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Baltimore Sun
Levinson's quirky caper is rich with laughs.
An amusing tale of larceny triumphant, Bandits is an entertainment with a rogue's imagination.
Wall Street Journal
The main reason to see Bandits is celebrity actors riffing with each other. That's not a bad reason, though. These two actors are also skillful comedians.
Taken as a whole, Bandits is a success, a two-hour entertainment that floats along, stumbling into various genres, discovering its moments.
It's a rare romantic comedy/road picture that's not only flat-out funny, but also presents complex and well-developed characters.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Billy Bob Thornton, wearing a succession of toupees, wigs, fake facial hair, and funny hats, and twitching more than a horse's behind, is the best reason to see Bandits.
New York Daily News
For sheer escapist fun, the proudly ridiculous Bandits fills the bill.
The picture is written and acted as a lark and a romp.
New York Post
Good value for the money, a funny, character-driven action comedy with three disparate stars -- who have great chemistry together.
Miami Herald
Bandits isn't much more than a pleasant dawdle, one made extra-likable by Thornton and Blanchett, whose ace performances keep the film zipping along even at its most predictable.
Entertainment Weekly
A comedy that might have made Butch and Sundance jump off a cliff.
Rolling Stone
What started as cute becomes cloying and bloated. Charm should never feel like it weighs a ton.

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