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8 Jan. 2003
Episode #4.1
A man attempts to stuff nine Madagascar cockroaches in his mouth; Speed stacking; 1964: A portable helicopter is flown at Eglin Air Force Base; A 15-year-old girl has a three-pound hair ball removed from her stomach; Conjoined twins; Surfing cat; Bikini trading cards; African judgment chair from Ghana.
15 Jan. 2003
Episode #4.2
A man attempts to break 1500 boards; A man makes a monorail in his back yard; In Greensburg, Indiana, a tree grows out of a church's clock tower; In a Nigerian village, women are fed to become fat before they get married; A woman's skin turns gray after having taken colloidal silver as a child; An alligator dies after having eaten 200 golf balls; The FLIP ship; A motorcycle rider hops onto another motorcycle and back to his while they are still in motion; A gorilla has cataract surgery; 1956: early personal watercraft known as the Skimmer; A man with a large foot from...
29 Jan. 2003
Episode #4.4
A man attempts to jump over cars in a motorcycle while driving backwards; Cambodian natives collect land mines; A seven-year-old kid can lift twice his body weight; A horse is fitted with a prosthetic leg; An armless woman sews with her mount; A woman is stretched from 4'7" to 5'; World's smallest book; 1945: British test a floating airstrip;Cat woman returns; A woman poses with snakes; A lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair.
5 Feb. 2003
Episode #4.5
The Human Cannonball returns after a devastating injury; A woman has her dead pets mounted; A couple build a miniature model of their hometown; A minister transports coffins by motorcycle; An Indian teen is only two feet tall; A man is impaled by a 2x4; A dog identified by microchip is found 1000 miles away from its home; A man with an inflatable forehead; A human-sized dryer; A man paints on dead bats.
12 Feb. 2003
Episode #4.6
A man attempts eating 1000 worms in one hour; Basketball juggler; A man does artwork with a typewriter; A British man builds an town based on the American Old West; A man has not sat down in three years because of his bad back; A woman in Africa has reconstructive surgery after her face is attacked by Noma; 1951: Itralian fire-fighting team from Rome; Products made from toad leather; A man develops software that keeps his cat out if tries to carry in prey; A woman paints outfits on women's bodies; A skull from a Peruvian tribe, elongated from head binding.
19 Feb. 2003
Episode #4.7
A man water skis barefoot while simultaneously driving his boat; a woman lies on a bed of only four nails while her assistant stands on her; A man celebrates Christmas every day of the year; Balloon artist make a sculpture using 40,000 balloons; Bird's nest soup; Flame haircut; A woman with hands, but no arms; 1967: telephone workers in Berlin unearth an unexploded two-ton bomb from World War II; A pig farmer wears a pig mask when he feeds; A dog gets braces; A man gets tattoos; Leopard Larry; A makeup artist paints artwork on human bodies; A teapot made from a skull.
26 Feb. 2003
Episode #4.8
Belly Button Bottle Opener; Frisbee Ashes; Matchstick Apartment; Lingerie Shark Dive; Senior Skier; Bone Furniture; Hardware Store Brace; Plane Crasher; Mini Moo; Fastest Barber; Paintball Catcher; Dog Armor; Showgirls.
5 Mar. 2003
Episode #4.9
Foilboarding; A blind skier; Underwater bicycle; Villagers in India dig up corpses of ancestors and dine on them; The world's fastest hands; Romans recreate gladiator battles; Medical cupping; 1967: Police demonstrate and anti-mob weapon called the 'Instant Banana Peel," a powder that gets slick when water is added; A man pulls the Ripley's tour bus 30 feet; A tortoise is given a wheel to replace an amputated leg; The checkered man; A woman attempts a parasailing record; Crocodile teeth dentures.
12 Mar. 2003
Episode #4.10
A man sets up a chain reaction crossbow stunt; A man attempts a 360º in a snowmobile. A man makes artwork out of toast; A dog and her puppies are rescued from a burning house; A woman decorates rooms with garbage; Doctors leave a 13-inch retractor in a patient after abdominal surgery; 1967: Inflatable windshield; A doctor makes a computer that gives artificial sight to the blind; A man invents an inflatable surfboard; A preserved baby pig from the 1930s has a snout like an elephant.
19 Mar. 2003
Episode #4.11
The world's largest rubber band ball is dropped from an airplane; 300 skydivers make the world's largest formation; A man attempts to climb the CN Tower in a wheelchair; Canal vaulting in The Netherlands; A man walks on 60-foot stilts; Double decker, 21-seat tricycle; Inline skaters skate nude for a photo op in San Francisco;
6 Aug. 2003
Season Premiere!
A man attempts to ride down volcano Cerro Negro in Nicaragua; Seven-year-old piano prodigy; 1945: sleds made from torpedo casings pulled by a tank; An Indian man fills his eyes with sand; A man develops a huge sore on his belly after being bitten by a cobra; Board-breaking contest; V10 engine motorcycle; Naked Nuews; Body of a man killed by tuberculosis preserved in arsenic
13 Aug. 2003
Episode #4.13
A skateboarder attempts a 360 loop with an 8-foot section of board missing; four-year-old political whiz; Thai villagers harvest buffalo dung to eat the beetles inside; 11-year-old Patrick German receives the Van Ness procedure to deal with his cancerous leg; A man's dog is shot while defending him; A man makes a car mounted with 2000 cameras and light meters; 1967: Russell Winn develops the electric bike; Fossilized dinosaur eggs
20 Aug. 2003
Episode #4.14
A pilot attempts to make an airplane stand still vertically; 14-year-old wakeboarder; Man joins the Sour Toe Cocktail Club with his own toe; A boomerang expert attempts to slice an egg off his own head; A Vietnam who has lost his legs to a land mine attempts to run the Los Angeles Marathon; A dog that has been run over by car, and shot by a policeman, miraculously survives; Slam dunk competition; Backpack with airbags for avalanche survival; 1952: Howard Hughes' 14-ton helicopter; Indian pacifist Mahesh Yadav makes images of world leaders using his own blood.
27 Aug. 2003
Episode #4.15
A mountain boarder attempts a 360 over a pit of alligators; A 15-year-old attempts to sail the Atlantic Ocean alone; Eight-year-old children in Rajastan, Indian, are married; A woman attempts to blow the world's largest bubble gum bubble with her nose; A man has undergone nine surgeries to look like Michael Jackson; A golden retriever that can hold five tennis balls in his mouth; 1967: World's fastest helicopter; Hot dog eating contest; Fossilized whale eardrum.
3 Sep. 2003
Car-Launched Airplane
Pocket bike speed record attempt; A 16-year-old girl covers herself with bees; Two women compete in a nose tug of war; A man paraglides with his wife dangling beneath him; Girl with Goldenhar Syndrome receives a prosthetic jaw; Frisbee-catching dog; A farm in Robson Valley, British Columbia, is blanketed by spiderwebs covering 60 acres; Pool challenge; 1945: three-wheeled car; A portrait of Osama bin-Laden made from dryer lint.
24 Sep. 2003
Episode #4.17
Man walks a plank from one balloon to another; Child supermodel; World's largest lasso; women bind their wrists to appease rain gods;8 1/2 month's pregnant woman is impaled;fly-powered airplane; sand castles; twin picture television; skateboarding distance attempt; 18th century Chinese exorcism dagger
17 Sep. 2003
Episode #4.18
Two contestants compete to get the most scorpions in their mouths; The Human Crazy Straw; 10-year-old competitive surfer; World's longest origami animal; Indian villagers who give birth in tree platforms to protect themselves against rampaging elephants; A Cuban refugee receives a donor heart that is too small; 1967: Japanese twin picture TV sets show the same program on back-to-back screens; sewing basket made from an armadillo shell; Three-legged black leopard; 19th century cane with a gun.
10 Sep. 2003
Episode #4.19
A man attempts to spend 24 hours under water; A six-year-old skateboarding prodigy; Man with Proteus Syndrome has large feet; Three-year-old snake handler; 1958: A motorcycle attempts to climb a 70º slope in Modesto, California; A man hangs between two airplanes flying at 5000 feet; Bellview restaurant in Germany has menus painted on wait staffers' bodies; Japanese long-tailed rooster.
1 Oct. 2003
Episode #4.20
A man attempts a double back flip on his motorcycle; Child baseball prodigy; A man rides a nine-foot unicycle while jumping rope; Peruvian village build on an island made of reeds; A woman with a collection of 6000 tops; A South African woman delivers a baby from an ectopic pregnancy; A woman trains her pet goat to walk a 10-foot-high tightrope; A man develops an inflatable church with inflatable organ, alter, and pews; An escape artist attempts an escape from a straitjacket suspended beneath a balloon; Painstation video game; A dog is treated after swallowing a ...
8 Oct. 2003
Episode #4.21
Two men compete to see who can break the most baseball bats; A man makes a portrait of Dean with 40,000 Lego blocks; A 14-year-old rock climber attempts to scale El Capitan; A 13-year-old boy in India has insects flying out of a sore in his groin; A pony the size of a dog; 1964: boat surfing in San Francicso Bay; An Indian woman has a surgical clamp left in her body for 21 years; A dentist has a collection of over 800 toothpaste tubes; Two brothers make a 2700-pount rubber band ball; Underwater artist; Tibetan drum made from a human skull;
15 Oct. 2003
Episode #4.22
Two women compete in an underwater breath-holding competition; A teenager reputed to be eight feet tall; 1950: Louella Gallagher tosses knives around her children; South Pacific Islanders practice head binding; An acupuncturist who does his job with a blowgun; A woman falls out her window and is impaled on a fence; The Disaster Cafe in Spain simulates earthquakes; A man attempts to glide over the English Channel using a specialized suit after being dropped from 30,000 feet; A puppy with no front legs is adopted; A woman who makes artwork out of sonograms; caffeinated ...
29 Nov. 2003
The Wolf People
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