crime he ultimately didn't commit, crook Darien Fawkes is offered a pardon if he'll agree to participate in his brother's medical experiment: the insertion into his brain of a synthetic gland which secretes a light-bending substance called Quicksilver, which renders whoever or whatever is cloaked in it invisible. But Quicksilver also breaks down Darien's sanity without the regular injection of a counter-agent, and when terrorists gun down everyone involved in the project and steal all the relevant information, Darien is recruited by ...
23 Jun. 2000
14 Jul. 2000
Trying to find out more about The Keeper, Darien follows her and discovers an old woman being kept. Assuming she's being held against her will,Darien releases her. When he tells her what he did, she tells him that they have to get her back. When Darien finds her, she attacks him and Darien ages rapidly.
25 Aug. 2000
The Other Invisible Man
The official is attacked by an invisible assailant. They soon find out that Darien isn't the first person to have an invisibility gland. They must find the other invisible man
22 Sep. 2000
Darien and Bobby are looking for an assassin known as the Chameleon who blinds anyone who may have witnessed his assassinations. The only lead is that he seems to spend time with a blind model. When the man shows up he blinds Darien.
8 Jan. 2001
Ghost of a Chance
A government agent sends Darien on a mission to keep a country's newly appointed Defense Minister from putting into play a weapon system that could be used against the U.S. They want Darien to pretend to be a ghost and talk him out of it; it appears the man is superstitious. But another group who wants the weapon system activated sends their own agent who can meld with water who claims to be a water spirit.

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