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It's a winning little movie about two people who get together, though they have no business getting together.
Chicago Sun-Times
It has that unwound Roddy Doyle humor; the laughs don't hit you over the head, but tickle you behind the knee.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
There's still enough of Doyle's hilariously foul dialogue and outrageous, culture-shocked Irish characters for the film to be a good bit of fun.
About two lives in which transformation is a constant, destabilizing threat to freedom and sanity. That's a very provocative premise, though halfway through the movie Doyle and Walsh abandon its potential to go for easy laughs.
Christian Science Monitor
McDonald and Montgomery are fun to watch in this mildly amusing Irish romantic comedy.
A too-cute-by-half Irish romantic comedy that's overloaded with movie references that begin with the title.
It's a movie almost doomed to be called "refreshing," in the way that the word is used to excuse the game but amateurish presentation of a quirky premise.
L.A. Weekly
Struggles to achieve a giddy eccentricity that never fully emerges.
New York Daily News
Trudy is really the only character with the "Barrytown" zest, and Montgomery throws herself into the role with unselfconscious abandon. She makes the screen crackle with energy.
It's the type of film that begs to be called “charming” and by doing so instead ends up grating.

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