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I love this show

Author: tricia-16
16 March 2002

I love this show even though here in the UK, it is not hosted by Dean. It would certainly be that much better if we could have Dean as the host, but Craig Charles does a good job. This show teaches you a lot about people and the weird and wonderful things they get up to. Its just a pity that alot more people here in the UK can't see the show as it is on Bravo (which is a satellite channel) because it is so educational. Yes i certainly love this show and all credit to Dean and his staff who produce the show, they have done a really great job!!!!

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nothing but a bunch of freaks

Author: Rasalgheti_2000 from Guatemala
20 October 2012

It's amazing how time has passed since the excellent TV series from the 80's that was hosted by Jack Palance, the difference between that show and this is one is completely abysmal. Besides the unique charm and charisma that Mr. Palance put in his performance and in every story, the unique presentation of the cases, not only fantastic human oddities, but historical, animal kingdom, curiosities, technology etc, was fascinating and bizarre, and at the same time, attractive, I never missed a episode, the opposite of what this show is, a lot of crazy trying to get attention and besides, with the very bad performance of Dean Cain, who apparently did not have enough destroying the superman character...

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Addicting Show (SPOILERS)

Author: I_Am_The_Taylrus from Minnesota
3 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I just can not get enough of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! It is so amazingly fun to watch. Some of the unbelievable stories are kind of grotesque and disturbing, such as the the spike through the head. Who can forget the man that eats food that is over five years old? Who can possibly forget the giant rubber band ball? It is just too bad that the giant rubber band ball crashed into popping rubber bands. There is a lot more of those types of stories on Ripley's Believe It Or Not, a lot more.

Here is the basis of the show. Dean Cain hosts this show in which they show stories of unbelievable stories. Some of the stories are stories of survival, some are stories about amazing collections, some stories are about gross and creepy stuff people eat or do. There is always a special in the show in which a person does something unbelievable such as juggle on a beam hundred feet from the ground and such and such. Early in the series Ripley's followed a rubber band ball across the country to see it fall out of a plane. In the end of each show Dean shows us a creepy torture device or something that looks odd.

Overall, this is a very fun to watch. I just can not believe some of the stories on the show. Well, in Dean Cain's words, unbelievable? Believe it. Trust me, you will have to have those words in your head when to watch this show, because if you do not you will be in denial of everything in this show. Anyway, this is a great show but like I said in my comment for 101 Things Removed From the Human Body, you will need a strong stomach.


Recommended Titles: Maximum Exposure.

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a great show

Author: garfieldguy007
12 July 2001

ripleys believe it or not is one of my favorite shows on television. it

is alot like the guiness book of world records show, except it doesnt tell the most tall person or the best at something. it is just an amazing show that tells about people doing crazy things and stunts. i think this show deserves a 10/10

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Great show!

Author: ILovePlanetOfTheApes from USA
18 May 2002

This is a great show, and I love watching it every week! I totally love it, and look forward to the new episodes! It's fun for the whole family! You've gotta watch it!

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Ripleys has it own niche!!

Author: Moksh Juneja from Mumbai, India
4 September 2009

What I loved watching the Ripley's believe it or not! DVD was that it had the similar wacky, weird stories and at the same time it did not had any ads!! My favourite was to watch the pet stories - the dog that skate board around town and the cat that has manners, that was pretty cool. Stories have a great combination of being cute, others amazing and some leaving you disgusted. There was one in particular where a guy loses his face and a surgery had to be under taken. There are a few out of the world fashion costumes like that of body painting and one that puts precious stones on the body just enough that it is covered!! For the people who love action with accidents - killer motorcycle accident where the the guy lives to see the daylight, but at the same time, there are these guys who jump walls, similar to parkour but it seems like a combination of gymnastics, dance, ballet and just hanging around.

Overall, its a nice and leisure watch!!

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Interesting Show!

Author: (enull) from Ohio, USA
18 November 2001

I just recently started watching this show and I'm hooked now! It's kind of a guiness records type of thing, but so much more exciting. It doesn't just tell the biggest this or most that. Some of the stories are so unbelievable, and others are just kind of funny. Anyone who watches this will love it, so try it!

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Author: theguys1 from Pennsylvania, US
23 June 2005

Besides Fear Factor, this is the grossest show on television. I mean, it's a good show, but certain elements of it are quite disturbing. Most of the unusual stories on this show are based on sports daredevils receiving massive head injuries, but mostly no one dies, which is truly a miracle. I watch this show every Wednesday night on Sci-Fi and I am impressed, with most of it. I wouldn't recommend this show for children under 7 years of age, but if you're someone interested in Sci-Fi stuff like I am, this is an excellent show for you to see. Of all the Sci-Fi shows, this definitely newly defines the genre to a whole new level. 9/10*.

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