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Episode #2.4
One-wheeled motorcycle; Jailbird rodeo poker at Angola State Prison; A woman uses cremains in her artwork; A man with an extra foot; A man with customized remote control gadgets in his house; A cat with no pelvis has a custom made wheelchair; Underwater cameramen photograph sharks without a shark cage; A woman is covered in broken glass; A man free climbs skyscrapers; A men develops a super bra for women to hide secret weapons; A white buffalo
Episode #2.9
A crewman on an aircraft carrier is sucked into the engine of a fighter jet; A mechanical monster, Robosaurus, demolishes cars; A man creates the "Ultimate Taxi"; Suspension Artist creates the "Human Wishbone";A house cat 42 inches tall, weighing 36 pounds; A woman who lost both arms as the result of a childhood accident; Photographs of an armless, legless furniture maker; 1959: Typewriter artist; A man makes an electric suit; An artist creates art by regurgitating on a canvas; Thai villagers ring in the new year with a water fight; A man makes 3D casts of people's ...
Episode #3.19
A man holds the bungee cords for a jumper; A handicapped man attempts to walk with the aid of a computer; A wheelchair-bound man grabs onto buses to help speed him along; World's largest gnome collection; Villagers in India drink from human skulls to capture the spirits; A man has his arms ripped off in a farming accident; 1964: The Marsh Amphibian is designed to carry 1000 pounds across lakes, bogs, and sloughs; 17th century staff with the head of Pan; Pet rabbit likes to lie in a bucket of water; A man who is allergic to his own tears; Walk-in spray-on tan machine; ...
Episode #3.20
Stunt bicyclist; A soldier has an unexploded grenade removed from his leg; Chewing gum art work; A Rottweiler undergoes plastic surgery after he is shot in the face; In a Thai village, a drink is made with poisonous centipedes; A man who loses his legs when he is hit by a train becomes a ken-do master; A woman is scalped in a farming accident; 1949: boat jousting in France; Rocket-powered snow skis; A cat has a mouse as a companion; A man can turn his leg 180º after he breaks his leg; Iceland's Blue Lagoon, a lake made from power plant runoff; A scrimshaw human ...
Episode #3.21
A 79-year-old man attempts to set a free throw record; A wheelchair-bound man attempts to pull a bus 100 feet; A three-year-old geography prodigy; Catacombs of Paris; Cambodian villagers eat fried tarantulas; A couple lives with 350 birds; An Austrian police officer receives a double hand transplant after having both his hands blown off; 33 Indian soldiers attempt to get on one motorcycle; Camel nose plugs; A kangaroo survives having an arrow in her neck for three weeks; 1948: A California football coach invents the motorized tackle dummy; A woman who makes ...
Episode #4.3
An escape artist attempts to escape from being tied up by the man with the world's largest biceps; A man attempts to drive his snowmobile over the water; Motorized snowboard; Indian villagers rub themselves with the ashes of the dead after bathing in the Ganges; Two people attempt to climb a 7000-foot peak using stilts; An Indian girl is scalped by a Ferris Wheel; Doggles, goggles for dogs; 1945: Army artists make an 80-foot by 60-foot map of Tokyo; An elephant has part of his tusk removed and replaced with stainless steel crowns; A man builds a flying car; Nude house...

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