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Updating important information on the show and its production crew
jeff-110517 September 2005
Just to update this shows accurate information the creator and producer of the ALL NIGHT SHOW was Jeff Silverman. The Executive producer was David Bluestein. The president of the station that allowed the show to go on air was Dan Iannuzzi. Ms. Michelle Lea was the shows video editor and Bob and Claire Lamarche were the live on air master control operators. It would be a shame to not include these names when discussing the show. These people should be included at the top of the listings along with the current names. The show was produced from the MTV channel 47 building in Toronto. The show was the precursor to several other shows today. As an example, the show attempted to have a "pitchman" segment similar to today's home shopping network, where a pitchman has fifteen minutes to "pitch" the audience and sell them their products. The show attempted to get real operations from local hospital but was turned down because the hospitals felt that people watching might attempt to operate on themselves. The show ran old commercials and out-takes before anyone else. In fact, a tape of these old spots and out-takes were sent to Dick Clarks company after the show ended and two or three years before he started his "Funny Commercial" shows. The show was truly ahead of its time.
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Additional info to Gettulio's Informed Summery
john-paul-edwards27 December 2004
CFMT-MTV Did not bulk erase the video tapes. Jeff Silverman the shows producer was negotiating with the station for more money for the next season,(1st year budget was 350,000,450,000 was needed for the 2nd year,and the station wanted to cut the existing budget by 100,000 to 250,000)when talks turned sour, Jeff had his crew erase all the shows to prevent the station from stealing his show on their video tapes and running the show in re-runs.Selected show segments still exist as part of a private collection in Erroll Bruce's possession on 3/4"u-matic tapes and a former crew members VHS copies.

During the early 80's the producers made a 2hr version of the show for mass distribution that did not quite have the magic of the original series of shows but it put the memory of the show in fans minds for a few more years
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Join us for an ANS reunion on Facebook
cll-515 July 2007
Hello: I worked on the All-Night Show way back as the Assistant Director (in Master Control) and Production Assistant. I have formed a group on Facebook for friends and fans to discuss The All-Night Show. The group is called "The All-Night Show" and can be easily found by doing a search within Facebook. I have already recruited both All-Night Show Directors aka Michael Lennick and Errol Bruce-Knapp to join me. I'm working on getting Jeff Silverman, Executive Producer to join us. If I can find everyone's emails who worked on the show (ie Chas Lawther), I'll invite all of them too. If you know of any of these, please contact me. If you would like to join our discussion, that would be great. We will discuss working on the show and can also discuss watching the show. It's an open concept for now...we can see what happens. So do you know where I can reach (to name a few): Chas Lawther, J-P Edwards, Robert Meckler, Lee Wilson, Megan Ross, Eva Vago, Luce Gauthier, the list goes on and on and on.... Thanks, Claire Lemieux-Lamarche
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