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9 Jun. 2000
Facing life without parole for a crime he ultimately didn't commit, crook Darien Fawkes is offered a pardon if he'll agree to participate in his brother's medical experiment: the insertion into his brain of a synthetic gland which secretes a light-bending substance called Quicksilver, which renders whoever or whatever is cloaked in it invisible. But Quicksilver also breaks down Darien's sanity without the regular injection of a counter-agent, and when terrorists gun down everyone involved in the project and steal all the relevant information, Darien is recruited by ...
16 Jun. 2000
The Catevari
The Agency is about to stop a man who is able to kill only by touching his target. He seeks revenge on everyone responsible for his condition including Darien's boss.
23 Jun. 2000
An FBI-protected witness is killed in a forest and the only eyewitness of the crime is a little girl who only speaks to his invisible (and imaginary) friend Ralph. Darien becomes Ralph to protect the girl and to solve the case.
7 Jul. 2000
An old man thinks he sees the future and some people commit suicide to avoid the prognosis become true. Darien and Hobbes investigate to prove the old man is a trickster.
14 Jul. 2000
Trying to find out more about The Keeper, Darien follows her and discovers an old woman being kept. Assuming she's being held against her will,Darien releases her. When he tells her what he did, she tells him that they have to get her back. When Darien finds her, she attacks him and Darien ages rapidly.
21 Jul. 2000
The Devil You Know
An assignment went wrong and the agency has a new boss who is too ambitious. After knowing his methods Darien and the others think the assignment was a setup to replace The Official so it's time to bring him back.
28 Jul. 2000
Liberty and Larceny
Darien is contacted by Liz Morgan, his mentor by the time he was thief. She proposes him a contract. Still in conflict with the agency, he decides to accept the contract in his spare time.
4 Aug. 2000
The Value of Secrets
What's more tempting to Darien - a supercomputer which can get the quicksilver gland out of his head, or the attractive scientist who invented it? As they look into the theft of the devise, Hobbs finds a distracted Darien is taking all this heart....
11 Aug. 2000
Separation Anxiety
Bobby Hobbs follows his ex wife.
18 Aug. 2000
It Hurts When I Do This
While suffering from memory loss and undergoing hospitalization, Bobby witnesses a strange experiment and later he and Darien investigate related disappearances.
25 Aug. 2000
The Other Invisible Man
The official is attacked by an invisible assailant. They soon find out that Darien isn't the first person to have an invisibility gland. They must find the other invisible man
8 Sep. 2000
Darien gets a call from a doctor saying his brother Kevin had an accident. Kevin is supposed to be dead, so Darien goes to investigate if his brother is still alive.
15 Sep. 2000
Cat & Mouse
The Communist Chinese fail badly in creating their own "invisible man." Being inspired in this effort by learning of America's invisible man, they decide it's easier to capture the American instead. But mistakenly they go for Hobbes.
22 Sep. 2000
Darien and Bobby are looking for an assassin known as the Chameleon who blinds anyone who may have witnessed his assassinations. The only lead is that he seems to spend time with a blind model. When the man shows up he blinds Darien.
8 Jan. 2001
Ghost of a Chance
A government agent sends Darien on a mission to keep a country's newly appointed Defense Minister from putting into play a weapon system that could be used against the U.S. They want Darien to pretend to be a ghost and talk him out of it; it appears the man is superstitious. But another group who wants the weapon system activated sends their own agent who can meld with water who claims to be a water spirit.
15 Jan. 2001
Flowers for Hobbes
A cure must be found for a "retro-virus" that infects Hobbes which makes him super intelligent. Unfortunately, it had also drove previous "test subjects" to all commit suicide.
22 Jan. 2001
Perchance to Dream
Claire almost shot an man because she fears him terribly, but she doesn't even know who he is. Darien and Hobbes start to investigate who have "programmed" Claire to kill.
29 Jan. 2001
Frozen in Time
Many scientists disappeared without any trace and Dr. Kate Easton fears she's next, so she asks Darien for help.
5 Feb. 2001
Arnaud sets up a trap for Darien and infects him with a special virus that results in flu with strange symptoms.
12 Feb. 2001
The Lesser Evil
Allianora returns to convince Darian that the Agency wants to kill him so he will join the secret organization that created her.
23 Mar. 2001
Money for Nothing: Part 1
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30 Mar. 2001
Money for Nothing: Part 2
Presumably the audience voted yes to Hobbes' decision to join Fawkes. Darien, in end-stage Quicksilver Madness, is now obsessed with finding Arnaud. Hobbes sticks close by trying to keep him from killing random bystanders. They catch up to Arnaud, but Hobbes helps him escape when it appears that the maddened Darien will kill him. Darien abandons Hobbes, who is then approached by Arnaud. Arnaud has a malfunctioning Quicksilver gland of his own, and needs to use Darien's as a baseline to get his own fixed. In return, he'll give Hobbes Stage Five Counteragent to reverse ...
6 Apr. 2001
It's a Small World
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