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buckys195914 April 2014
I find it crazy that we all see the same piece of film and yet we interpret it differently. I didn't see this as an "anti communist" propaganda film. I saw it as a motivational film. Don't sit on your hands, get involved. As far as the cast commenting on the Declaration of Independence not being taught or not being followed then....welcome to today! A lot of teachers & most college professors do not teach. They indoctrinate. That is dangerous. Kids need to be given access to the material and interpret it themselves. As far as people not being involved in their government...I can understand why. Government IS corrupt! Period!! Dems, Repubs... Makes no difference. And the average person cannot stand up to the scrutiny of running for office. We are in a very sad state right now.....far much worse than the 1950's blacklists!
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It was a different time......
macdan14 August 2008
We had just defeated the Nazis... Most of Europe was in ruins. There were two major powers left... The USA & the USSR with quite differing & opposing world views. The specter of nuclear annihilation from the Soviets was quite real & palpable. It was the post war era of the COLD WAR. I grew up with Bert the turtle & duck & cover drills. It was dark time in world history.

Anyone who doesn't think the COLD WAR was deadly serious business, unlike the spy novels of the era, need only look to the Berlin airlift & the space race for confirmation that it was indeed played on the world stage for very REAL objectives!

What you see in this movie may look hokey 57 years later in 2008, one reviewer likened it to "propaganda," but it in fact underscores not only the values which built the USA but those that eventually caused the USSR to collapse and the only major Communist country left, China, to adopt many of the ideas & freedoms of the USA in its own daily practices.

Our founding fathers had it right our freedoms DO flow from Providence & not from man nor any government not set upon those freedoms! As for the Christophers I agree & have for 50+ years. Use your God given talents to make the world a better place - YOU can change the world!
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It was a different America in 1951
jppu23 May 2008
Can you imagine A list stars of today talking about the Declaration of Independence, Christianity and being a blessing to the people of this country?

Sure, it was a bit stagy and scripted, but this little documentary was so refreshing to see today and just goes to show how far the entertainment field has fallen. It actually makes me very sad.

The Christophers are still a great organization.

7 is for content, not actually entertainment value.

I loved this and can't wait to show it to others who would appreciate it.
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Amazing Historical Document of Anti-Communist Witchhunt of the 50's
jayraskin14 May 2008
I guess at this time in history, it was necessary for all performers who wished to work or continue working on radio and television in the United States to openly declare themselves anti-communist or to show support for the anti-communist witch-hunt.

I assume the easiest way to fulfill loyalty obligations was to appear in explicitly anti-communist propaganda shows like this. I assume Jack Benny chose this as the most innocuous way to pledge his allegiance and stay on radio and television.

Benny seems annoyed that he has to host and listen to the 20 minute anti-communist sermon given by a rather nervous and witless Catholic Priest. The guest stars, like Loretta Young and William Holden remind one of Prisoners of War who are forced to recite confessions.

It is a sad affair to watch, but an important historical document showing the lunacy of the McCarthy times.
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Very Interesting
artpf8 January 2014
Very odd film that I had never heard of. Leo McCarey -- who had directed many of the best Laurel and Hardy films directs this.

I'm assuming that this was part of Benny's TV show since it's 26 minutes long, but I could be wrong.

It's about Benny bringing some folks over to talk about the Christopher movement -- something that urges people to change the world. Sounds like a commie plan to me.

He brings over a priest even tho he's a jew and the guy is a flamer. He wants to get people together to talk about bible studies or something. It's so frigging weird.

obama would crap his pants if this was made today.

It's really interesting to watch and has quite a lot of meaningful points that relate even today.
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Fatuous nonsense
Pumpsie16 March 2013
A bunch of aging Hollywood stars, scared to death of McCarthyism, take a televised loyalty oath. Their cowardly performances are sickening. Holden looks embarrassed. The attempts at humor are lame in the extreme. They probably submitted a copy of this to Roy Cohn. Were the founding fathers present, or Abe Lincoln, they would have been disgusted. In discussing the Declaration of Independence, no mention is made that the original contained the abolition of slavery, dropped to secure southern votes for independence. I guess you have to give these people credit for recognizing the dangers of McCarthyism and taking steps to cover their butts. Never mind that too many of their more honest colleagues now had ruined lives. This movie is a display of craven cowardice, and lowered my opinion of all involved.
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