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Season 1

25 Sep. 1999
Origins Part 1: New Acquaintances
Orphaned teenager Jack is looking for a weapons master to learn how to defend the weak. In a dark forest, he stumbles by accident on a high tech device that calls itself Xyber 9 and that evil overlord Machestro wants.
25 Sep. 1999
Origins Part 2: Enter Ikira
Jack and Xyber 9 arrive in a town plagued by a deadly monster. There, Jack meets Ikira, a legendary swordsman who fell from grace, and Roselyn, the pretty daughter of Machestro's right hand King Renard.
2 Oct. 1999
Origins Part 3: First Impressions
Jack, his pet dog Honk, Xyber 9, Ikira and their allies, mysterious druid Ana, cocky Mick and his friend, silent cook and heavy gunner Willy, find an ancient high tech vault, but King Renard attacks.
16 Oct. 1999
Queen Tatania
Jack and Anakonda team up with Queen Tatania, King Renard's archenemy, and join her on her flying battleship to discuss what to do next. An accident occurs and Jack and Xyber 9 are suspected of sabotage. Jack must find the real traitor.
9 Oct. 1999
Heart of the Ancients
Jack and his friends discover a long forgotten underground computerized garden that can help their barren planet. However, Mick triggers the security system.
23 Oct. 1999
Renard's Daughter
King Renard holds a birthday celebration for his daughter on his battleship. Jack, Xyber 9, Ana (Anakonda) and Ikira sneak in to find a data pad that holds the key to unlocking the ancient vault.
30 Oct. 1999
Jack asks Anakonda and Roselyn to help him destroy the powerful ancient electrical weapon called The Ring of Thunder that Roselyn's father King Renard is piecing back together again. However, the girls hate each other.
6 Nov. 1999
The Golden Masquerade
Jack, Mick and Willy find a treasure map in King Renard's fortress. The map leads to the cave of the Golden Masquerade and the golden idol of Tereus. They team up with Mick's old partner Slick, even though Xyber 9 doesn't trust him.
13 Nov. 1999
The New Kingdom
Ancient device known as the Seed of Light can raise a forcefield that Machina, Machestro's people, can't pass through. However, before he can use it, Jack must first reunite his team when infighting starts tearing them apart.
4 Dec. 1999
Ikira's Secret
Jack and Xyber 9 discover that the Machina are sensitive to sunlight. The Machina believe that this is due to them being cursed, but it's actually a disease that can be cured. Ikira tries to use this information for good.
24 Feb. 2007
Ground Zero
Jack and Xyber 9 must stop King Renard's devastating new weapon, a rail cannon that if used will vaporize not only Queen Tatania and her forces, but Renard's forces as well.
25 Feb. 2007
The Astral Hand, Part 1
King Renard needs Strontite explosive for his canon and only the small kingdom of Eldera has it. Jack must help little Christopher and his granddad king Albion find the mythical Astral Hand and save Eldera.
3 Mar. 2007
The Astral Hand, Part 2
Jack and Xyber 9 find the Astral Hand, but become trapped. Meanwhile, Anakonda, Ikira, Mick and Willy try to defend Eldera by themselves. Also, Jack has all he needs to open the ancient vault, but Machestro awakens the Chamber of Hunters.
4 Mar. 2007
Balance of Power
Jack opens the vault uses the tech inside to build an army to defend his people and their land. However, Machestro unleashes the fearsome Hunters and orders Renard to immediately send them to stop Jack.
10 Mar. 2007
Anakonda's Choice
One of Anakonda's people contacts her for help, but Jack doesn't like him.
11 Mar. 2007
Jack is looking for ancient technology in the ruins of an ancient city. Machestro sets him a trap.
17 Mar. 2007
Ghost of the Ancients
Jack finds a high tech armor in the fortress of mythical King Dragar. He wants to use it, but Xyber 9 advises against it, since they don't know how it works. Jack does it anyway and regrets it.
18 Mar. 2007
A dogfight between King Renard's new deadly fighter plane and Jack's Spider Fighter over Jack's homeland of New Valley, causes a space-time rift which sucks them both in.
24 Mar. 2007
The Rail Cannon
Jack and his friends must destroy King Renard's now fully working rail cannon that's destroying Queen Tatania's land. Mick becomes interested in Miss Thorpe, Princess Roselyn's mentor.
25 Mar. 2007
Eye of Darkness, Part 1: Machestro's Plan
King Renard realizes how Jack knows all of his moves and uses his daughter to set Jack up and get Xyber 9.
7 Apr. 2007
Eye of Darkness, Part 2: Without Xyber 9
Machestro finally has Xyber 9, but it's broken, so Jack has a small time window to act before his A.I. friend is used for evil.
8 Apr. 2007
Eye of Darkness, Part 3: The Duel
Jack has one chance to take down Machestro for good and finally bring peace to his world.

 Season 1 

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