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Season 3

18 Dec. 2002
Episode #3.1
A woman fires a bow and arrow with her feet while doing a handstand; The world's largest skateboard; A man removes prairie dogs with a suction hose; Men float away using 400 helium balloons; A Burmese Padaung woman removes her neck rings; Chimp martial artist; A man's finger is used for reconstructive surgery after penile cancer; A man swallows snakes, then regurgitates them; Helios Solar Wing propeller-driven aircraft flies at over 96,000 feet; The Cat Man has whiskers implanted; Balloon bikinis; Indians from Ecuador make a shrunken head and torso.
17 Apr. 2002
He'll Eat Anything
A man eats fish eyeballs, roosters prides, bull pizzle, and other foods; A stunt driver slides on his belly while being dragged by a rocket car; A veterinarian puts portholes into cattle to examine stomach contents; 1953: A French car has 600 pounds of electronic equipment; A man redesigns his motorcycle into the Rocket Roadster; A Romanian villager licks peoples' eyeballs to remove foreign bodies; A skateboarding dog; A child is born with the heart outside the body; A contortionist folds himself into airplane carry-on luggage; A man attempts to spin 25 basketballs ...
23 Jan. 2002
Episode #3.3
A man allows himself to have a cannon fired at his belly; Hollywood stunt man; A man builds his own submarine; Cow urine; Pet goose; A couple is married while suspended by piercings; A skater is pulled by a helicopter; Mermaid girl; Bee keeper turns bee swarm into a bee bikini; A girl in the UK finds a balloon from a girl with the same name; Mood car; Strip aerobics class; Sword made from a sawfish snout.
30 Jan. 2002
Episode #3.4
A woman has 750,000 volts go through her body; A man sits in a bathtub full of leeches; A man can not stop hiccuping; 1933: a bike with a bouncing seat to exercise muscles; a man makes a house out of cheese; A sheep with prosthetic back legs; A woman contracts a flesh-eating bacteria; A man pulls nails out of a board with his teeth; World's largest kite; A woman from the Dominican Republic has backwards facing knees; Clothing made from bicycle tires; Fijian armor made from coconut husks and human hair.
6 Feb. 2002
Episode #3.5
World's strongest man pound-for-pound; A man attempts to hitch a ride on a hammerhead; A man attempts to pop a wheelie at over 80 mph; 1955: Austrian inventor makes a pocket ski lift; Guinea worm infestation; Model of the Hindenburg and warships made from matchsticks; A goose with an injured beak receives a prosthetic; A model's face is rebuilt after a disfiguring car accident; A woman opens beer bottles with her teeth; A golf putter made from a bull's pizzle; A hairdresser cuts hair underwater; Red Rock, Nevada, is invaded by crickets every year; A one-legged hula ...
13 Feb. 2002
Episode #3.6
A man pulls an SUV with his throat; Scorpion eater; A man makes a tree house out of his truck; Maine ski slope made from sewage; Clothing made from hair; A reporter who has prosthetic arms and legs; Scuba-diving cat; A man survives being impaled on rebar; A man slices an apple in his wife's mouth; One-man home-made submarine; The Leopard Man of Skye; Jewelry made from beetles; Mummified head from Turkey.
20 Feb. 2002
Episode #3.7
A man attempts to bend rebar against his neck, a doctor performs liposuction on himself; Recipient of a seeing-eye horse; Two-year-old skateboarder; Bone artwork; Boxer dog has long tongue; A woman missing half her arms and legs attempts to swim across Lake Erie; A villager in India picks up needles with his eyelids; Scuba-diving cat; A man is impaled on rebar; Pole-sitting competition in Hamburg, Germany; 1951 lumberjacks; magnet-powered flashlight; Body art; Cleavage jeans; Fijian tool used by cannibals
12 Jun. 2002
Episode #3.8
Globetrotters play against gymnasts wearing jumping shoes; A man loses his face in a bear attack; Coffin car; Man with a collection of 50,000 spiders; Whirling dervishes endure piercings as a show of faith; A town welcomes purple martins; A man is impaled by a pipe; A man lifts weights with strings attached to his eyelids; Mobile, Alabama, has a law against wearing stilettos; 1962 Andy Varipapa demonstrates trick shots; Paintings on human bodies; Fossilized whale vertebra; World's largest earlobes; Jesse James' gun
6 Mar. 2002
Episode #3.9
Suspension artists make a human mobile; Blind baseball team; A man makes a portrait of Dean using bubblegum; Hair temple in India; Art made from gum balls; 1946: portable fire escapes in Atlanta; A pet boa constrictor swallows a heating pad; A man loses an arm in a train accident; A pilot attempts an 11-G stunt; A company that sends cremated ashes into space; Sushi served on live models; A pet washing machine; A tree that has grown around a ram's horns.
20 Mar. 2002
Episode #3.10
A man attempts to smash through 20 concrete slabs with his shoulder; A man attempts a 360º sandboarding backflip; Villagers in Thailand eat rats to reduce the population; Farmers make a six-acre Mona Lisa out of a corn field; A man makes a boat car; A man is impaled by a tree branch in an auto accident; A Gatling gun that shoots rubber bands; A man attempts to ride a bicycle across the United States on one wheel; A couple use only black and white colors; A 400-pound adult bison; Remote controlled surgery; 1950: In Europe, the 'Soccer Tactician' contraption is used for...
27 Mar. 2002
Episode #3.11
Double backflip bicyclist; Seven-year-old pool prodigy; Man modifies body in tribute to other cultures; Two-legged cat; Man makes his own dentures in his garage; Church in Czech Republic has artwork made from bones; Man extracts bee honey with his bare hands; A man survives for eight days trapped in a car; A man attempts to stuff 18 wieners in his mouth; 1958: Super station wagon features a working stove, boat, and tent house; A child in India is born with a tail; Ice sculpture; Helmet made from porcupine fish.
3 Apr. 2002
Episode #3.12
A man attempts to snatch an arrow out of the air; A skier attempts a twisting quadruple back flip; World's fastest artist; Surfboarding dog; A Chinese villager has a parasitic twin face on the right side of his head; Knife massage; An Indian man can write with his hands and feet at the same time; A man survives an internal decapitation; 1942: Robert Jones flies to New York in an ice cube; Update on the man without a face; Bikini skiing in Telluride, Colorado; A gun with an eight-foot barrel and two-inch bore for shooting down flocks of ducks.
18 Sep. 2002
The Wolf Boy Gets Married
The Wolf Boy's baby; Man with 12 fingers; 1932: four-year-old Billy Crawford flies away in a helium balloon; The Regurgitator; Dodge Viper races an F16; Elvis Presley's blue suede shoes; A cat learns to eat with a fork; A woman catches alligators with her bare hands.
17 Jul. 2002
Episode #3.14
A man can turn his head 180º; Man builds a roller coaster in his back yard; A man who eats rotten and spoiled food; An Indian holy man buries his head in the sand for hours; A motorcycle rider attempts a 200-foot jump; 1966: nuns use scooters to move around a hospital; A man keeps his grandfather's frozen body; A beagle who walks on her front paws; Playmate Water Challenge; Claude de Lorraine's decomposed arm.
24 Jul. 2002
Episode #3.15
A man water skis behind a seaplane; The Murthi brothers, who have microcephaly, in an Indian village are revered by the locals; A five-year-old yo-yo expert; 1962: A ten-ton scale model of the German cruise ship Bremen; A two-wheel motor-board; Anvil shooting; A man is so allergic to insect bites that he wears a bee suit when he goes outside; A man's dog dives to the bottom of a pool to retrieve toys; A young girl born without arms competes in martial arts; Indian devotees crawl 50 miles as a show of faith; A mummified falcon from Egypt; Electric clothing.
31 Jul. 2002
Episode #3.16
A woman hangs by her teeth in the 'Slide for Life;' Archive footage of Tiny Kline; A woman has 16 pet rats; Videos of developing sharks eating the eggs of their siblings; A man crashes in two aircraft in one day; Stilt-walking village in Thailand; Skateboarding chimp; A man loses eight fingers in an industrial accident; Body binding; American flag contact lens; 1962: Germans invent a remote-controlled boat to pull skiers; Suspension artists; A man sculpts with butter; Coke bottle and Lion shaped coffins
17 Mar. 2002
Episode #3.17
Record card thrower; Armless cello player; A man makes furniture out of computer boxes; 1952: A man makes a car with a fuselage and propeller; Indian monks pull out their hair one by one; A girl with half a brain; A family lives with 9 pigs; A Nicaraguan man has the world's largest hand; A model is sculpted in chocolate; Harry Houdini's handcuff.
14 Aug. 2002
Episode #3.18
A man eats food, then suctions back out his stomach contents; ice hotel update; A man makes clothing out of pennies; Indian villagers endure piercings as a show of faith; Family with chips implanted; Cow magnets; Fish dentist; A skydiver loses both legs in a skydiving accident; A man attempts to drive his jeep on water; 1932: Eric Dill plays his hands; A man has the body of his wife preserved in a room he built for her; Miami restaurant B.E.D. offers dinner in bed; Cockfighting spurs.
Episode #3.19
A man holds the bungee cords for a jumper; A handicapped man attempts to walk with the aid of a computer; A wheelchair-bound man grabs onto buses to help speed him along; World's largest gnome collection; Villagers in India drink from human skulls to capture the spirits; A man has his arms ripped off in a farming accident; 1964: The Marsh Amphibian is designed to carry 1000 pounds across lakes, bogs, and sloughs; 17th century staff with the head of Pan; Pet rabbit likes to lie in a bucket of water; A man who is allergic to his own tears; Walk-in spray-on tan machine; ...
Episode #3.20
Stunt bicyclist; A soldier has an unexploded grenade removed from his leg; Chewing gum art work; A Rottweiler undergoes plastic surgery after he is shot in the face; In a Thai village, a drink is made with poisonous centipedes; A man who loses his legs when he is hit by a train becomes a ken-do master; A woman is scalped in a farming accident; 1949: boat jousting in France; Rocket-powered snow skis; A cat has a mouse as a companion; A man can turn his leg 180º after he breaks his leg; Iceland's Blue Lagoon, a lake made from power plant runoff; A scrimshaw human ...
Episode #3.21
A 79-year-old man attempts to set a free throw record; A wheelchair-bound man attempts to pull a bus 100 feet; A three-year-old geography prodigy; Catacombs of Paris; Cambodian villagers eat fried tarantulas; A couple lives with 350 birds; An Austrian police officer receives a double hand transplant after having both his hands blown off; 33 Indian soldiers attempt to get on one motorcycle; Camel nose plugs; A kangaroo survives having an arrow in her neck for three weeks; 1948: A California football coach invents the motorized tackle dummy; A woman who makes ...
16 Sep. 2002
Episode #3.22
Buñol, Spain, Tomatina Festival; Shrunken head collector; Vintage diving equipment; Australian man makes a cowboy portrait covering four square kilometers in the Outback; Man races cable car up one of San Francisco's steepest hills; World's largest cigar; World's smallest woman; A collection of 14,000 bunnies; Luray Caverns organ; Man swallows dentures, but doesn't find out until two years later; Cat survives being shot by an arrow; 1948: a seven-month-old girl already knows how to swim; Extasky Airlines; A goat/sheep hybrid with four horns.

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