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Really great film
braeshore15 May 2004
I really enjoyed this film. The characters were very realistic and it made me think about my high school days! I really identified with Mayor Margaret (I think that was her name). The look of the film was really interesting. It looked like a painting or a home movie with rich warm colors. The movie starts a little slow, but finishes with a very strong emotional scene. There are alot of characters in the film, but the filmmakers did a great job of keeping the stories interesting and clear.

The director and screenwriter spoke after the show and they were very cool. Clearly a lot of thought went into the characters and the dialogue felt very natural. I haven't really seen many films like this one. I give this one a very heartfelt recommendation and hope that many others get a chance to see it.
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High School revisited something we can all relate to.
maxie-1411 July 2001
I saw this film in NYC at the Avignon Film Festival, and had the chance to meet about 95% of the cast. There was also a very informative Q&A afterwards. People got to ask questions and got the story behind the making of this film. There appeared to be a natural like between the cast members and it comes through in the film.

I think anyone who has gone back to a high school reunion will find someone or something they can relate to. This group of friends try to reconnect after 20 years, some have moved on but some are still in the same town. Have they really changed or become what everyone expected? The cast was great, you could see how their work on making their characters real paid off.

I enjoyed every performance, but the ones that stood out for me were:

Judd Rainer as Mindy, getting a divorce from her high school sweetheart on the day of the reunion, now that he is success and needs a "newer/younger wife", I found Ms. Rainer very much like a young Grace Kelly/Meryl Streep and am looking forward to seeing more of her talent.

Jennifer Rubin, as Jeannie, the world famous photographer who no one remembers as the "nerd". It was great to see Jennifer get a role where she can show what she can do with the right script and great directing. I also got to talk to her and what a funny, smart woman/actress she is along with being very beautiful.

Billy Wirth as Brad, the "Golden Boy", the one every girl wanted to date and every guy wanted to be, now driving a public bus in San Francisco, not quite the success everyone expected,including himself. Billy Wirth showing almost a "self image", seemed very comfortable in the role,and very natural. It was nice to see Billy doing a change of pace,very comfortable in his role and another plus for his fans he lives in the end.

I would recommend this film to men & women, everyone will be able to relate to the love/hate situations. I am sure we all were one of these characters in one way or another.
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